Why Isn’t Ja Morant Playing?

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Impact Morant missed Saturday’s game due to a left ankle sprain and the team will wait to see how he feels Monday morning before making any decisions about his return.

If Morant remains sidelined, Tyus Jones would be set for another start at point guard. The Bulls are hopeful that Morant can return in some capacity this season, but they’ll just have to see how things go over the next few days before ruling him out completely.

However, if there is no improvement by Monday morning then it looks like Chicago might need to look outside of their rotation for help at point guard in the near future.

Why Isn’t Ja Morant Playing?

Impact Morant missed Saturday’s game with an injury and the team will wait to see how he feels Monday morning before making a decision about his future.

If Morant remains sidelined, Tyus Jones would be set for another start at point guard. The team is hopeful that Morant can return later in the season, but they are prepared to go forward without him if necessary.

This is only the second time this season where one of their starting guards has been injured so early in the year; hopefully it doesn’t happen again soon. Despite missing Saturday’s game, ImpactMorant still leads Charlotte in scoring (16 points per game) and assists (five per game).

Impact Morant Missed Saturday’s Game

Ja Morant missed Saturday’s game with an ankle injury, and the impact it has had on Louisville’s offensive scheme is apparent. With backup quarterback Jawon Pass going off for 252 yards and four touchdowns against Syracuse, there are obvious concerns about how much better Louisville could have done without Morant in the lineup.

Coach Bobby Petrino says he’ll use some of his other plays to compensate for Morant’s absence but that ultimately won’t be enough to win games consistently without him on the field. Ja was our starting running back,” Petrino said after Saturday’s loss “and we’re just not as good [without him].” The Cardinals will need Morant healthy and at full strength if they want to challenge Clemson for ACC supremacy this season.

Team Will Wait To See How He Feels Monday Morning

Ja Morant is still being evaluated and the team will wait to see how he feels Monday morning before making a decision about his availability for Saturday’s game.

It’s possible that Ja Morant won’t play on Saturday, but it’s also possible that he could be available in some capacity. The coaching staff wants to make sure they take all of the necessary precautions before deciding whether or not to activate him from the injured list.

There are several other players who can help fill any gaps if Ja Morant isn’t able to go on Saturday night against Tennessee State University. With just over two weeks left in the season, there is still plenty of time for Ja Morant to recover and return as a contributor for Auburn Tigers basketball this year.

If Morant Remains Sidelined, Tyus Jones Would Be Set For Another Start At Point Guard

Ja Morant has been sidelined with a toe injury and Tyus Jones is set to start in his place for the Charlotte Hornets this season. If Morant remains sidelined, it’s possible that Jones will see more playing time at point guard than he would have otherwise.

Jones has experience starting at point guard for the Michigan State Spartans and was recently drafted by the Charlotte Hornets in the first round of the 2018 NBA Draft. Morant should return to action sometime during the regular season and could challenge for a spot on the team’s roster come playoff time.

It’ll be interesting to see how things play out with Ja Morant healthy and Tyus Jones competing for minutes behind Kemba Walker this year.

Why didn t Ja Morant play today?

Ja Morant and Jake LaRavia are both Covid players who did not participate in today’s game due to illnesses. They will be available for tomorrow’s matchup against Team SoloMid, which is sure to be a competitive one.

Keep your eyes peeled on social media for updates about their condition – we want them back as soon as possible.

Is Ja Morant recovered?

Yes, Ja Morant is recovering from a bone bruise in his knee. However, it’s doubtful he’ll return for the rest of the postseason if the Tigers advance. If they do make it to the World Series, there’s a good chance Morant won’t be playing because of his injury history.

He may still play some minor league games before retiring at the end of the season though.

How long will Morant be out for?

Morant is out for the rest of the season with a knee injury.
Ja Morant is expected to miss at least two more weeks with a sprained ankle. Memphis Grizzlies ascending superstar, Ja Morant was injured in the first quarter of Monday night’s game against Denver and will be sidelined for at least two more weeks. The injury occurred when he landed on his foot after making a layup attempt. He has since been diagnosed with a sprain and will undergo further tests this week to determine the severity of the injury.

Is Ja Morant getting traded?

There’s been a lot of speculation lately about Ja Morant getting traded to another team. But we just can’t confirm or deny anything yet. So until there is more information, please stick with the news here on.

Ja Morant Not Being Traded

Ja Morant is not being traded at this time. Memphis Zoo is sending Ja Raffe to the Hogle Zoo in Utah, and Ja Morant was named after point guard for the Utah Jazz, Jawann Marrant.

Memphis Zoo Sending Ja Raffe To The Hogle Zoo

The Memphis Zoological Park announced that they will be transferring JA RAFE from their facility in Tennessee to the HogleZoo in Salt Lake City, UT starting on January 8th 2019.

Ja Morant Named After Point Guard In Utah

Ja Morant was officially named after point guard for the Utah Jazz-Jawann Marrant back on November 6th 2018 by then-Utah Governor Gary Herbert during a ceremony at Valley View Casino Center in Las Vegas Nevada where he starred as part of NBA Cares’ “Strive & Prosper” exhibition game series benefiting St Jude Children’s Research Hospital (SLC).

Ja Morant Played For The Indiana Pacers Before He Came To Memphis

Can grabbing a knee cause a bone bruise?

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How did Ja Morant get bone bruise?

Ja Morant suffered a bone bruise on the fourth-quarter play against the Pelicans. Grizzlies believe he is expected to make a full recovery and return to action later this season.

Jordan Poole trapped Morant and went for the basketball but instead grabbed his knee, causing the bone bruise. Ja Morant is expected to make a full recovery and return to playing in Memphis’ next game.

This injury shouldn’t keep him out of too many games; however, it’s still important that he takes care of himself during his rehabilitation process.

Why is Ja out tonight?

Ja Morant is ill, and he’s doubtful for Saturday’s game against the Jazz due to his non-coVID illness. Make sure to follow the Jamaican Football Association (JFA) on Twitter for updates on how Morant is doing.

The JFA has not released a statement yet about whether or not Morant will play in Saturday’s game, so stay tuned. We’ll update this article with any new information that comes out about Ja Morant’s status as it changes.

Has Ja Morant torn his ACL?

Ja Morant has torn his ACL and is out for the remainder of the season, which affects South Africa’s Rugby Championship campaign. The Springboks are now bottom of the table with 3 losses from their 5 matches, as a result of Ja Morant’s injury.

How did Ja get hurt?

One of the most common ways that kids get hurt is by falling. Ja was playing in his backyard when he slipped and fell. He hit his head on a rock, and now he’s unconscious.

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To Recap

There are a few potential causes for Ja Morant not being playing in the NBA this season. He may be injured, or he may just not be performing as well as anticipated.

Regardless of the reason, it’s still disappointing to see him go unfulfilled.

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