Why is Tylor Megill Called the Big Drip?

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Why is Tylor Megill Called the Big Drip

Nicknames are common in sports, often given to players as a way of highlighting their unique characteristics or abilities. One such player is Tylor Megill, a pitcher for the New York Mets who goes by the nickname “Big Drip.”

The origin of this nickname is a reflection of Megill’s impressive fashion sense and the confidence he exudes on and off the field. We will explore the origins and significance of Tylor Megill’s nickname and understand how it reflects his personality and style.

The Origin of the Nickname

Tylor Megill’s Fashion Sense

Tylor Megill has been known to be a sharp dresser since his college days at Loyola Marymount University.

He has an eye for fashion and is always well-dressed, whether he’s in casual wear or a suit. His stylish outfits caught the attention of his teammates and became a topic of discussion among the Mets players.

J.d. Davis’ Statement About Megill’s Nickname

In an interview with Inside the Mets last week, teammate J.D. Davis shed some light on the origin of Megill’s nickname.

Davis revealed that Megill’s fashion sense was the main reason behind the nickname “Big Drip.” According to Davis, Megill always has some nice stuff on and is walking around with confidence.

The Role of Carlos Carrasco in the Nickname

To further cement Megill’s fashion-forward persona, Carlos Carrasco, another Mets pitcher, got him a backpack. This backpack became a regular part of Megill’s attire, and his teammates began calling him “Big Drip” as a result.

The nickname became popular among the Mets players and is now used regularly when referring to Tylor Megill.

Understanding the Meaning of “Big Drip”

Slang Term Explanation

The term “drip” is a slang term used to describe someone’s style or fashion sense. It is often associated with hip hop culture and originated from the phrase “drip too hard,” which was popularized in a song by rappers Gunna and Lil Baby.

The phrase means that someone’s style is so impressive that it’s dripping off of them, hence the term “drip.”

The Correlation With Tylor Megill’s Style

Given Tylor Megill’s impressive fashion sense and his confidence when walking around in stylish clothing, the nickname “Big Drip” is an apt descriptor of his overall style.

He exudes a sense of confidence and pride in his appearance, which aligns with the meaning of the term “drip.”

The correlation between Megill’s fashion sense and the slang term “drip” makes the nickname a perfect fit for him.

The Significance of the Nickname

How the Nickname Reflects Tylor Megill’s Personality

The nickname “Big Drip” reflects Tylor Megill’s personality in many ways. He is confident, stylish, and carries himself with a sense of pride. The nickname showcases his passion for fashion and his overall personality, which is an important aspect of sports culture.

His teammates and fans appreciate his unique style and his confidence, which are both key to his success on and off the field.

The Impact of the Nickname on His Teammates and Fans

The nickname “Big Drip” has had a positive impact on both Tylor Megill’s teammates and fans. It has helped to showcase his unique personality and has made him more relatable to his fans.

His teammates appreciate his sense of style and confidence, and the nickname has become a way for them to bond over their appreciation for Megill’s fashion sense.

The Role of Confidence in Sports and the “Big Drip” Persona

Confidence is a critical aspect of sports, and Tylor Megill’s “Big Drip” persona reflects this. The nickname showcases his self-assurance and his willingness to be himself, both of which are important traits for success in sports.

Confidence can make a difference in a player’s performance, and Tylor Megill’s “Big Drip” persona is a reflection of this. By embodying this persona, Megill is able to bring a unique energy to the game, inspiring his teammates and fans alike.

Mets Players and their Fashion-Related Nicknames

Tylor MegillBig DripReflects his impressive fashion sense and overall confidence
Francisco LindorMr. SmileRefers to his infectious smile and charismatic personality
Taijuan WalkerSkyReflects his love for sneakers and stylish footwear
J.D. DavisJDReflects his laid-back, casual style and simple approach to fashion
Brandon NimmoSparkyRefers to his upbeat personality and energetic approach to the game
Pete AlonsoPolar BearRefers to his powerful physique and imposing presence on the field
Jeff McNeilFlying SquirrelReflects his agility and quickness on the field, as well as his small stature
Dominic SmithSmittyReflects his friendly and approachable personality
Michael ConfortoScooterReflects his speedy and agile play on the field

Note: These nicknames are not necessarily exclusive to their fashion sense, but are related to their overall personality and playing style.


How has Tylor Megill responded to his nickname “Big Drip”?

Tylor Megill has embraced his nickname “Big Drip” and has even incorporated it into his social media handles. He has expressed his appreciation for the nickname, stating that it reflects his love for fashion and sense of style.

Have any other Mets players been given nicknames based on their fashion sense?

Yes, several Mets players have been given nicknames based on their fashion sense. For example, Francisco Lindor has been called “Mr. Smile” due to his infectious smile, while Taijuan Walker has been referred to as “Sky” because of his love for sneakers.

How has Tylor Megill’s fashion sense influenced other players on the Mets team?

Tylor Megill’s fashion sense has influenced other players on the Mets team, particularly the younger players. His confident and stylish demeanor has inspired others to embrace their own sense of style and express themselves through fashion.

Does Tylor Megill have any fashion endorsements?

As of now, Tylor Megill does not have any fashion endorsements. However, his unique style has caught the attention of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike, and it’s possible that he could secure endorsement deals in the future.

How has Tylor Megill’s nickname “Big Drip” impacted his popularity among fans?

Tylor Megill’s nickname “Big Drip” has helped to increase his popularity among fans. It has made him more relatable and has given fans a unique aspect of his personality to appreciate. The nickname has become a part of his personal brand and has helped him stand out from other players on the team.


Tylor Megill’s nickname “Big Drip” is a reflection of his impressive fashion sense, confidence, and overall personality. The nickname has had a positive impact on his teammates and fans, allowing them to appreciate his unique style and personality.

It also highlights the importance of confidence in sports and the impact it can have on a player’s performance.

Ultimately, Tylor Megill’s “Big Drip” persona is a testament to his authenticity and willingness to be himself, both on and off the field.

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