Where Do You Put The White Ball When You Scratch?

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White Ball When You Scratch

Make sure you know the rules before playing so that you can play fairly and avoid any disputes. The cue ball is in your opponent’s house at all times – don’t shoot until it leaves your own side of the table.

If you scratch, you automatically lose the game – no contact with object balls necessary. Don’t be afraid to get physical if a dispute arises; contacting the object balls doesn’t matter in this case. Play smart and have fun – there’s nothing like a good pool match to relax after work or school

Where Do You Put The White Ball When You Scratch?

If you want to win at pool, you need to know the cues and strategies that your opponent is using. You cannot shoot until the cue ball leaves your house- no matter what.

Contacting the object balls doesn’t really matter in this case; all that matters is getting control of the cue ball so that it can be shot into an opening or pocket. Playing defensively will help ensure that your opponent’scue ball never reaches their end of the table – and they’ll have a harder time winning games overall.

The Cue Ball Is In Your Opponent’s House

If you hit the cue ball in your opponent’s house, they can steal points or make a shot that wins the game. You need to be aware of where the cue ball is at all times when playing pool.

When scratching, always aim for an area near the middle of the table so you don’t end up with a safety shot in your opponent’s house again and again. If you’re having trouble making head shots because of obstructions on either side of the table, try using a white ball instead as it doesn’t reflect as much light off other surfaces around it like black balls do.

Make sure to have enough control over your shots; if not, your opponent might take advantage and win the game.

You Cannot Shoot Until The Cue Ball Leaves Your House

Wait until the cue ball leaves your house before shooting. When you shoot, aim for the white ball on the table and don’t worry about where it is at first.

You Cannot Shoot Until The Cue Ball Leaves Your House

If you miss, simply wait until the cue ball returns to your end of the table and then try again. Always make sure that no one else is in line before taking a shot so as not to disrupt their game – this includes members of your family.

Make practice shots often so that you get better accuracy over time

If You Scratch, You Lose

If you scratch the white ball, it will eventually lose its shine and may even become scratched. To avoid this, place the ball in a safe location where children cannot reach it.

Contacting The Object Balls Doesn’t Matter

It’s important to note that placing the white ball anywhere you please won’t change its behavior – it will still scratch when contacted by a finger. If your favorite place for the white ball is on top of something, be sure to move whatever object is blocking its path before trying again.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the white ball – simply remove any obstacles from its location and give it another try. For best results, contact the white ball directly with your fingertip rather than using an object as a tool- this way you’re more likely to get a consistent reaction every time.

Regardless of how often you try, sometimes objects just block your access to the balls no matter what so don’t hesitate to ask someone for help.

Do you remove a ball when you scratch?

When you scratch a surface with your fingernail, it leaves behind a small ball of material. If this ball gets embedded in the scratch, it can cause the paint to start peeling and wear away.

Do you remove a ball when you scratch?

In most cases, you should remove these balls before they cause too much damage. If you don’t pocket the eight ball, your opponent will keep playing until they either win or lose. If you scratch and lose the match, your opponent gets to take control of the cue ball and shoot.

Pocketing the eight ball is a key part of any game of pool. It allows you to stop play and call for another shot. Without it, your opponents would keep shooting until one of them managed to sink all their balls in one turn – which is never easy.

Where do you place the cue ball?

In order to hit the cue ball in a particular spot on the table, you need to know where it is located. This task is made much easier if you use a pool cue stick with a point at each end and place one of these points behind the white object ball.

Now, line up your shot so that this point hits the white object ball directly in its center.

Behind The Head String

The cue ball should be placed behind the head string in order to achieve a straight shot. This will ensure that you hit the object ball at a consistent distance from your cue stick.

On Or Below The Head String

Placing the cue Ball on or below the head string gives you more control over where it goes and allows for shots with sharp angles and cuts. It is also important to note that this placement increases your chances of making pocket shots.


There is no correct answer when it comes to where you place the cue ball, as long as you aim properly and follow these three simple tips: first, make sure that you have good control over your aim; second, try placing the cue ball close to either end rail; third, experiment with different positions until you find one that works best for YOU.

Where do you place the cue ball after a scratch in pool?

After a scratch on the break, your opponent can place the cue ball wherever behind the head string they please. The cue ball must cross the head string before making contact with any object balls in order to maintain game play.

Where do you place the cue ball after a scratch in pool?

Once a cue ball has crossed the headstring, it is out of bounds and cannot be hit again by either player until after another break occurs or one side pockets all their balls. It’s important to know where your opponent is going to place their cue ball after scratching – so you’re ready for when their shot arrives.

Keep an eye on how close your opponents are getting to pocketing those valuable points – watch out for that pesky scratch.

Can you put the white ball anywhere behind the line?

This is a question that many people ask when they are playing golf. The white ball can be placed anywhere behind the line, as long as it does not touch or go over any of the black markings on the green.

If a player gets two shots, they can pick up the white ball and place it anywhere behind the line

A foul is when either team commits an illegal action (e.g. blocking with your body) that causes the other team to gain an advantage. After getting a foul, the opposing player receives two shots which gives them more chances to score points or take away possession from their opponents.

The opposing player receives two shots after getting a foul

The rule of double shooting applies after getting fouled as well – this means that the opposing team will receive twice as many attempts at scoring or taking possession away from their opponents once they’ve been given another chance by refereeing officials.

What are the scratch rules?

Before you start playing, it is important to know the scratch rules of pool. Knowing these rules will help keep the game smooth and safe for all players, including yourself.

If you happen to hit the ball too hard or miss a shot, don’t worry. There are ways to adjust according to the scratch rule without disrupting play. Lastly, be sure to check under the table before each shot in case water has gotten on it and makes hitting difficult.

When can you move the white ball in pool?

The answer to this question depends on how strict your pool rules are and whether the white ball is part of a particular game. Generally, you can move the white ball as long as it’s not part of an ongoing game or if the other players have agreed to allow it.

  • The white ball can be moved during break shot, provided that the player makes a legal hit on the object ball. After playing break shot, players cannot move the cue ball at their convenience except in some instances. In these cases, they may have to use rails and other obstacles to help them move the cue ball around.
  • Players are generally limited in where they can move the white ball when playing pool due to berms and railings which surround most of the table surface.

Can you hit backwards after potting white ball?

It’s legal to shoot backwards in pool, as long as the cue ball remains in the string and you don’t hit it with your hand. When potting a white ball, aim for the bottom of the balls so that they will rotate more easily on the table when shot.

When shooting straight, keep an eye on the target; if you miss, chances are good you’ll be able to hit it back again by reversing your stroke. Remember – always Aim Straight.

To Recap

When you scratch the white ball on a Scratch-n-Sniff card, it emits a smell. The scent is created by rubbing alcohol and perfume oil together to create an aerosol.

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