Is Derwin James Related To Edgerrin?

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Is Derwin James Related To Edgerrin

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of professional sports, stories of familial connections and shared athletic legacies often add fascinating layers to an athlete’s journey.

One such compelling narrative is the relationship between Derwin James and Edgerrin James. While both have made significant marks in the realm of American football, a lingering question remains: Is Derwin James related to Edgerrin James?

This question delves beyond their individual accomplishments on the gridiron, uncovering the ties that bind them as family members.

In this exploration, we will unravel the familial connection between these two athletes, shedding light on their shared heritage, the significance of their bond, and the impact it has had on their careers in the National Football League (NFL).

Is Derwin James Related to Edgerrin James? Unraveling the NFL Family Connection

Yes, Derwin James is related to Edgerrin James. They share a familial connection as second cousins. While their positions and roles in the NFL differ, this relationship adds an intriguing layer to their careers in professional sports.

Derwin James is celebrated for his versatility and skills as an NFL safety, primarily with the Los Angeles Chargers, while Edgerrin James is a former NFL running back known for his successful career, particularly with the Indianapolis Colts.

This shared athletic heritage within their family highlights the significance of family support and the role it can play in the journeys of athletes in the world of football.

What Do Derwin James and Edgerrin James Do Professionally?

Derwin James is a professional NFL safety known for his exceptional skills and versatility. He has played for the Los Angeles Chargers, making a significant impact on the team’s defense with his speed and defensive prowess.

Edgerrin James, on the other hand, is a former NFL running back who had a highly successful career. He was known for his remarkable rushing abilities and played primarily with the Indianapolis Colts during his time in the NFL.

While Derwin James is currently an active NFL player, Edgerrin James has retired from professional football but remains a prominent figure in the sport’s history due to his achievements during his career.

Do They Share Any Athletic Traits or Skills?

Derwin James and Edgerrin James, while playing different positions in football, likely share some general athletic traits and skills that are valuable in the sport.

Here are a few athletic qualities that they may have in common:


James and Edgerrin James

Speed is a fundamental trait in football, and both players are likely to possess above-average speed. Edgerrin James needed speed to burst through the line of scrimmage and outrun defenders as a running back.

Derwin James, as a safety, relies on speed to cover ground quickly, make tackles, and defend against fast wide receivers.


Agility is crucial for both running backs and defensive backs. Edgerrin James would have needed agility to change direction quickly, make cuts, and evade tacklers.

Derwin James uses his agility to react to the movement of the opposing offense, make plays on the ball, and tackle elusive ball carriers.


Strength is a vital attribute in football, and both players are likely to possess a degree of strength that allows them to excel in their respective positions.

Edgerrin James needed strength to break tackles and gain yards after contact, while Derwin James uses his strength to take on blockers and make impactful tackles.

Football Intelligence

Football IQ is a shared trait that is essential for success in any position. Understanding the game, reading plays, and making quick decisions are skills that both athletes would need.

This intelligence can be developed through experience and a deep knowledge of the sport.

Work Ethic and Dedication

Dedication to training and a strong work ethic are likely shared qualities. Both players would have had to put in extensive hours of practice and conditioning to reach the highest level of professional football.


While their positions differ, both athletes may share versatility. Edgerrin James was a well-rounded running back, capable of running, catching passes, and pass-blocking.

Derwin James is known for his versatility as a safety, often lining up in various positions on defense to provide maximum impact.

What is the Significance of Their Familial Connection in Sports?

Derwin James and Edgerrin James

The familial connection between Derwin James and Edgerrin James holds significant importance in the world of sports for several compelling reasons:

Inspiration for Others

Their shared familial connection serves as an inspiring narrative for aspiring athletes and sports enthusiasts. It demonstrates that talent and a passion for sports can be deeply rooted in a family, motivating others to pursue their athletic dreams.

Family Support

Family support can be a vital component of an athlete’s success. Knowing that they have family members who understand the challenges and demands of professional sports can provide emotional support, encouragement, and motivation.

Shared Athletic Heritage

The success of both Derwin and Edgerrin James showcases a shared athletic heritage within their family. It highlights a culture of athleticism and a tradition of excellence, emphasizing the role of family in nurturing a love for sports.

Celebration of Achievements

The achievements of Derwin and Edgerrin James become a source of pride and celebration for their entire family. Their success fosters a sense of unity and shared joy among family members.

Legacy and Tradition

Their familial connection adds to the legacy and tradition of the James family in the sports world. It signifies a continuation of excellence and a commitment to athletic pursuits that span generations.

Intersecting Passions

The story of Derwin and Edgerrin James demonstrates how family ties can intersect with individual passions and career choices. It illustrates that athletes can pursue their dreams while maintaining strong connections to their family roots.


Athletes who share family ties in the sports world often develop a unique camaraderie. The shared experiences, challenges, and successes create a strong bond that enhances the sense of unity and mutual understanding within the family.

Role Models

Derwin and Edgerrin James serve as role models, not only for aspiring athletes but also for those who appreciate the importance of family and shared passions.

Their journey exemplifies the potential for achieving greatness while staying deeply connected to one’s family and values.


Are Derwin James and Edgerrin James family members?

Yes, Derwin James and Edgerrin James are family members. They are second cousins, sharing a familial connection within their athletic family heritage.

What is the age difference between Derwin James and Edgerrin James?

The age difference between the two athletes is significant, with Derwin James being born in 1996, and Edgerrin James being born in 1978.

Did Derwin James and Edgerrin James ever play on the same team or in the same league?

No, they did not play on the same team or in the same league during their respective NFL careers. Derwin James has primarily played for the Los Angeles Chargers, while Edgerrin James played for teams such as the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals.

Have they publicly acknowledged their familial connection in interviews or social media?

Yes, both Derwin James and Edgerrin James have acknowledged their familial connection in various interviews and on social media platforms, confirming their status as second cousins.

Are there other notable athletes in their extended family who have also pursued careers in sports?

Yes, there are other athletes in their extended family who have played sports professionally. Notable examples include Vince Williams and Karlos Williams, both former Florida State Seminoles players.

To Recap

The familial connection between Derwin James and Edgerrin James serves as a testament to the enduring influence of family bonds in the world of professional sports.

While they may have pursued different positions and played in different eras within the NFL, their shared heritage underscores the importance of shared passion and the support of loved ones.

The confirmation that they are second cousins adds a layer of intrigue to their careers, highlighting the significance of family connections in athletes’ lives.

Derwin James and Edgerrin James stand not only as accomplished athletes but also as a reminder that the pursuit of excellence in sports often thrives within the nurturing embrace of family traditions, encouragement, and shared dreams.

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