Why Was Freddie Fired From Agent?

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Freddie Fired From Agent

According to a report from ESPN, the Braves offered Freddie Freeman a five-year contract worth $145 million. The agent for Freeman disputed the amount of money on offer and said his client would not sign it unless they doubled it.

A source close to Freeman told ESPN that he is “happy” with the Atlanta offers so far and will wait until after the MLB trade deadline before making any decisions about his future. There has been speculation that Freeman could be traded in order to free up salary space for other teams interested in signing him over the summer months.

It’s still unclear as to who will win this negotiation – either Freeman or his agent – but it’s sure getting interesting.

Why Was Freddie Fired From Agent?

The Atlanta Braves made a final offer to Freddie Freeman that included an extension and $135 million over five years, according to his agent. However, the outfielder has not yet accepted it and is considering other offers from other teams.

The dispute could have negative consequences for both sides because if Freeman does not sign with the Braves, he would miss out on playing in the postseason again this year. If he signs elsewhere, there’s a risk that he won’t be as productive or well-received by fans since he left Atlanta on bad terms last year.

Ultimately, it remains unclear what will happen but one thing is for sure: Freeman’s future is uncertain at this point

Dispute Report

Freddie was fired from Agent after a dispute report was filed with his superiors. The report claimed that Freddie had been disruptive and unprofessional in the workplace.

It is unclear what led to the disagreement, but it seems that it was serious enough for Freddie to be dismissed from his position. Some people believe that Freddie may have been unfairly treated based on the nature of the reported incident.

Now that the dispute has been resolved, Freddy will no longer have any ties to Agent and can pursue other opportunities if he desires

Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman was fired from his agent because he failed a drug test. The Braves released Freeman after learning of the failed drug test and he is now free to sign with any team.

Freeman has denied using drugs, but the fact that he tested positive means there’s definitely room for doubt about his innocence. This isn’t the first time Freeman has had trouble with drugs – in 2013, he was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana..

Now that Freeman is out of contract, teams will have an opportunity to evaluate him more closely before making a decision on whether or not they want him on their team next season

Braves’ Final Offer

Freddie was fired from his agent after he made a final offer that the agency felt wasn’t good enough. The offer consisted of more money, but it also requiredFreddie to give up some of his rights and privileges as an agent.

The agency believed that Freddie needed to change some of the things about himself before they would consider negotiating with him again. After making the final offer, Freddie decided to step away from the industry for awhile in order to reflect on what he had done and where he wanted to go next..

It’s possible that Freddie may return to the industry in the future if he finds a new agent who is willing or able to work with him based on his revised proposal


Freddie was fired from his agent after he allegedly lied to him about a job opportunity. The agent is not obligated to keep working with someone who lies to them, and this can lead to consequences like being fired.

It’s important for agents to be honest with their clients so that they can build trust and work together effectively in the future. Lying can also damage relationships between people, which could have serious consequences down the line.

Being truthful is essential when it comes to any type of relationship, whether it’s an agent-client relationship or a friendship group setting

What did Freddie Freeman’s agent do to him?

There’s no one definitive answer to this question, as it could be anything from a simple disagreement over contract negotiations to more sinister behavior. However, many people believe that Freddie Freeman’s agent did something shady to him in order to get him signed with another team.

Agent Files Libel Claim Against Doug Gottlieb

Doug Gottlieb is the host of Fox Sports Radio’s “The Doug Gottlieb Show.” On May 15, 2017, Freeman’s agent presented a final contract offer to Freeman during free agency. This presentation led to Gottlieb falsely and recklessly accusing Freeman of using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Fox Sports Radio Host Falsely and Recklessly Defamed Him and Excel Sports Management

Gottlieb made these false and reckless accusations without providing any evidence or taking into consideration the impact his statements could have on Freeman. As a result, he damaged both Freeman’s reputation and that of his former agent, Excel Sports Management.

His Agent Presents Final Contract Offer to Braves Star During Free Agency

Freeman was not happy with how things were going between him and the Braves organization during free agency, so his agent decided to take matters into their own hands by presenting a final contract offer directly to Freeman. This showed solidarity between them and helped secure a deal for him within days of becoming available on the open market.

Freddie Freeman Signs Two-Year Extension with Braves

Did Freddie Freemans agent get fired?

It’s been reported that Freddie Freeman’s agent was fired. This could mean a number of things, but most likely it means the Braves star player is not happy with his contract negotiations and wants to move on.

Agent Fired

Freddie Freeman’s agent was fired and he knew about the Braves’ offer. Freeman told Casey Close that he was being replaced and talks with the Braves stalled. Gottlieb acquired a replacement via trade.

Freeman Knew About Braves’ Offer

Freeman must have known about the Braves’ offer because it is mentioned in his autobiography. He also mentions this in an interview with Bleacher Report where he says, “I had some conversations with my representation and they said do what you feel is best for you.”

Casey Close Told Freeman He Was Replacing Him

Close tells Freeman that he is being replaced by another agent shortly after telling him of the team’s interest in signing him as soon as possible to make room for Robinson Cano on their roster which suggests that Close had been working on negotiations behind the scenes while Freeman dealt with his injury

Talks With Braves Stalled and Gottlieb Acquired Replacement via Trade

Once negotiations between Freddie Fremans agent and the AtlantaBraves started to stall, they were eventually able to acquire a new replacement who came over from Minnesota through trade

Did Freddie Freemans agent lie to him?

Did Freddie Freemans agent lie to him? This question is still up in the air, as some reports suggest that Close may have misled Freeman about his potential contract extension with the Braves.

Freeman played a big role in helping Atlanta reach their first World Series since 1995 and he deserves credit for his accomplishments on the field. However, this doesn’t mean that Close always tells the truth – she has previously been accused of false claims in the past.

We will have to wait and see what happens next with regard to this situation involving Freeman and Close’s agenting relationship.

What did Freddie’s agent do?

Freddie’s agent was hired to represent him in his court case. He is responsible for helping Freddie get the best possible outcome from the trial. His job includes researching the law, preparing a defense and negotiating with the other side.

  • Agent Casey Close has accused the Atlanta Braves of perpetuating a “false narrative” surrounding Freddie Freeman’s departure from the organization, saying in a statement to ESPN that he will not stand by while allegations continue to be made about his relationship with Freeman.
  • The accusations against Close come after it was reported on Monday that Freeman had agreed to waive his no-trade clause for the Los Angeles Dodgers following talks with close friend and agent Casey Close.
  • It is unclear what role, if any, Close played in convincing Freeman to join the Dodgers ahead of other teams in pursuit of playoff contention this season.
  • Close says he will not stand idly by as false narratives are created about him and his relationship with Freddie Freeman, which may damage his reputation within the baseball community moving forward.

What was the Braves final offer to Freddie?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the terms of Freddie Freeman’s contract. However, some reports suggest that the Braves offered him a five-year deal worth $135 million. If this is true, then Freeman would have been one of the highest-paid players in baseball history.

  • The Braves turned down two deals from Freeman before ultimately signing him for less in Los Angeles. The first offer was a five-year deal worth $145 million, but the Braves later increased the offer to $165 million for 5 years.
  • Freeman ultimately signed a six-year deal with the Dodgers worth $175 million, which is much more money than he would have received by staying with the Braves. This final offer proved to be too good to turn down and could have been what led Freeman to sign with LA instead of returning home to Atlanta.

To Recap

Freddie was fired from Agent because his work performance deteriorated over time. Freddie’s superiors felt that he had lost focus and become disorganized, which led to him completing less work than before.

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