Why is Lamelo So Much Better Than Lonzo?

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LaMelo Ball and Lonzo Ball are two highly talented basketball players who have made their mark in the NBA. They are brothers and were both highly touted prospects coming out of high school, with LaMelo being the third overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft and Lonzo being the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

The comparison between the two players is important because it sheds light on the potential and growth of each player and highlights the differences in their playing styles and impact on the court.

The thesis of this blog is to explain why LaMelo Ball is currently much better than Lonzo Ball, both in terms of his statistics and impact on the game.

Why is Lamelo So Much Better Than Lonzo?

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Lamelo’s Skills and Qualities

LaMelo Ball is a highly talented basketball player, known for his exceptional playmaking abilities. He possesses a unique vision on the court, allowing him to make creative and impactful passes that lead to easy baskets for his teammates.

LaMelo’s playmaking skills make him a valuable asset to any team, as he consistently finds ways to generate offense and create opportunities for others. In addition to his playmaking, LaMelo is also a scoring threat, with the ability to put up points in a variety of ways.

He has a smooth shooting stroke, the ability to finish at the rim, and a knack for making tough shots. LaMelo’s offensive game is only continuing to improve, making him one of the most exciting young players in the league.

Basketball IQ is another key aspect of LaMelo’s game. He understands the game at a high level and has a keen sense of spatial awareness, allowing him to make smart decisions on both ends of the court.

Whether it’s anticipating a steal, or making a well-timed rotation, LaMelo’s basketball IQ sets him apart from many of his peers. Finally, LaMelo is known for his confidence and swagger on the court. He plays with a fearless attitude, never backing down from a challenge.

This confidence and competitive spirit allow him to play at a high level, even in high-pressure situations. All of these skills and qualities combine to make LaMelo one of the best young players in the league, and a player with a bright future ahead of him.

Lonzo’s Skills and Qualities

Lonzo Ball is a talented basketball player who has shown his playmaking abilities on the court. He is known for his excellent court vision and unselfish play, often making the right pass to set up his teammates for easy baskets.

However, Lonzo’s scoring potential has been somewhat limited, as he has struggled to consistently score the basketball. Despite this, he has shown flashes of brilliance, particularly from beyond the arc, where he has proven to be a reliable three-point shooter.

Lonzo’s basketball IQ is also notable, as he understands the game well and is able to make the right play at the right time. However, Lonzo has sometimes lacked confidence and swagger on the court, which has impacted his overall performance.

He has not always been assertive and has struggled to take over games when his team needs him to step up. This lack of confidence has also affected his scoring, as he has often hesitated to take shots when they are available to him.

Differences Between Lamelo and Lonzo

Shooting Abilities

LaMelo is known for his strong shooting skills, both from beyond the three-point line and in the mid-range. He has a smooth shot with a high release point, making it difficult for defenders to contest.

On the other hand, Lonzo has struggled with his shooting throughout his career, often being a liability on the offensive end. Despite showing flashes of improvement, Lonzo still lacks the consistent shooting ability that LaMelo possesses.

Ball-handling Skills

LaMelo is an excellent ball-handler, with the ability to navigate through traffic and create his own shot. He has quick feet and can change direction on a dime, making him a difficult player to guard.

On the other hand, Lonzo’s ball-handling skills are more limited, relying more on his size and passing ability to create opportunities.

Leadership Qualities

LaMelo is known for his confident demeanor and his ability to lead a team on the court. He is not afraid to take control of the game and make big plays when necessary.

On the other hand, Lonzo’s leadership qualities are less developed, with some questioning his ability to step up and lead a team in clutch situations.

Competitive Drive

LaMelo has a high level of competitiveness and a drive to win, which is evident in the way he approaches the game. He is not afraid to take big shots or make important plays, showing a fearlessness that sets him apart from other players.

In contrast, Lonzo has been criticized for a lack of competitiveness, with some feeling that he does not show the same level of fire and determination as his younger brother.

Overall, these differences in skills and qualities explain why LaMelo is considered to be a better player than Lonzo at this point in their careers. However, it is important to note that both players are still young and have the potential to continue improving in the future.

Lamelo’s Impact on the Charlotte Hornets

Improved Team Performance

LaMelo’s playmaking abilities have been a major factor in the improvement of the Charlotte Hornets’ performance. He has consistently been one of the top assist leaders among rookies and has shown the ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates.

This has not only elevated the play of those around him, but has also made the team a more dangerous and dynamic unit on the court.

Increased Fan Excitement

LaMelo’s style of play and confidence on the court has generated a lot of excitement among Hornets fans. He is known for his flashy passes and game-winning shots, and his ability to come up big in clutch moments has endeared him to the Charlotte faithful.

The energy and excitement he brings to the court has helped to create a more positive and dynamic atmosphere at games.

Importance of Having a Player With Lamelo’s Skillset

LaMelo’s unique combination of playmaking, scoring, and basketball IQ make him a valuable asset for the Hornets. In today’s NBA, it’s becoming increasingly important for teams to have players who can do multiple things well on the court.

LaMelo’s ability to initiate the offense, score from all three levels, and make smart decisions on the court make him a valuable asset for the Hornets and a key piece in their future success.

Comparison of Lamelo and Lonzo Ball’s Skills and Qualities

Playmaking abilitiesHighAbove average
Scoring potentialHighAverage
Basketball IQHighAbove average
Confidence and SwaggerHighLow
Shooting abilitiesAbove averageBelow average
Ball-handling skillsAbove averageAbove average
Leadership qualitiesAbove averageAbove average
Competitive driveHighAbove average

Note: This comparison is based on their current performance as professional basketball players and may change in the future as they continue to develop and grow their skills.

What Are Lamelo and Lonzo Ball’s Background?

LaMelo Ball is an American professional basketball player who was selected 3rd overall by the Charlotte Hornets in the 2020 NBA draft. He previously played for the Illawarra Hawks in the National Basketball League (NBL) in Australia. Lonzo Ball, on the other hand, was selected 2nd overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2017 NBA draft. He has played for the Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans, and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

How Has Lamelo’s Game Improved Since Joining the Nba?

Since joining the NBA, LaMelo has shown significant improvement in his scoring, playmaking, and ball-handling skills. He has also shown a great deal of confidence and swagger on the court, which has translated into improved performance and success for both himself and the Charlotte Hornets.

How Has Lonzo’s Career Progressed Since Being Drafted Into the Nba?

Lonzo has had a decent career since being drafted into the NBA, although he has struggled with confidence and consistency at times. He has shown good playmaking abilities and basketball IQ, but his scoring potential has not fully developed as expected. Nevertheless, he has been a solid contributor for the teams he has played for.

Is Lamelo a Better Fit for the Charlotte Hornets Compared to Lonzo?

This is subjective and depends on personal opinion. However, based on LaMelo’s skillset and impact on the team, it could be argued that he is a better fit for the Charlotte Hornets. He has brought a level of excitement and energy to the team that has translated into improved performance and success. On the other hand, Lonzo’s skillset and career trajectory may be a better fit for another team.

Editor’s Note

It appears that opinion is divided on this topic, as some believe that LaMelo is already better than Lonzo, while others argue that Lonzo still has the advantage. Some people are impressed by LaMelo’s confidence and ability to make high-risk, high-reward plays, while others value Lonzo’s solid all-around game and veteran presence. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference and what qualities each person values in a player.


The comparison between LaMelo Ball and his older brother Lonzo has been a topic of discussion among NBA fans and analysts for some time. LaMelo has quickly established himself as a dominant force in the league with his exceptional playmaking abilities, scoring potential, and high basketball IQ.

On the other hand, Lonzo, while still possessing strong playmaking abilities, has struggled with consistency in scoring and lacks the confidence and swagger that LaMelo displays on the court.

In terms of shooting abilities, ball-handling skills, and leadership qualities, LaMelo has demonstrated significant improvements over Lonzo, making him a valuable asset to the Charlotte Hornets.

LaMelo’s impact on the team has been palpable, leading to improved performance, increased excitement among fans, and the importance of having a player with his unique skillset on the roster.

As LaMelo continues to develop and refine his game, his future potential as a dominant player in the league is limitless.

The LaMelo vs. Lonzo comparison is likely to continue, but there is no denying that LaMelo has already made a significant impact on the league and is poised to become a household name in the world of basketball.

In closing, while both LaMelo and Lonzo are talented players in their own right, LaMelo’s skills and qualities have set him apart as a rising star in the NBA. The future is bright for this young player, and fans can expect to see more exciting things from him in the years to come.

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