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The NVP, or Nickelodeon Valuable Player, is an exciting and distinct facet of the NFL (National Football League) landscape. 

Unlike the revered MVP (Most Valuable Player) awarded by the Associated Press at the culmination of the NFL season, the NVP spotlights remarkable performances in specific NFL games broadcast on Nickelodeon.

It is a playful and interactive award, reflecting the channel’s commitment to engaging a younger audience. 

This coveted accolade is determined by the votes of fans, who not only assess on-field prowess but also factor in entertainment value, impact on the game’s outcome, and player engagement with the unique Nickelodeon-themed presentation.

The NVP introduces an element of fun and inclusivity into the world of professional football, celebrating standout moments and personalities on the gridiron.

The Acronym for NVP in the NFL

NVP stands for Nickelodeon Valuable Player, and it is an award given by the children’s television network Nickelodeon to the best player in an NFL game.

The award is based on fan votes, and it is part of Nickelodeon’s efforts to make football more fun and appealing for kids. 

The NVP trophy is a silver football with green slime on it, and the winner also gets slimed by Nickelodeon.

The NVP award was first introduced in the 2020 NFL season when Nickelodeon broadcasted its first-ever NFL game, a wild-card matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears. 

The NVP of that game was Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky, who received 49% of the votes despite his team losing 21-9. 

In the 2021 NFL season, Nickelodeon expanded its coverage of the NFL by launching a weekly show called “NFL Slimetime”, which featured highlights, interviews, trivia, and the NVP award for each week of the regular season. 

The NVP winners of the 2021 season included stars like Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Derrick Henry, and Ja’Marr Chase. 

Nickelodeon also broadcasted two playoff games in the 2021 season, a wild-card game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers, and a divisional-round game between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The NVPs of those games were Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and the Bills offense, respectively. 

At the end of the season, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was named the NVP of NVPs, which is the ultimate NVP award for the best player of the season.

The NVP award is different from the NFL MVP award, which is given by various entities to the most valuable player in the NFL during the regular season. 

The NFL MVP award is based on performance, statistics, and impact on team success, while the NVP award is based on popularity, entertainment value, and kid appeal. 

The NFL MVP award has a long history dating back to 1938, while the NVP award is a recent innovation that started in 2020. 

The NFL MVP award is considered one of the most prestigious honors in sports, while the NVP award is more of a fun and playful recognition for players who appeal to young fans.

NVP Criteria in NFL

NVP Criteria in NFL

The NVP, or Nickelodeon Valuable Player, is a unique and entertaining award in the world of NFL (National Football League) that is broadcast on the Nickelodeon channel. 

Unlike the traditional MVP (Most Valuable Player) award given by the Associated Press for the entire NFL season, the NVP focuses on individual performance in a specific NFL game and is determined by the fans’ votes.

Here are the criteria and factors that typically influence the selection of the NVP:

Game Performance

The most obvious and crucial factor in determining the NVP is a player’s performance during the NFL game broadcast on Nickelodeon. 

This includes statistics such as passing yards, rushing yards, touchdowns, tackles, interceptions, and any other notable on-field contributions. 

Outstanding plays, game-changing moments, and clutch performances can greatly influence the fans’ votes.

Impact on the Game

The player’s impact on the outcome of the game is significant. This includes key plays that affect the game’s momentum, pivotal moments, or game-winning plays. 

Players who make a difference and help their team secure a victory often receive more consideration for the NVP.

Fan Engagement

Since the NVP is determined by fan votes, a player’s popularity and appeal to the Nickelodeon audience can play a substantial role. 

Players who engage with fans, interact with the Nickelodeon broadcast, or have a strong presence on social media may have an advantage in the voting process.

Entertainment Value

Given Nickelodeon’s focus on younger viewers and making the game more fun and interactive, players who contribute to the entertainment factor of the broadcast may be favored. 

This includes players who embrace the Nickelodeon-themed elements, show enthusiasm, and connect with the younger audience.

Team Performance

While the NVP is primarily an individual award, the team’s overall performance and success in the game can also influence the voting.

Players on the winning team may receive more attention and votes, but outstanding performances on losing teams can still be recognized.

Nickelodeon’s Influence

Nickelodeon may also have some influence in promoting certain players or moments during the broadcast, potentially highlighting them as contenders for the NVP. 

Special graphics, animations, and commentary by Nickelodeon personalities can draw attention to specific players.

Notable Winners of NVP in the NFL

Notable or surprising winners of the NVP (Nickelodeon Valuable Player) award in NFL games on Nickelodeon have added an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the already unique and entertaining award.

Let’s delve into the performances of Mike White, Josh Allen (the defensive player), and Christian Wilkins:

Mike White – New York Jets (2021)

Mike White - New York Jets (2021)

Mike White’s victory as the NVP in 2021 was undoubtedly surprising. He was the quarterback for the New York Jets and received the award during the wild-card game broadcast on Nickelodeon. 

White’s performance was marked by resilience and an underdog spirit. He threw for an impressive 405 yards and three touchdowns against the Cincinnati Bengals, showcasing his ability to lead the Jets to an unexpected victory. 

This victory resonated with fans, as it highlighted the magic that can occur when an unlikely hero emerges on the big stage.

Josh Allen (the defensive player) – Jacksonville Jaguars (2021)

The 2021 NVP award featured an unusual twist when a defensive player, Josh Allen of the Jacksonville Jaguars, claimed the honor. In a game against the Indianapolis Colts, Allen demonstrated his versatility and impact beyond the traditional offensive statistics. 

He recorded several tackles, sacks, and crucial defensive plays that disrupted the Colts’ offensive schemes. 

His relentless pursuit of the quarterback and disruptive presence on the field resonated with fans, emphasizing that defensive players can be just as valuable and exciting as their offensive counterparts.

Christian Wilkins – Miami Dolphins (2022)

Christian Wilkins, a defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins, emerged as the NVP in 2022 during the wild-card game against the New England Patriots. 

His victory underscored the importance of big plays in crucial moments. Wilkins not only played a dominant role in the Dolphins’ defense but also showcased his versatility by scoring a memorable touchdown as a receiver on a trick play. 

His infectious enthusiasm and ability to contribute to both sides of the ball made him a standout player and a surprising but deserving NVP winner.


What is the significance of the slime-covered football trophy in the NVP award?

The slime-covered football trophy symbolizes Nickelodeon’s playful and unique approach to honoring outstanding NFL players. 

It’s a nod to the network’s iconic green slime, adding an element of fun and entertainment to the award.

Can players from the losing team receive the NVP award?

Yes, players from both winning and losing teams are eligible to win the NVP award. The award is based on fan votes, and it can go to a player who made a significant impact during the game, regardless of the final score.

How do fans vote for the NVP award?

Fans can vote for the NVP award by visiting the official Nickelodeon website or using social media platforms during the NFL wild-card game broadcast on Nickelodeon. The player with the most fan votes receives the NVP.

Are there any age restrictions for fans to participate in voting for the NVP award?

Generally, there are no age restrictions for fans to vote for the NVP award. 

Nickelodeon’s aim is to engage a younger audience, but fans of all ages are encouraged to participate in the voting process and enjoy the unique Nickelodeon-themed NFL broadcast.

To Recap

The NVP, or Nickelodeon Valuable Player, represents a delightful departure from the conventional accolades in the world of NFL. 

Introduced by Nickelodeon, this award celebrates individual brilliance during the NFL wild-card game broadcast on the network. 

While it may not carry the gravitas of the MVP award, the NVP is a testament to the power of fan engagement, embracing a spirit of fun and inclusivity. 

It is a unique platform for recognizing exceptional game-day performances and captivating the hearts of a diverse audience, including younger fans. 

As the NFL continues to evolve, the NVP stands as a testament to the league’s willingness to innovate and entertain, bridging the gap between sports and entertainment.

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