Is Casey Mize Still With The Detroit Tigers?

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Is Casey Mize Still With The Detroit Tigers

Casey Mize is a promising young pitcher who has drawn a lot of attention for his performance on the mound. He was drafted first overall by the Detroit Tigers in 2018 and quickly made his way up through the ranks of the team’s minor league system.

However, some fans have been wondering whether Mize is still with the Tigers, as he hasn’t pitched for the team in a little while.

Casey Mize’s Career with the Tigers

Casey Mize is an American professional baseball pitcher who plays for the Detroit Tigers. He was born on May 1, 1997, in Springville, Alabama. Mize was drafted by the Tigers in the first round of the 2018 Major League Baseball draft.

He made his debut in the Major League on August 19, 2020, against the Chicago White Sox. Since then, Mize has become an important player for the Tigers, known for his impressive pitching skills.

When Mize joined the Tigers, he was seen as a promising young talent. He had an excellent college career, where he played for Auburn University in Alabama.

In 2017, Mize was named the SEC Pitcher of the Year, and he also won the Golden Spikes Award, which is given to the best amateur baseball player in the United States.

These achievements made him a highly sought-after prospect in the 2018 draft, and the Tigers were fortunate to secure his services.

Mize’s performance in the Major League has been impressive. In his rookie season, he made ten appearances on the mound and registered a record of 0-3. However, he had an ERA of 6.99, which is considered high for a pitcher.

In the following season, Mize improved significantly, and he recorded a season ERA of 3.75. He also recorded 116 strikeouts, which is a remarkable feat for a young pitcher.

However, Mize’s career has not been without setbacks. In the 2022 season, he was plagued by injuries that kept him out of action for an extended period. He suffered an elbow strain in April, which forced him to miss several games.

While he was recovering from that injury, he suffered another setback when he experienced a recurrence of the same injury. This second injury has kept him out of action until now.

In conclusion, Casey Mize is an important player for the Detroit Tigers. He was drafted in 2018 after an impressive college career, and he has proven to be a valuable asset for the team.

While injuries have hindered his progress, Mize has shown enough promise to indicate that he has a bright future in the Major League. As he works hard to recover from his latest injury, Tigers fans will be eagerly anticipating his return to the mound.

Casey Mize’s Current Status

When was the last time Mize pitched for the Tigers?

The last time Casey Mize pitched for the Detroit Tigers was on April 14, 2022, against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium. He pitched for 5 innings, gave up 3 runs, struck out 4 batters, and left the game with a 4-3 lead.

Reasons for Mize’s absence:

After his last start, Mize was placed on the 10-day injury list due to an elbow injury. Later, after an evaluation by the team doctor, it was determined that Mize had strained his right elbow and needed time to heal.

The injury was not believed to be severe, but he was held out of action for an extended period to ensure he was fully recovered and avoid any further damage.

Mize’s current condition:

As of now, there have been no recent updates on Mize’s current condition. However, the Tigers have been cautious with his return, ensuring that he’s had proper time to recover and rehab his arm.

The team has not provided any specific timelines for his return to the active roster, but it’s expected that he’ll be out for at least a few more weeks.

The team will likely monitor his progress closely and work with him to gradually ramp up his throwing activity until he’s ready to return to the rotation.

In conclusion, Casey Mize, the talented pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, has been absent from the mound since April 14, 2022, due to a strained right elbow injury.

As of now, there have been no recent updates on his current status, but the team has been cautious with his return and will continue to practice patience before reintroducing him to the rotation.

Fans of the Tigers will have to wait for further news on when Mize can make his return and have a significant impact on the pitching staff.

Speculations and Rumors

Casey Mize, a former first-overall pick by the Detroit Tigers, has shown potential as a starting pitcher in his brief stint in the Major Leagues.

However, Mize’s injury history has raised speculations about his future with the Tigers, and trade rumors involving Mize have also surfaced.

In this article, we will discuss the speculations and rumors surrounding Mize’s future in the MLB and analyze the possible outcomes.


Mize was drafted by the Tigers in the first round of the 2018 MLB draft. He made his Major League debut in 2020, posting a 0-3 record with a 6.99 ERA in seven starts.

However, Mize showed improvement in the following season, going 8-8 with a 3.66 ERA in 28 starts. Mize also threw his first career no-hitter on August 25, 2021, against the Cleveland Indians.

Mize’s Injury History

Mize has a history of arm injuries dating back to his college days at Auburn University. In 2018, he missed two starts due to shoulder soreness.

In 2019, Mize was placed on the injured list twice due to shoulder inflammation. In 2021, Mize was scratched from the start due to right shoulder soreness.

Speculations about Mize’s future with the Tigers

Mize’s injury history has raised concerns about his ability to pitch consistently at a high level. Some speculate that the Tigers may look to trade Mize if they receive a good offer, rather than risk his health in the long run.

Alternatively, the Tigers may choose to maintain Mize as part of their rotation but limit his innings to reduce the risk of injury.

Trade rumors involving Mize

There have been rumors surrounding the potential trade of Mize. Some suggest that the Tigers may look to trade Mize to acquire additional prospects or fill other holes in the roster. However, it is important to note that these are just rumors and nothing has been confirmed at this point.

Opinions and predictions about Mize’s career in the MLB

It is difficult to predict the trajectory of Mize’s career in the MLB, especially given his injury history. Some believe that Mize has the potential to become an ace in the Tigers rotation, given his skill set and work ethic.

Others are less optimistic about his long-term prospects, citing his injury history and the risk of further harm to his arm.

In conclusion, there are several speculations and rumors surrounding Casey Mize’s future with the Detroit Tigers. While it is difficult to predict how things will play out, it is clear that Mize has potential as a starting pitcher in the MLB.

It will be interesting to see how the Tigers approach Mize’s development and if any trades involving Mize will take place in the future.

Impact of Mize’s Absence on the Tigers

The absence of Casey Mize, since April 14th, 2022, has had a significant impact on the Tigers. His injury has created an enormous gap in the Tigers’ starting rotation, leading to a decrease in their performance.

Mize is one of the Tigers’ top pitchers and was expected to play a major role in the team’s success this season. With his absence, the Tigers have lost one of their best arms, and it has put extra pressure on the remaining members of the pitching staff.

The Tigers have struggled without Mize, losing six out of their last ten games. The team currently sits at the bottom of the AL Central with a 14-23 record, struggling to find their form.

The Tigers’ offense has shown some improvement, but their pitching has continued to be a cause for concern. Without Mize, their starting rotation has become less potent, and their bullpen has had to pick up the slack.

Mize’s absence has also affected the pitching staff’s morale since his shoulder injury was a significant setback for the team. Mize was a valuable asset to the Tigers’ bullpen, and his injury has put additional pressure on the pitching staff, weakening their overall impact.

Mize’s talent has been missed by the team, and his presence was a much-needed insurance policy for the club’s other pitchers.

The Tigers are coping without Mize, but it is evident that his presence is sorely missed. The team is adjusting, and some pitchers have stepped up, as the Tigers try to fill the void left by Mize’s injury.

Michael Fulmer has taken on a bigger role since Mize’s injury and has been impressive in his recent outings. However, there is no doubt that the Tigers will benefit once Mize returns to the team.

In summary, Mize’s absence has had a significant impact on the Tigers. His shoulder injury has made things challenging for the team, especially the pitching staff. The team’s performance has been affected, leading to losses and a decrease in morale.

The Tigers have had to rely on other pitchers to make up for Mize’s absence, but it is clear that his presence is missed. The Tigers will no doubt welcome Mize back to the team, and his return will be highly beneficial to the club.

What Team is Casey Mize on?

Casey Mize is a professional baseball player. He was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 2018. Mize is currently a pitcher for the Tigers. He played college baseball at Auburn University. Mize was the #1 overall pick in the 2018 MLB draft.

He has been praised for his pitching ability and command. In 2021, Mize had a 3.63 ERA and 107 strikeouts in 26 starts. He is considered a key player for the Tigers’ future success. Mize made his MLB debut in 2020.

Who is the Closer for the Tigers 2023?

Introduction to the Tigers’ Closer in 2023

The Detroit Tigers are expected to have Alex Lange as their closer for the 2023 season, and all indications suggest he is more than ready for the role.

Who is Alex Lange?

Lange is a right-handed pitcher who was drafted by the Tigers in the Competitive Balance Round A of the 2017 MLB draft. He made his major league debut in 2020 and has since been working his way up the Tigers’ bullpen ranks.

Lange’s progression in the Tigers’ bullpen

Lange started as a middle reliever in 2020, but quickly showed his value by adding stability to the bullpen. He then became more of a set-up man in 2021, and his consistency and success led to his eventual promotion to the closer role.

Lange’s strengths as a closer

Lange possesses a solid four-pitch arsenal, including a fastball, slider, curveball, and changeup. His fastball has been clocked at around 94-95 mph, making it a reliable pitch to get strikeouts. Additionally, he has the mental toughness and composure required to perform under pressure in high-leverage situations.

While it’s impossible to predict exactly how Lange will perform as the Tigers’ closer in 2023, all signs suggest he is more than capable of handling the role. His progression in the bullpen and his skills as a pitcher make him a strong candidate for success in this position.

Who Will Close for the Tigers?

Lange is favored to close for the Tigers in the upcoming season. He is a right-handed pitcher who was selected in the third round of the 2017 draft. The Tigers are in need of a closer after Joe Jimenez struggled in the role last year.

Lange has been working on developing his pitches in the minors and could be ready for the challenge. He has a fastball that touches the mid-90s and a slider that can be a devastating outpitch. Other candidates for the closer role include Bryan Garcia and Joe Jimenez, but Lange has the edge.

The Tigers have a young and talented bullpen, but a reliable closer is crucial to success. Lange has experience closing games in college and minors, which could give him an advantage. The Tigers will likely rely on a closer-by-committee approach early in the season.

If Lange can live up to expectations, he could solidify the Tigers’ bullpen for years to come.

To Recap

Despite not having pitched for the Tigers since April 14, 2022, Casey Mize is still a member of the team. While he may not be on the active roster at the moment, he remains a valuable asset for Detroit and will likely be back on the mound before too long.

Fans who are eager to see Mize back in action should keep an eye on the team’s schedule and be ready to tune in when he takes the field again.

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