Why Did the Eagles Trade Zach Ertz?

Zach Ertz is a tight end currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals. He was born in Orange, California and attended Monte Vista High School before attending Stanford University from 2009-2012.

During his college career he won the Ozzie Newsome Award as well as being named First Team All-Pac 12 and Unanimous All American in 2012. Ertz was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, where he spent 8 seasons making history with most receptions made by a tight end of 116 catches during one season.

In 2021 he joined the Cardinals to continue his NFL journey and set new records on injured reserve status due to an ankle injury that occurred earlier this year. As of 2022, Zach has had 682 receptions, 7247 receiving yards and 45 touchdowns throughout his career so far.

Zach Ertz
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Personal Information of Zach Ertz

Real Name/Full NameZachary Adam Ertz
Birth PlaceOrange, California
Height6 feet 5 inches
Weight113 kg (250 lbs)
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/Spouse (Name)Julie Ertz
ProfessionFootball Player
Net Worth$16 Million

Early years

Zach Ertz was born in Orange, California and grew up as the oldest of four children. His father had played for Lehigh University’s football team from 1981 to 1984 so he was exposed to sports at a young age.

As an adolescent, Zach attended Monte Vista High School in Danville where he participated on both their basketball and football teams. During his senior year, Zach showed off his talents as one of the best receivers with 56 receptions totaling 756 yards accompanied by 14 touchdowns – resulting in him being named All-East Bay Athletic League first team honoree.

Outside of high school athletics, Zach also enjoyed participating in extracurricular activities such as playing guitar during church services or volunteering for local events like Habitat For Humanity building homes for those less fortunate than himself.

He always found time to give back even when juggling multiple commitments that came along with having three siblings growing up alongside him while maintaining good grades throughout all levels of schooling culminating into graduating high school early due to college credits earned through advanced placement classes taken while attending Monte Vista High School.

Between these experiences Zach learned valuable lessons regarding hard work and dedication which eventually led him down the path towards collegiate level athletics later on down road after completing secondary studies successfully prior theretofore becoming an accomplished athlete across many different leagues including but not limited too: National Football League (NFL) & NCAA Division I FBS College Football amongst others.

College career

Zach Ertz attended Stanford University, where he had an impressive college career with the Cardinal football team. During his freshman year in 2009, he redshirted and allowed himself to learn more about the game of football by observing from the sidelines.

In 2010, Ertz was a standout on offense for Stanford as he played 13 games and recorded 16 catches for 190 yards plus five touchdowns. His most memorable performance that season came when the Cardinals faced Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl; during this matchup, Zach hauled two receptions including one touchdown play which helped lead Stanford to victory.

The following 2011 campaign saw further growth from Ertz as a player; this time around he registered 27 receptions for 349 yards along with three scores through ten games before suffering a knee injury late into November which ended up sidelining him until 2012’s spring practice period commenced. From then onward it was clear that Zach possessed leadership qualities not only among teammates but also within coaches’ mindsets because of how well-rounded his repertoire became over time at such young age range (19-21).

Ertz returned to full health early on during 2012’s regular season and made sure to take advantage: He went on record 69 catches totaling 898 receiving yards while scoring six touchdowns throughout thirteen appearances under center alongside quarterback Josh Nunes – ultimately helping guide Stanfords towards their fourth consecutive winning streak since 2008’s 9–4 overall finish.

The last couple years at university proved successful enough so much so that even after graduating high school back in 2009 people began believing Zach could make it professionally despite being somewhat undersized relative other tight ends projected onto NFL draft boards between 2013/14 preseasons respectively.

Professional career

Zach Ertz began his professional career when he was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the second round of 2013 NFL Draft. He signed a four year, $6 million contract with them on May 10th and since then has been part of their team’s success story.

Ertz started off his rookie season as a backup tight end but soon established himself as an important member of the offense due to several impressive performances throughout that campaign. In 2014, he became a full-time starter for Philadelphia and improved leaps and bounds from before; finishing fourth among all tight ends in receptions (58) while also becoming one of five players at his position to record over 800 receiving yards during that season.

In 2015, Ertz had probably what was his best statistical year till date; setting personal records for catches (75), receiving yards (853) & touchdowns scored (2). His stellar performance earned him Pro Bowl selection which marked another milestone in Zach’s footballing journey so far.

The following two seasons saw him struggle slightly due to injuries but still put up respectable numbers every time he took field – eventually leading Eagles into Super Bowl LII where they won their first ever championship title behind Nick Foles’ heroics.

Overall, Zach Ertz has proven himself worthy enough to be considered amongst top tier talents at Tight End position across entire NFL today – something which is even more remarkable considering how early into league did this young man make such an impactful arrival onto big stage like this.

NFL career statistics

Zach Ertz is a professional football player who has achieved much success in the NFL. He currently plays tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles and was drafted by them in 2013 as their 35th overall pick.

In his seven seasons with the team, he has made four Pro Bowl appearances and been selected to two All-Pro teams. Ertz holds several records among NFL tight ends, such as most receptions (477) and receiving yards (5,312).

Furthermore, he ranks third all time among TEs for career touchdown catches with 46 total touchdowns scored over his entire tenure thus far with Philly. His impressive production on offense earned him three consecutive trips to the playoffs from 2017-2019; culminating in a Super Bowl LII victory against New England Patriots during that same year span where Zach had eight receptions for 70 yards.

along with one major reception late game which setup an eventual field goal win kick by Jake Elliott giving them their first ever championship title since 1960 when they were still known back then as The Frankford Yellow Jackets of Philadelphia’s Industrial Football League.

In 2020 despite battling injuries throughout season Zach was once again able to put up quality numbers finishing off regular season campaign at 541 receiving yards while also snagging 4 TD’s making it sixth straight season catching at least five or more TDs per annum showing just how reliable target can be inside red zone area come crunch time moments like those seen last February night vs Pats franchise long ago forgotten without help of Eagle3tightend12 being out there taking flight downfield.

Personal life

Zach Ertz is a Christian and married professional soccer player Julie Johnston, who plays for the U.S. women’s national team, in March 2017 after proposing to her at Klein Field – where they first met while they were both students at Stanford University.

The couple was featured in ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue 2017 and their wedding ceremony took place in Goleta, California on 26th March of that year. The couple had their first child – a son – born on 11 August 2022 which made them very happy as parents for the first time ever.

They seem to be happily settled into family life between Zach’s football career with Philadelphia Eagles and Julie playing for her country’s national team as well as being part-time coach of Sky Blue FC (New Jersey). It looks like this beautiful union has brought out good things in both of them professionally too.

It seems that these two are so much more than just husband & wife; it appears there is an understanding between them since even when either one is away due to work commitments or other engagements, they manage to stay connected through various medium such as phone calls/video chats etc., thanks partly because technology allows us all now days but also surely because love keeps finding its way back home no matter what challenges may come along.

Love truly conquers all.

Why Did the Eagles Trade Zach Ertz?

The Philadelphia Eagles traded Zach Ertz to the Arizona Cardinals for a variety of reasons. One of the main factors was that the team had a surplus of talent at the tight end position, with both Ertz and Dallas Goedert being pending free agents.

The team’s general manager, Howie Roseman, acknowledged that it had become increasingly difficult to keep both players on the roster, given their similar skill sets and the team’s limited salary cap space. Additionally, Ertz’s production had been on the decline in recent seasons, and the team felt that they could get a better return on investment by trading him.

Another reason for the trade was the opportunity for Ertz to join a team where he would have a larger role in the offense. The Cardinals were in need of a tight end and were able to offer Ertz a new three-year contract, keeping him in Arizona. He has completed 56 of 81 passes for 574 yards and scored three touchdowns.

Furthermore, the trade also allowed the Eagles to add $5.5 million to their cap space which increased their total amount to $21 million. This added flexibility gave them more options to explore during the off season. All in all, the trade of Zach Ertz was a strategic move by the Eagles to address their salary cap concerns, while also providing Ertz with a new opportunity to excel on a different team.

What is Zach Ertz injury?

Zach Ertz Injury:
Description: Zach Ertz suffered a partial tear of his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)
Date of Injury: Unknown at this time
Rehab Process: He is currently in the process of rehabilitating from the injury and hoping to return for the 2023 regular-season opener.
Treatment Protocols Applied So Far: The difficulty came most in the first week, when he had to wait for surgery and then find out that his ACL was partially torn and wouldn’t hold up without a procedure.
Long Term Recovery Expectations : It is expected that with proper rehabilitation protocols applied over an extended period, he should be able to make a full recovery by 2023 season opening day.
Prognosis : With continued dedication towards physical therapy and medical care, it’s likely that Ertz will make a successful comeback.

How long will Zach Ertz be out?

Zach Ertz Injury: How Long Will He Be Out?

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz is set to be out for an extended period of time after suffering a rib and lacerated kidney injuries in Week 16. The exact amount of time he will miss has yet to be determined, but reports suggest it could be anywhere from two weeks up to the remainder of the season.

The concerns surrounding his injury are both significant and serious due to its location near vital organs. As such, doctors have recommended that Ertz take extra precaution when returning so as not to risk further damage or complications down the line.

This means that even if there was a chance at him playing through pain, it would likely come with more risks than benefits which explains why Philadelphia’s medical staff have been taking their time on making a decision about his availability for upcoming games.

What makes this situation especially difficult is thatErtz’s absence puts additional pressure on other players like Dallas Goedert who must now step into larger roles in order for Philly’s offense remain effective without one of its best targets available.

Ultimately though all parties involved hope the veteran can return soon and safely finish off what started as another promising year despite missing key pieces along the way including QB Carson Wentz earlier in 2020.

What is Zach Ertz trade value?

Zach Ertz Trade Value
The trade value of Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz is an intriguing topic. After signing a five-year, $42 million extension prior to the 2018 season and coming off back-to-back Pro Bowl seasons, it’s no surprise that he carries significant weight in any potential trade talks involving him.

Ertz has been one of Carson Wentz’s favorite targets over the past two years, catching at least 74 passes for 816 yards each year. He also recorded 11 touchdown receptions during those campaigns and played every game since being drafted by the Eagles in 2013. From a production standpoint alone, his stock as an asset should be high enough for teams interested in acquiring him to offer something substantial in return.

In addition to his on-field performance, Ertz’s leadership skills have earned plenty of praise from teammates and coaches alike throughout his career; this could make him even more attractive as part of a trade package due to not only what he can do with the ball but what he brings off it too.

His age (29) shouldn’t hurt either—he still has several prime playing years ahead if healthy—so all signs point toward a positive market when considering trading away such an integral piece like Zach Ertz would require.

Is Kupp out for the season?

Is Kupp out for the season? According to Coach Sean McVay, it looks that way. On Tuesday he made a statement indicating that wide receiver Cooper Kupp and quarterback Matthew Stafford would not be playing again until 2023.

This is unfortunate news for Rams fans who were hoping to see their favorite players back on the field this year. Kupp was injured in December 2020 with an ACL tear which caused him to miss most of last season’s games as well as playoffs.

Since then there has been speculation about his ability to recover from such a serious injury in time for this upcoming 2021-2022 season but now it appears those hopes have been dashed by McVay’s comments.

The veteran player had put together some impressive performances prior to his injury, averaging over 1,000 yards each of the previous two seasons and being selected as an All-Pro in 2019 so many expected him back strong next year when healthy enough return – unfortunately we will have wait another full season before seeing him play again at peak performance level once more.

This means other offensive weapons like Robert Woods, DeSean Jackson or Tutu Atwell must step up if LA want any chance at making playoff contention during what is already shaping up into one challenging NFL campaign due Covid19 restrictions causing havoc throughout all divisions across America

Is Kyle Pitts out for the season?

No, Kyle Pitts is not out for the season. On Wednesday he underwent surgery to repair his torn MCL which was suffered during Atlanta’s Week 11 win over Chicago.

After a successful operation, it looks like the tight end will be able to return in time for the Falcons’ next game against New Orleans on December 6th. With six weeks remaining until then and rehab expected to go smoothly, there should be no issues with him returning earlier than that if needed.

It may take some time before we see how well Pitts can play after such an injury but this news still comes as a relief given how important of a role he plays within their offense.

Why isn t Zach Ertz playing?

Zach Ertz, the Arizona Cardinals tight end, has been ruled out for the remainder of this season due to a knee injury he sustained against an opponent in Week 12.

This is a devastating blow for both Ertz and his team as they had hoped that he would be able to provide some much-needed leadership down the stretch. Unfortunately, it appears that he will not be able to do so after suffering ligament damage during play.

While no further details have been released about his specific injury or treatment plan at this time, we can only hope for a speedy recovery from one of the game’s best players. The Cardinals will now need other players on their roster to step up in order fill gaps left by Zach’s absence while also hoping that any additional injuries won’t derail their late-season push toward playoffs contention

Why is Zach Ertz out?

Zach Ertz is out of the season due to a serious knee injury. The Arizona Cardinals tight end recently revealed that he had tears in both his ACL and MCL, requiring surgery on each ligament.

These tears are what have kept him off the field since suffering the injury during Week 14. This makes it one of the most severe injuries an athlete can suffer as they require lengthy recoveries with intense physical therapy and rehabilitation afterwards.

Unfortunately for Ertz, these devastating injuries will likely keep him sidelined until next season at least when hopefully he’ll be able to make a full recovery and get back into action soon after that.

What is flex in fantasy football?

Flex in fantasy football is an extra player position that can be a running back, wide receiver or tight end. It’s an important factor for team managers to consider when constructing their lineups because the flex spot could mean the difference between winning and losing each week.

The ability to accurately fill this position requires knowledge of players’ skill sets as well as their matchups with opposing defenses. A good manager will use all available resources to identify potential flex candidates who have favorable matchups in order to maximize points earned from this particular roster slot every week.

Additionally, understanding how other teams are likely filling out their own lineup allows one to adjust strategies accordingly so they don’t miss out on any key opportunities presented by the opponent’s choices at the flex spot. Ultimately, having success with your fantasy football team comes down largely upon proper usage of the flexible position within your starting lineup each week

To Recap

Zach Ertz is a veteran tight end currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals. He was born in Orange, California and attended Monte Vista High School before going on to Stanford University, where he won an Ozzie Newsome Award and Unanimous All-American honors.

Drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, Ertz has been selected three times as a Pro Bowl player over his 8 year career so far. In 2018, he set an NFL record of 116 receptions by a tight end -an impressive feat. Now with the Cardinals since 2021 due to a trade deal between teams.

Zach looks forward to continuing his success at this new team while looking back fondly on all that he achieved during his time with Philadelphia Eagles.

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