Why Is Frankie Montas Not Playing?

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Frankie Montas, the talented right-handed pitcher who was acquired by the New York Yankees in a 2021 trade deadline deal with the Oakland Athletics, has yet to pitch in a regular season game for his new team in 2022.

Yankees fans have been left wondering why Montas, who had shown so much promise in his brief stint with the team last season, is not playing.

Shoulder Trouble and Surgery

Montas’ recent admission that he was not completely healthy when he joined the Yankees sheds light on the shoulder troubles that he has faced in recent years.

Montas suffered from shoulder discomfort during the 2020 season, which forced him to miss a few starts. Despite this setback, he pitched well in his one relief appearance in postseason play.

However, during the offseason that followed, Montas experienced further shoulder trouble, which eventually required surgery.

The details of his shoulder troubles are uncertain, but it is likely that Montas was dealing with some form of rotator cuff injury or labrum tear. These types of injuries can be caused by overuse or repetitive motion, which are common in pitchers.

The surgery that Montas underwent was likely aimed at repairing the damage to his shoulder and restoring his range of motion and strength. Depending on the extent of the injury and the type of surgery performed, recovery time for shoulder surgeries can vary widely.

In some cases, pitchers are able to return to the field in as little as six months, while in others the recovery process may take upwards of a year or more.

Given the nature of Montas’ injury and the expected recovery time, it is likely that he will miss most if not all of the 2023 season. This is a significant setback for both Montas and the Yankees, who were likely counting on him to be a key contributor to their pitching staff this coming season.

However, in the long run, it may be better for Montas to take the time he needs to fully recover and avoid any further damage to his shoulder.

Postseason Appearance

In the 2022 postseason, Frankie Montas made one relief appearance for the New York Yankees. It was a critical game for the team, as they were facing elimination from the playoffs.

Montas entered the game in the sixth inning and pitched two scoreless innings, allowing only one hit and striking out one batter. His performance was crucial in helping the team secure a victory and extend their postseason run.

However, Montas’ relief appearance had a significant impact on his already troubled shoulder. He had been experiencing discomfort in his shoulder leading up to the postseason, but he decided to play through the injury. The added stress of pitching in a high-stakes game further exacerbated his shoulder troubles.

After the offseason, Montas’ shoulder pain worsened, leading to surgery that would keep him out of most, if not all, of the 2023 season. It is apparent that Montas would have benefitted from taking time off to recover his shoulder before participating in the postseason.

By trying to play through the injury, he may have further damaged his shoulder, leading to a more significant and prolonged recovery.

Montas’ decision to play in the postseason despite his injuries raises questions about whether the team’s pressure to win contributed to his decision.

It is crucial that players prioritize their long-term health over short-term goals such as postseason success. Teams must prioritize the health and well-being of their players, even if it means sacrificing a few games to avoid potentially more significant injuries.

Montas’ postseason appearance had significant consequences for his shoulder health, leading to surgery and a potentially lengthy recovery process.

His decision to play through his injury illustrates the importance of prioritizing long-term health over short-term goals. Teams must prioritize player health and provide support and resources to players to ensure their well-being.

Admission of Health Issues

In a recent admission, Frankie Montas acknowledged that he was not 100 percent healthy when he joined the New York Yankees. This revelation has shed new light on Montas’ performance during the baseball season, which was underwhelming, to say the least.

The pitcher, who had previously gained recognition for his exceptional performance, was a mystery to his fans for the better part of the season. But now, with the revelation that he wasn’t healthy, we can better understand why his performance fell short.

Montas’ shoulder troubles have been ongoing. He underwent surgery in the offseason before the start of the 2023 season but seemed to have made a full recovery, as he rejoined the Yankees for the season opener.

However, it is now evident that Montas wasn’t fully fit when he rejoined the team, and his performance was affected as a result.

The fact that Montas admitted to not being 100 percent healthy when he rejoined the Yankees in 2023 is a concerning admission. It raises questions about the reliability of his medical evaluations and the effectiveness of the team’s medical staff.

It is possible that he may have been pushed to play even though he wasn’t fully recovered, which could have resulted in further injury and complications.

Furthermore, Montas’ admission raises questions about how he was performing during the season. Had he been healthy, would he have played better, and would the team have performed differently?

These are questions to which we may never get an answer. What we can say for sure is that Montas’ admission has given us new insight into why he wasn’t able to perform at his usual level.

Montas’ recent admission has shed new light on his performance during the 2023 season. His shoulder troubles have been ongoing, and his admission that he wasn’t 100 percent healthy when he rejoined the Yankees is a concerning revelation.

It raises questions about the reliability of his medical evaluations and the effectiveness of the team’s medical staff. It is now evident that his performance was affected by his health issues, which is a key factor to keep in mind while evaluating his performance during the 2023 baseball season.

Impact on the Yankees’ Future

Potential effects of Montas being out of play for most of the 2023 season

The absence of Frankie Montas due to his shoulder surgery will have a significant impact on the Yankees’ future. Montas joined the team in the middle of the 2022 season as a relief pitcher, and his presence was a valuable addition to the bullpen.

His performance was exceptional, allowing only two runs in 10.2 innings, and striking out 22 batters. Montas quickly proved himself as a reliable pitcher in pressure situations.

However, the Yankees must now move forward without Montas for most, if not all of the 2023 season. The team will need to find a replacement for Montas to fill the void in the bullpen.

This can be quite challenging since Montas racked up an impressive 22 strikeouts in just his 10.2 innings. This absence can severely affect the team’s bullpen, which will have to rely on other pitchers to pick up the slack.

Furthermore, Montas was expected to grow into a more significant role within the team. The loss of Montas means that the team would have to find and develop a replacement to take over from him in the foreseeable future.

Other players who could step up in his absence

Even though the loss of Montas is undoubtedly a blow to the Yankees, the team can rely on other players to step up in his absence. The team has several other talented bullpen pitchers who can take over for him.

The team’s current bullpen roster includes Aroldis Chapman, Chad Green, Jonathan Loaisiga, Zack Britton, and Luis Cessa. These pitchers have all displayed strong performances in the past, and they could all be called upon to step up in Montas’s absence.

Furthermore, the team can also look to the prospect list to find up-and-coming players who can fill Montas’s shoes. One name that stands out is Luis Medina, who is highly regarded within the organization.

Medina has shown exceptional potential during his time within the organization and could provide a bright future for the Yankees’ bullpen.

While the loss of Frankie Montas is a significant setback for the Yankees, the team has other players who can step up in his absence. The Yankees now need to rebuild their bullpen by relying on their current roster and prospects to ensure a bright future for the team.

How Long is Montas Out for?

Montas, a 29-year-old right-hander for the Oakland Athletics, underwent a procedure. The procedure was done by the head team physician of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Montas underwent a surgery because of a clean up of his labrum.

His rotator cuff, on the other hand, was not in critical condition. Aaron Boone, the Yankees manager, confirmed the news. Montas won’t be able to throw for 12 weeks. He will be starting his recovery process immediately.

The A’s had been dependant on Montas over the past few seasons. The surgery may be a setback for the athlete’s career. The A’s might struggle to fill a void during the course of his recovery.

How Long is Severino Out?

Severino to be Shut Down for 5-10 Days

Yankees’ pitching coach Matt Blake has confirmed that Severino will be on the sideline for at least five to ten days.

Troubling News for the Yankees

Severino’s latest setback is troubling news for the Yankees, who were hoping to have him back in their rotation soon.

Severino’s Injury History

Severino has been plagued with injuries in the past, which have limited his appearances for the team over the last few years.

Shoulder, Tommy John Surgery, and Groin Injuries

From 2019 to 2021, Severino has suffered from shoulder, Tommy John surgery, and groin injuries.

Uncertainty Surrounding Severino’s Return Date

It is uncertain when Severino will be able to return to the field. Yankees fans will have to wait and see how things play out for the pitcher.

How Long is Frankie Montas Contract?

Frankie Montas’s contract with the New York Yankees is for one year. The contract is worth $7,500,000. Montas is guaranteed to make this amount. His yearly salary will also be $7,500,000. The contract will expire at the end of the year.

Montas will earn a base salary of $7,500,000 in 2023. This will be his total salary for the year as well. The length of the contract can be considered short-term. Montas will need to renegotiate a new contract if he wishes to continue with the Yankees.

The terms of this contract will not extend beyond one year.

To Recap

Unfortunately, it appears that Montas is still dealing with shoulder problems that have been plaguing him for some time. Despite undergoing surgery to repair the injury, he is not yet ready to return to the mound.

While it is disappointing for both Montas and the Yankees, it is important that he takes the time he needs to fully recover and return to the game healthy and ready to compete once again.

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