Why Is Nakobe Dean Not A First Round Pick?

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Nakobe Dean was a highly-touted prospect coming out of college, but he ended up sliding down to the third round of the NFL draft. With an impressive collegiate career and All-American recognition, why did Dean fall so far? Concerns over his injury history and a pectoral issue were the primary reasons for his draft stock dip.

Why is Nakobe Dean Not a First Round Pick?
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Why is Nakobe Dean Not a First Round Pick?

Injury History

Nakobe Dean’s injury history is one of the main reasons why he was not a first round pick in the NFL draft. He had suffered a pectoral injury during his college career, and this was a major concern for NFL teams.

This concern was enough to cause him to slide all the way to the third round, despite his impressive college career.

Lack of Elite Athleticism

Another reason why Dean was not a first round pick is because he lacks elite athleticism. Although he is certainly a very talented player, NFL teams tend to prefer players who possess exceptional athleticism.

This was a major factor in why Dean was not selected in the first round.


Dean’s size is also a factor in why he was not a first round pick. He is listed at 6-foot-1, 201 pounds. While this is certainly not small, it is not ideal for a linebacker. Many NFL teams prefer linebackers who are bigger and more physical.

Limited Production

Dean also had a limited production in college. He had a good season in 2019, but he did not put up huge numbers. This is likely another factor in why he was not a first round pick.


Finally, Dean was likely overlooked due to his lack of national recognition. He was not a high-profile recruit coming out of high school, and many people simply did not know who he was until he had a good season in 2019.

This likely caused him to be overlooked in the draft.

Why Didn T the Giants Draft Nakobe Dean?

History of Pectoral Injury

Nakobe Dean had a history of a pectoral injury, which he declined to have surgery on prior to the draft. This injury could have been a major factor in why the Giants didn’t draft him, as it could have posed a significant risk to his health and ability to play.

Other Options

The Giants had other options in the draft, and they chose to go with those instead of taking the risk on Dean. The Giants selected Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis in the first round, so they clearly felt they had a better option in the draft.

Lack of Need

The Giants didn’t have a need at linebacker, so it’s possible they simply felt they didn’t need to draft Dean. With other needs to address and other options in the draft, it could have made sense for them to go a different direction.

Lack of Experience

Dean was a relatively inexperienced player, having just one season of collegiate experience under his belt. With the risk of his injury, it could have been too much of a gamble for the Giants to take a chance on him.

Other Factors

It’s also possible that there were other factors involved in why the Giants didn’t draft Dean. His skill set may not have been a good fit for their defense, or they may have simply felt he wasn’t worth the risk.

It’s impossible to know for sure what their reasons were, but it’s clear that they decided to go in a different direction.

Why is Nakobe Dean Falling Down Draft Boards?

Nakobe Dean is falling down draft boards due to a pectoral strain he suffered at his pro-day event. This injury has limited his ability to perform at his best during the event. As a result, scouts have been unable to accurately assess Dean’s talent level and potential.

This has caused Dean’s stock to drop significantly in the eyes of NFL teams. Without the chance to showcase his abilities, teams are left wondering what kind of player Dean can be. With more pro-day events cancelled due to the pandemic, his lack of opportunities to prove himself is a major factor in his decline in draft rankings.

Dean’s injury has also caused teams to question his ability to stay healthy throughout an NFL season. As teams are preparing to make major investments in first-round picks, Dean’s stock is dropping due to these concerns.

Despite his talent and upside, teams are now more hesitant to invest in a player with a history of injuries. Ultimately, Dean’s draft stock will depend on his ability to prove his health and durability when he does get the opportunity.

Why is Nakobi Dean Sliding?

Injury Concerns

Nakobi Dean’s slide during the second night of the NFL Draft was due to injury concerns. Dean had suffered a pectoral strain while training for the draft and chose not to have surgery. This decision drew concern from NFL clubs, as it raised questions about his ability to stay healthy at the professional level.

Lack of Production

Another factor that may have played a role in Dean’s slide was his lack of production in college. He only had two years of college football experience, as he had to sit out his first year due to transfer rules.

During his two years of play, he only had 56 tackles and one interception, which is below average for a defensive back.

Off-field Issues

The third factor that may have caused Dean to slide was off-field issues. In 2019, he was arrested for an altercation with a police officer and was suspended for the team’s bowl game. This raised questions about Dean’s character and maturity, and could have been a red flag for teams.


Dean also has an undersized frame for an NFL defensive back. He is listed at 5’11”, which is a few inches shorter than the typical size for an NFL defensive back. His lack of size could have limited his ability to compete against bigger receivers and tight ends in the NFL.

Limited Experience

The final factor that could have contributed to Dean’s slide is his limited experience. He only played two years of college football, which may not have been enough to show teams that he was NFL-ready.

His limited experience could have been a factor in teams passing on him in the draft.

What Type of Injury Does Nakobe Dean Have?

Nakobe Dean has a pectoral injury. This injury is caused by an acute tear in the muscles of the chest. It is typically caused by overstretching or excessive strain on the chest muscles. It can be especially common in athletes engaging in activities that require repetitive upper body movements.

Symptoms of a pectoral injury can include pain, swelling, and difficulty moving the affected arm. Diagnosis is usually done through physical examination and imaging tests such as an X-ray or MRI. Treatment typically includes rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

Surgery may be required in more severe cases to repair the muscle tear. Physical therapy is often used to help the patient regain strength and range of motion. Rehabilitation exercises must be done regularly to ensure full recovery.

What’s Happening With Nakobe Dean?

Nakobe Dean’s College Career

Nakobe Dean is a linebacker from Georgia Bulldogs who recently declared for the 2022 NFL Draft. During his college career, Dean proved to be one of the best defensive players in the SEC, leading the Bulldogs in tackles in both his Junior and Senior seasons.

He earned First-Team All-SEC honors in both of those years and was a three-time Academic All-SEC honoree, showing that he excelled both on and off the field. Dean recorded over 200 tackles and five sacks throughout his collegiate career and was a key leader of the Bulldogs defense.

Nfl Draft Prospect

Dean is looking to become a first round pick in the upcoming draft and is considered one of the top linebackers in the draft class. He has all the physical tools to be an effective player in the NFL, with great size and speed.

He is also noted for his football IQ and athleticism, which will help him to adjust to the pro game. Dean is a complete linebacker who can play in pass coverage and against the run, and his tackling ability is one of his biggest strengths.

Training for Nfl Draft

Dean is currently training for the NFL Draft and is expected to participate in all of the major events, including the NFL Scouting Combine and his Pro Day. He has been working on his strength, speed, and agility, as well as improving his technique.

He has also been studying the game and learning how to recognize different offensive schemes. This preparation will help Dean to make an impact at the next level.

Other Accomplishments

In addition to his success on the football field, Dean has also achieved much off of it. He was the recipient of the 2020 National Football Foundation National Scholar-Athlete Award and was also a finalist for the 2019 William V.

Campbell Trophy. Dean was also a two-time SEC Community Service Team member, showing that he is a leader both on and off the field.

Future Outlook

Dean is expected to be a high pick in the upcoming draft and could end up being a first round selection. He has all the physical tools to succeed in the NFL and has been preparing diligently for the draft.

If he can continue to improve his technique and football IQ, he will be an impact player at the next level. Dean has proven that he can be a leader both on and off the field, and his future looks very bright.

To Recap

The Philadelphia Eagles ultimately ended Dean’s slide at the 83rd pick, giving the linebacker a chance to be the new face of their corps. Although his injury history and pectoral issue had a significant impact on his draft stock, Dean is determined to prove the doubters wrong and make an impact in the NFL.

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