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Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard dash time is more than just a measurement of his speed; it’s a reflection of his journey from collegiate standout to NFL star.

In the high-stakes world of American football, where every fraction of a second matters, Samuel’s official time of 4.48 seconds at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine placed him firmly on the radar of scouts, coaches, and fans alike.

This introduction delves into the significance of the 40-yard dash, a standardized test that serves as a litmus test for an athlete’s explosive speed and acceleration.

Samuel’s performance not only showcased his competitive edge but also solidified his position as a dynamic offensive force, making him a name to remember in the world of professional football.

What is the 40-yard Dash?

The 40-yard dash is a standardized test used in American football to measure an athlete’s speed and acceleration. It requires the athlete to sprint 40 yards in a straight line from a stationary starting position.

Timing is crucial, with electronic timers recording the time to the nearest hundredth of a second. This test is vital for evaluating players in positions like wide receivers, running backs, and defensive backs, as it assesses their ability to cover short distances quickly, which is essential for making explosive plays and outpacing opponents on the football field.

What Was Deebo Samuel 40 Yard Dash Time?

Deebo Samuel, the talented wide receiver from South Carolina, clocked an official 40-yard dash time of 4.48 seconds at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine.

This impressive time underlined his exceptional speed and acceleration, essential attributes for NFL wide receivers. Notably, his 40-yard dash performance ranked 17th among wide receivers at the combine, highlighting his competitiveness and athletic prowess.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that it surpassed the times of some of his peers who are now considered elite in the NFL, including A.J. Brown (4.49) and D.K. Metcalf (4.33).

Deebo Samuel’s speed has since translated into success on the football field, solidifying his status as a dynamic offensive weapon for the San Francisco 49ers.

How Does Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard Dash Time Compare to Other NFL Wide Receivers?

Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard dash time of 4.48 seconds at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine compared favorably to other NFL wide receivers.

Here’s a comparison of his time with some notable wide receivers:

A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown, a rising star in the NFL, posted a 40-yard dash time of 4.49 seconds. Samuel’s time is marginally faster, indicating his competitive edge in terms of straight-line speed.

D.K. Metcalf

D.K. Metcalf is renowned for his incredible speed and size. He blazed through the 40-yard dash in 4.33 seconds, showcasing exceptional acceleration. While Samuel’s time is slightly slower, it’s essential to consider that Metcalf’s speed is among the very elite in the league.

Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill, often regarded as one of the fastest wide receivers in the NFL, recorded a mind-boggling 4.29 seconds in the 40-yard dash during his combine.

Hill’s speed is truly exceptional and sets a high bar for comparison.

How Does Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard Dash Time Compare to the Average Speed of NFL Wide Receivers?

Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard dash time of 4.48 seconds at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine is closely aligned with the average speed of NFL wide receivers, typically falling between 4.45 and 4.55 seconds.

This places Samuel squarely within the norm for his position in the league. However, it’s crucial to note that speed is just one facet of a wide receiver’s skill set.

What truly distinguishes Samuel is his versatility, physicality, and ability to excel in various aspects of the game. While his speed is on par with the average, his dynamic on-field contributions go far beyond pure sprinting, making him an invaluable asset to the San Francisco 49ers.

Why is the 40-yard Dash Important for NFL prospects Like Deebo Samuel?

Deebo Samuel

The 40-yard dash holds immense importance for NFL prospects like Deebo Samuel for a multitude of reasons:

Speed Evaluation

The 40-yard dash is the definitive test of straight-line speed. It quantifies how rapidly an athlete can cover 40 yards, providing an objective measure of their acceleration and sprinting ability.

For NFL players, especially wide receivers like Deebo Samuel, speed is an invaluable asset. It allows them to outrun defenders, create separation, and turn short receptions into significant gains.

Positional Relevance

Different positions in football demand varying levels of speed. The 40-yard dash helps scouts and coaches assess if a player’s speed aligns with the demands of their intended position.

For wide receivers, running backs, and defensive backs, who rely heavily on speed, a strong 40-yard dash time can signify their readiness for the NFL.

NFL Draft Impact

The NFL Scouting Combine, where the 40-yard dash is a marquee event, plays a pivotal role in evaluating and ranking prospects. A standout performance, particularly in the 40-yard dash, can significantly boost a player’s draft stock.

A faster time can lead to higher draft selections and more favorable contracts, directly affecting a player’s professional career trajectory.

On-field Application

The significance of a quick 40-yard dash time extends well beyond the combine. NFL players like Deebo Samuel utilize their speed to excel in actual games.

It enables them to create big plays, evade tacklers, and contribute to their team’s success.

Competitive Edge

Football is a game of inches, and speed can be the differentiating factor between success and failure. In a highly competitive league like the NFL, even a fraction of a second can be the key to making a game-changing play.

A faster 40-yard dash time can provide a critical edge over opponents.

What Impact Did Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard Dash Time Have on His NFL Career?

Deebo Samuel's 40-yard Dash Time Have on His NFL Career

Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard dash time played a significant role in shaping his NFL career. His impressive time of 4.48 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine helped boost his draft stock and garnered attention from NFL teams and scouts.

The impact can be summarized in several key ways:

Increased Draft Stock

Deebo Samuel’s strong showing in the 40-yard dash contributed to his higher draft position. The San Francisco 49ers selected him in the second round (36th overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft.

His speed was a crucial factor in this early selection.


Samuel’s speed and agility demonstrated in the 40-yard dash made him an attractive prospect. It highlighted his potential to be not just a wide receiver but also a versatile offensive weapon, capable of making explosive plays in various positions.

On-field Performance

In the NFL, Samuel’s speed translated into success on the field. He quickly became a key contributor to the San Francisco 49ers’ offense, known for his ability to create separation, gain yards after the catch, and make plays in both the passing and rushing game.


His 40-yard dash time added to his reputation as an athletic and dynamic player. It made him a player to watch in the league and contributed to his recognition as one of the rising stars among wide receivers.

What is the Fastest 40-yard Dash in NFL History?

The fastest 40-yard dash time in NFL Scouting Combine history is 4.22 seconds, a record set by John Ross, a wide receiver from the University of Washington, during the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine.

This remarkable achievement established Ross as the fastest player ever officially recorded covering that distance. His extraordinary speed garnered significant attention and contributed to his selection by the Cincinnati Bengals as the ninth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Ross’s record remains unmatched, serving as a testament to the exceptional athleticism and speed that elite NFL prospects can possess.


What was Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard dash time at the NFL Combine?

Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard dash time at the NFL Combine was 4.48 seconds, highlighting his impressive speed and agility as a wide receiver.

How fast is Deebo Samuel’s mph?

Deebo Samuel’s speed in the 40-yard dash, approximately 4.48 seconds, translates to a speed of approximately 8.93 miles per hour (mph).

Did Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard dash time impact his selection by the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL Draft?

Yes, Deebo Samuel’s impressive 40-yard dash time likely influenced his selection by the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL Draft, enhancing his appeal as an explosive offensive weapon.

Has Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard dash time improved since his NFL Combine performance in 2019?

Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard dash time has not been publicly reported as improving or changing since his initial NFL Combine performance in 2019.

What is the significance of the 40-yard dash time for NFL wide receivers like Deebo Samuel?

The 40-yard dash time is crucial for NFL wide receivers like Deebo Samuel as it measures their acceleration and speed, impacting their ability to make explosive plays.

To Recap

Deebo Samuel’s 40-yard dash time of 4.48 seconds represents much more than a mere number on a stopwatch; it encapsulates the essence of his journey from college standout to NFL sensation.

This time not only showcased his remarkable speed and acceleration but also signaled his readiness to compete at the highest level of American football.

It’s a testament to his dedication, hard work, and innate talent, which have allowed him to flourish as a wide receiver in the NFL.

Samuel’s 40-yard dash performance at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine positioned him as a rising star in the league, and his success on the field since then has only solidified his status as a dynamic offensive weapon and a player to watch in the world of professional football.

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