Why Was Jake Elliott On Concussion?

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Jake Elliott is an American football kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). In 2017, he became the first Eagles player to be placed on the NFL’s concussion protocol.

This article will discuss why Jake Elliott was placed on the concussion protocol and the effects of suffering a concussion.

Why Was Jake Elliott on Concussion?
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Why Was Jake Elliott on Concussion?

Early Diagnosis:

Jake Elliott was diagnosed with a concussion in 2019 after experiencing symptoms during a game while playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Elliott was immediately evaluated by medical staff and placed in the NFL’s concussion protocol.

During the evaluation, it was determined that Elliott had sustained a mild concussion.


Elliott experienced a number of symptoms that are common with concussions, including dizziness, nausea, headaches, blurred vision, and difficulty concentrating. He also experienced memory problems, fatigue, and confusion, which can be further indicators of a concussion.


After being officially diagnosed with a concussion, Elliott was placed in the NFL’s five-step concussion protocol. This protocol requires players to pass a series of cognitive and physical tests before being cleared to return to play.

Elliott was able to complete the protocol and was cleared to return to practice a few days later.

Long-term Effects

Despite Elliott’s successful recovery, concussions can have long-term effects on an athlete’s health. Studies have shown that concussions can cause long-term cognitive issues, including memory problems, difficulty concentrating, and impaired judgment.

Additionally, those who suffer from multiple concussions are more likely to experience depression, mood swings, and other mental health issues.


Prevention is key when it comes to reducing the risk of concussions. The NFL is actively working to make the game safer by implementing new rules and regulations to reduce the risk of head injuries. Players are also encouraged to wear protective gear, such as helmets, mouth guards, and shoulder pads, to reduce the impact of hits to the head.

Additionally, athletes are taught proper tackling techniques to reduce the risk of head injuries.

By taking the necessary precautions and understanding the symptoms of a concussion, athletes can reduce their risk of suffering from a head injury. Jake Elliott’s story is a reminder of the importance of taking concussions seriously and seeking immediate medical attention if a concussion is suspected.

Who is the Eagles Field Goal Kicker?

The Eagles field goal kicker is Jake Elliott. He joined the team in 2017 and has been kicking ever since. In 2020, he had a difficult season, missing several kicks. Despite this, the Eagles stayed loyal to Elliott.

In 2021, he had the best season of his career. He made all but three of his kicks for the season. Elliott is an experienced kicker with a strong leg. He is accurate, often making long-range field goals with ease.

His consistency has been a great asset for the Eagles in recent years. Jake Elliott is the current Eagles field goal kicker and has been for four seasons.

Who Will Be the Eagles Kicker in 2022?

Jake Elliott is currently the Eagles kicker and will likely remain in that role in 2022. Elliott has been in the NFL since 2017 and has been a reliable asset for the Eagles. He was recently added to the 2022 Pro Bowl team, furthering his reputation as one of the best kickers in the league.

Elliott has made over 85% of his field goals and 94% of his extra points in his career. He is also a valuable asset on kickoffs, as his kicks often result in touchbacks. His accuracy and consistency makes him the ideal kicker for the Eagles in 2022 and beyond.

Elliott’s strong leg also allows him to make long-distance kicks, which can be the difference in a game. His recent selection to the Pro Bowl means that he has been acknowledged by coaches and players as one of the best kickers in the league.

Elliott will undoubtedly be a key part of the Eagles’ success in 2022 and beyond. With his skill and experience, Elliott is the ideal kicker for the Eagles in 2022 and beyond.

Is Jake Elliott Still With the Eagles?

Jake Elliott is an American football placekicker for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). On Wednesday, the Eagles announced that they had signed Elliott to a five-year extension through 2024.

This means that Elliott will remain with the Eagles for the foreseeable future.


Since joining the Eagles in 2017, Elliott has established himself as one of the best kickers in the NFL. He has made 90.3% of his field goals and 98.2% of his extra points. He has also set several franchise records, including the longest field goal in Eagles history (61 yards).

Contract Details

The details of Elliott’s contract have been reported to be a five-year, $21.8 million extension. This makes him one of the highest paid kickers in the league. He also reportedly received a $10 million signing bonus as part of the deal.

Impact on the Eagles

The signing of Elliott to a long-term deal is a big move for the Eagles. It helps ensure that they have a reliable kicker for years to come, which is an important part of any successful football team.

Elliott has been a part of some of the team’s biggest moments over the past few years, and his presence will be felt for years to come.

Jake Elliott is now officially an Eagle for the foreseeable future and is one of the highest paid kickers in the NFL. His signing to a long-term extension shows that the Eagles are committed to having a reliable kicking game for years to come.

This is good news for Eagles fans, as they can rest assured that their team has a reliable kicker in place for the next few years.

What is Jake Elliott’s Salary?

Jake Elliott is an American football player. He currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. Elliott signed a four-year contract extension with the Eagles in 2020. His base salary for the 2022 season is $1 million.

His cap hit for 2022 is $2.9 million, due to bonuses and a restructure. This is the highest cap hit of any Eagles kicker in the team’s history. The contract also includes a signing bonus of $400,000 and a total of $2.2 million in guaranteed money.

Elliott will also receive up to an additional $400,000 in incentives for his performance. The contract is set to expire after the 2025 season. Elliott has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Eagles and is one of the top kickers in the league.

How Long Was Elliott Injured for?

Injury Diagnosis

Harvey Elliott sustained an ankle injury in late August 2020 and was diagnosed with a ligament issue. The injury was serious enough that it kept him out of action for 147 days.


Elliott’s rehabilitation process was lengthy and involved a combination of rest, physical therapy, and strengthening exercises. These helped him to regain his strength and mobility so that he could return to full fitness.

Recovery Timeline

The recovery timeline for Elliott’s injury was estimated to be between two and three months. However, due to the complexity of the injury, it took him almost five months to regain full fitness and return to the Liverpool squad.

Impact of Injury

The injury had a big impact on Elliott’s career. It kept him out of action for over four months and meant he missed numerous games for Liverpool. This had an effect on his development as a player and the team’s chances of success.

Return to Action

After nearly five months out, Elliott finally returned to the Liverpool squad in late January 2021. He is now back to full fitness and will be looking to make an impact in the team’s remaining games this season.

He will be hoping to prove himself as a key member of the squad and help the team to achieve their goals.

What is the Longest Field Goal Kicked?

The longest field goal ever kicked in NFL history is 66 yards, by Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens. Tucker completed the historic kick on December 8th, 2013, as time expired to win the game against the Detroit Lions.

The previous record was held by Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos, who made a 64-yard field goal in 2013. Field goals that are longer than 50 yards are typically considered to be long-distance. The longest field goal ever kicked in college football occurred in 1976 by Russell Erxleben of the University of Texas, a 67-yarder.

The NFL record for longest field goal is considered a significant achievement, as the ball must be kicked with great accuracy and power. Field goal kickers, such as Tucker, are trained to kick from up to 65 yards away from the goal line.

The ball must also travel over the crossbar and between the uprights for the kick to be successful. Field goal kickers are usually among the most accurate players in a football team and usually play an important role in helping their team win games.

Justin Tucker’s 66-yard field goal kick made history as the longest in NFL history and was a crucial part in helping the Ravens win the game against the Lions.

To Recap

All in all, Jake Elliott’s placement on the NFL’s concussion protocol was a necessary precaution to ensure his health and safety. As a professional athlete, it is important to take the proper measures to prevent a potentially serious injury.

It is important to note that concussions can have long-lasting effects, and proper medical attention must be sought after suffering a concussion. With the right care and attention, Jake Elliott will be able to make a full recovery and continue to play the game he loves.

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