Why The Giants Didn’t Sign Linval Joseph?

John Rizzo

The New York Giants were faced with a tough decision in the offseason of 2020 when free agent defensive tackle Linval Joseph hit the market. Joseph had spent the previous two seasons with the Giants, and was an integral part of the defense.

However, despite his contributions, the Giants ultimately chose to not sign him for the upcoming season. This essay will explain why the Giants passed on Joseph and what it could mean for their future.

Why The Giants Didn't Sign Linval Joseph?
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Why the Giants Didn’t Sign Linval Joseph?

Salary Cap Restrictions

The Giants were limited in their ability to sign free agents due to salary cap restrictions. The Giants had to release several players to create enough room in the cap to sign other free agents. This left little room for the team to negotiate a deal with Linval Joseph, who was looking for a lucrative contract.


At 31 years old, Joseph was considered to be on the wrong side of 30 in the NFL, and the Giants were looking for younger talent. The team was looking to rebuild and didn’t want to commit to a long-term deal with someone who may be on the decline in the near future.

Injury History

Joseph had suffered several injuries throughout his career and was coming off of a season ending ankle injury. The Giants wanted to make sure that Joseph was fully recovered before committing to a long-term deal, so they opted to wait and see how he performed before signing him.

Depth at Defensive Line

The Giants already had a number of talented defensive linemen on the roster, and the team wasn’t convinced that Joseph was the best fit for their roster. The team wanted to make sure that they had enough depth at the position before making a move for Joseph.

Other Options

The Giants also had other options available to them in free agency, including defensive tackle Damon Harrison, who ultimately signed with the team. The team was likely looking at Harrison as a cheaper option than Joseph, and as someone who could provide similar production.

To Recap

The Giants made the difficult decision to not re-sign Linval Joseph, and while many fans were disappointed to see him leave, the team felt it was the best choice for their long-term success. With the extra cap space, they are now in a position to make some smart moves in free agency and the draft that can help them compete for a championship in the near future.

Joseph will certainly be missed, but the Giants are hopeful that their decision will pay dividends in the years to come.

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