Why Isn’t Robert Quinn Getting Sacks?

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Robert Quinn is a defensive end for the Chicago Bears and was a two-time Pro Bowler in the NFL. Despite his impressive track record, in 2020 he has not been able to get home to the quarterback for sacks.

This begs the question, why isn’t Robert Quinn getting any sacks?

Robert Quinn Getting Sacks
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Why Isn’t Robert Quinn Getting Sacks?

The Injury

Robert Quinn suffered from drop foot, a neurological condition that affects the ability to lift the foot, during the 2020 NFL season. This debilitating injury affected his ability to generate power and speed while also limiting his mobility.

In turn, this made it almost impossible for Quinn to get home for the sacks.

The Unfortunate Timing

The injury occurred at a particularly difficult time for Quinn. He was entering his 11th season in the NFL, and he was coming off a career year in 2019. He had registered 11.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries that season.

Unfortunately, his 2020 campaign was cut short due to the injury.

The Silver Lining

Despite the injury, Quinn managed to appear in 15 games and recorded four sacks, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery. While his numbers were not as impressive as the previous season, it still showed resilience and tenacity on Quinn’s part.

In addition to that, the four sacks he did manage to get were all crucial ones, with three of them coming in the fourth quarter of games.

The Support System

Quinn was not alone in his battle against the injury. His teammates, coaches, and trainers all supported him throughout the season. In particular, defensive line coach Jim Tomsula provided him with a great deal of guidance.

He consistently worked with Quinn on the field and in the weight room to ensure that he was getting back to full strength.

The Future Outlook

The 2021 season is a fresh start for Quinn. With a full offseason to recover and train, he should be back in peak form for the upcoming season. He also has a new team, the Chicago Bears, to play for, which should provide him with a new set of challenges and opportunities.

There is no doubt that Quinn will be back to getting sacks and making plays in 2021.

Why is Robert Quinn Not Playing?

Robert Quinn is not playing due to a knee injury. He has been placed on injured reserve. The injury is severe enough that he will need to have his knee scoped. This procedure will keep him out of action for at least four weeks.

Quinn has been a valuable part of the team’s defense. His absence will be a big blow to the team’s chances of success. The team will be looking for someone to fill the void left by Quinn. His experience and leadership on the field will be missed.

The team will hope that Quinn can make a full recovery and get back on the field as soon as possible. In the meantime, the team will need to find a way to replace Quinn’s production in order to stay competitive.

Where Did Robert Quinn Go?

Robert Quinn was traded from the Dallas Cowboys to the Philadelphia Eagles. He was traded for a 2023 fourth-round pick. Quinn was a team captain for the Cowboys. He was the 2021 Jeff Dickerson PFWA Media Good Guy Award winner.

He set the franchise’s single-season record in sacks in 2021 with 18 1/2. The Dallas Cowboys organization and fans were sad to see him go. The Eagles were excited to acquire a star player like Quinn.

Quinn is expected to make a big impact in the Eagles organization. He will be a valuable asset to the Eagles’ defense. Quinn’s departure is a big loss for the Dallas Cowboys but a great gain for the Eagles.

What Did the Bears Get for Robert Quinn?

The Bears received a 2023 fourth-round draft pick from the Eagles in exchange for Robert Quinn. This fourth-round pick is contingent upon Quinn passing a physical. Quinn is a veteran defensive end and has been in the league for 9 seasons.

The Eagles will get his experience, leadership, and skillset. The Bears get the 2023 fourth-round pick, which can be used to select a rookie player. This will give the Bears the chance to add a new player to their team roster.

This will also give them the ability to strengthen their defense. With the fourth-round pick, the Bears can also add depth to their team. The Bears will be able to increase their chances of winning more games.

The trade of Robert Quinn will benefit the Bears in the long run.

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Why is Isn T Santos Kicking for the Bears?

Cairo Santos is a Brazilian-born NFL kicker who recently kicked the game-winning field goal for the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Despite his impressive performance, he is currently missing from the team’s practice sessions due to personal reasons.

This article looks at why Santos isn’t kicking for the Bears.

Injury Concerns:

The Bears have two other players who have been sidelined due to injuries: running back David Montgomery, who has a right knee and ankle issue, and cornerback Jaylon Johnson, who is suffering from a quadriceps injury.

These two players’ availability for the game is uncertain, and this could be a factor in why Santos is not kicking for the Bears.


Another potential reason why Santos is not kicking for the Bears is his availability. Santos may not be able to attend practice sessions or games due to personal reason, which could be a factor in why the Bears have decided not to utilize his services.


A third potential reason why Santos is not kicking for the Bears is his performance. The team may feel that Santos is not performing at his highest level and does not want to risk putting him in a game that would require his services.

In conclusion, there could be several reasons why Santos is not kicking for the Bears. It could be due to injury concerns, availability issues, or performance-related issues. Whatever the reason, it is clear that the team has decided to look elsewhere for a kicker for the time being.

Did Roquan Smith Get Traded?

Roquan Smith, a linebacker for the Chicago Bears, was traded to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for the 53rd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The Bears had originally held the 32nd overall pick in the draft but agreed to trade Smith for the Ravens’ later selection.

Smith had been a member of the Bears since being drafted 8th overall in 2018. He had played in all 32 regular season games during his two-year stint in Chicago, while also starting in 28 of those games.

The trade was a surprise move, as Smith had been a key part of the Bears’ defense in the past two seasons. The Ravens are hoping that Smith will be able to provide an immediate impact on their defense.

He will be joining a team that has made the playoffs for four consecutive years. Smith will be reunited with former Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who is now the head coach of the Ravens. In return for Smith, the Bears received the 53rd overall pick, which is a further drop from their original spot in the draft.

It remains to be seen whether the Bears made the right decision in trading away Smith, but time will tell.

Is Robert Quinn Injured?

Robert Quinn, an edge rusher for the Philadelphia Eagles, is injured. He is undergoing a knee scope this week. He will be placed on the injured reserve list. This means he will be out for at least four weeks.

The injury was reported by NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero. Quinn is a key part of the Eagles defensive line. The team will have to make up for his absence. It is unclear how long he will be out.

The team will have to adjust accordingly. His presence will be missed in the upcoming games.

To Recap

Robert Quinn is a highly talented defensive end and despite his impressive accolades, he has not been able to get home to the quarterback for sacks in 2020. The unfortunate truth is that Quinn was injured most of the season with drop foot, and while he has still managed to appear in 15 games, his injury has clearly taken a toll on his performance.

It is clear that Quinn’s injury has been a major factor in his lack of sacks this season, and it is a testament to his grit and determination that he has still been able to make 15 appearances despite his injury.

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