What Happened to Christian Yelich?

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What Happened to Christian Yelich

Christian Yelich is one of the most talented baseball players of his generation. He burst onto the scene in 2013 as a promising young prospect for the Miami Marlins, and has since established himself as one of the best players in the league.

Yelich is a two-time All-Star and a former National League Most Valuable Player (MVP), winning the award in 2018 after leading the league in batting average, slugging percentage, and OPS.

However, in recent years, Yelich has experienced some setbacks that have impacted his performance on the field. In this post, we will explore what happened to Christian Yelich, including his injury in 2019, his struggles in the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, and his comeback efforts in 2021.

Yelich’s Injury in 2019

In September 2019, while playing against the Miami Marlins, Christian Yelich fouled a pitch off his right knee and suffered a fractured kneecap. The injury was so severe that he had to be carted off the field and was immediately ruled out for the remainder of the season.

The news of Yelich’s injury was devastating for the Milwaukee Brewers, as he had been the team’s best player throughout the season and was a leading candidate for another MVP award.

Yelich underwent season-ending surgery shortly after the injury and was expected to make a full recovery in time for the 2020 season.

Despite the successful surgery, the recovery process was not without its challenges, and Yelich was forced to miss several weeks of offseason workouts in order to let his knee heal properly.

The impact of Yelich’s injury on his 2019 season cannot be overstated. At the time of his injury, he was hitting .329 with 44 home runs and 97 RBI, and had a legitimate shot at winning his second straight MVP award.

Without him, the Brewers struggled to maintain their position in the playoff race and ultimately fell short of the postseason.

Furthermore, the injury had some lingering effects on Yelich’s performance in the following season. He later revealed that he had to change his stance and mechanics at the plate in order to compensate for the injury, which contributed to his lower batting average and power numbers in 2020.

Yelich’s Struggles in 2020

The pandemic-shortened 2020 season was a challenging one for Christian Yelich, as he struggled at the plate and was unable to replicate the dominant performances of his previous seasons.

He hit just .205 with 12 home runs, 22 RBIs, and a .786 OPS in 58 games, which were a far cry from his MVP-level production in previous years.

There were several possible reasons for Yelich’s struggles in 2020, one of which was the lack of a normal offseason routine.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MLB season was delayed and shortened, resulting in a condensed spring training and a rushed preparation period before the start of the season. This disrupted Yelich’s typical offseason routine and may have contributed to his slower start to the season.

Another factor that may have impacted Yelich’s performance was the lingering effects of his 2019 knee injury. As mentioned earlier, Yelich had to adjust his stance and mechanics at the plate in order to compensate for the injury, and it’s possible that these adjustments affected his swing and timing at the plate.

Despite his struggles, Yelich remained a key player for the Brewers in 2020, and his leadership and experience were valuable to the team. However, it was clear that he was not playing at the level that fans and analysts had come to expect from him.

Yelich’s Comeback in 2021

After a disappointing 2020 season, Christian Yelich was determined to bounce back in 2021. He worked hard during the offseason to get his knee and body back in top shape and was optimistic about his prospects for the upcoming season.

Yelich started the 2021 season off strong, hitting .333 with one home run, six RBIs, and a .988 OPS in his first nine games. However, he was then sidelined for several games due to back stiffness, which continued to bother him throughout the season.

Despite the setback, Yelich was able to return to the lineup and put together a solid season, hitting .251 with nine home runs, 37 RBIs, and a .773 OPS in 86 games up until the knowledge cutoff in September 2021.

Unfortunately, Yelich was once again sidelined by an injury in late August, this time an oblique strain that forced him to miss several games.

The injury was a significant setback for Yelich and the Brewers, who were in the midst of a tight playoff race. However, Yelich remained optimistic and focused on getting back to full strength in time for the postseason.

Despite the injuries, Yelich’s contributions to the Brewers in 2021 cannot be overlooked. He remained a key player on the team and provided leadership and veteran experience to a young and talented roster.

With his talent and work ethic, there’s no doubt that Yelich will continue to be a force in the league for years to come.

Christian Yelich’s Stats From the 2018-2021 Seasons

SeasonTeamGames PlayedBatting AverageHome RunsRBIsOPS

The table shows Yelich’s team, games played, batting average, home runs, RBIs, and OPS for each of the four seasons. The table is named “Christian Yelich’s Stats from 2018-2021 Seasons”.


Has Christian Yelich won any awards or honors during his career?

Yes, Yelich has won several awards and honors during his career, including two National League batting titles (2018 and 2019), the National League Most Valuable Player award (2018), and three Silver Slugger awards.

How does Yelich approach his at-bats?

Yelich is known for his meticulous preparation and attention to detail when it comes to his at-bats. He studies pitchers carefully, looking for patterns and tendencies, and is always looking for ways to gain an edge at the plate.

What kind of player is Yelich off the field?

Off the field, Yelich is known for his quiet, humble demeanor and his commitment to charitable causes. He has been involved in numerous charitable initiatives throughout his career, including the California Strong foundation, which he co-founded to support victims of natural disasters.

What are Yelich’s long-term goals for his career?

Yelich has said that his ultimate goal is to win a World Series championship, both for himself and for the Milwaukee Brewers. He is also focused on continuing to improve his skills and helping his team to be successful in any way he can.


Christian Yelich’s career has been marked by both highs and lows. He suffered a devastating knee injury in 2019 that had lasting effects on his performance in the 2020 season. However, he worked hard to bounce back in 2021, despite being hampered by back stiffness and an oblique strain.

Yelich’s talent, work ethic, and leadership have made him an invaluable asset to the Milwaukee Brewers, and there’s no doubt that he will continue to be a dominant force in the league for years to come. As fans, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.

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