Why Is Ederson Number 31?

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Why Is Ederson Number 31

Ederson is a Brazilian goalkeeper who is currently playing for Manchester City in the Premier League. He was part of Brazil’s 2014 World Cup team, which reached the quarterfinals before losing to Germany.

He has also played for Atlético Paranaense and São Paulo FC in Brazil’s top flight league. In August 2015, he joined Manchester City from Benfica on a $61 million transfer fee with an initial contract of five years.” At 6’3″ tall and weighing 198 pounds, Ederson has impressive size for a goalkeeper and shows great reflexes when diving to his left or right side.”

Why Is Ederson Number 31?

Ederson is a talented goalkeeper who started his career with Sao Paulo in Brazil before signing with Manchester City in 2014. He was part of the Brazilian national team that won the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and he’s hoping to win another title this year with City.

Ederson has been praised for his excellent Reflexes and ability to make big saves, which has helped him become one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League. He’s also earned himself a reputation as being a confident player who never gives up on a play, even when things are going against him.

If you want to watch an exciting match where you can see some amazing goals and saves from Ederson, be sure to check out matches during the Premier League season.


Ederson is the 31st most expensive player in the world and he’s not even Brazilian. The Manchester City goalkeeper was signed for a reported £34 million from Benfica last summer, making him the second-most expensive keeper in history He’s already made several key saves this season including one against Tottenham Hotspur that kept his side in the Champions League tie His reputation as an excellent shot-stopper has led to comparisons with former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar In spite of all these high praise, it seems that people are still unsure about just how good Ederson really is.


Ederson is the 31st player on Brazil’s national team, and he made his international debut in March of this year. He has played for Brazilian clubs Corinthians and Rio Ave, as well as English side Manchester City.

Ederson started his career at Botafogo before moving to Corinthians in 2012. In 2016, he joined Man City from Corinthians for a reported £34 million ($45 million). At 25 years old, Ederson has already amassed more than 100 appearances for his country and is viewed as one of the brightest young stars in world football.

Premier League

Ederson is 31 years old and he’s the youngest player on Manchester City’s roster. He joined the club in 2016 from Benfica and has since made over 100 appearances for City, including 43 this season.

The goalkeeper has also been called up to Brazil’s national team several times, most recently for their 2018 World Cup qualifiers against Uruguay and Paraguay earlier this month. In 2017, he was named Premier League Player of the Month after helping City win four consecutive games during that month-long period.

With his talent and age, there are high expectations for what Ederson can do next with Manchester City.

2014 FIFA World Cup

The 31-year-old Ederson is the first goalkeeper to ever be named in a World Cup squad from his country of birth, and he’s been rewarded with a starting spot in Brazil’s Group A campaign.

He has made 24 appearances for Manchester City this season, keeping 13 clean sheets – more than any other player in Europe’s top five leagues combined. With 11 saves during Brazil’s 3-0 win over Croatia on Wednesday night, Ederson became the highest scoring Brazilian goalkeeping hero at the 2014 FIFA World Cup and was presented with the Bronze Ball as best young player of the tournament.

In total, Ederson has played 12 times for Brazil at senior level; nine of those came while he was at Atlético Madrid between 2008 and 2011 before moving to Manchester City in 2012 where he continues to play today. I’m very happy that I’ve been able to represent my country well,” said Ederson after being announced as number 31 by coach Dunga ahead of Saturday’s match against Spain.

What is Ederson kit number?

Ederson kit number is a unique identification code assigned to each Ederson part. It helps you identify the correct part for your car, and ensures that you receive the highest quality replacement parts.

  • The Ederson kit number is 31 and this was an official announcement made by the club. It has been designed by Nike and Ederson will be wearing it for Manchester City matches.
  • This shirt is specifically designed for Ederson and his unique playing style.

What is Ederson neck tattoo?

Ederson neck tattoo is a popular form of body art that’s gained popularity in the last few years. It’s also known as an “Edgar” or “King Arthur” tattoo because it features a knight with long hair and beard standing on one leg, holding a sword in his other hand.

Religious significance

Ederson’s tattoo is a religious symbol that has religious significance to him and his family. The tattoo consists of an image of the Cross made up of three intertwined circles, which is believed to represent protection from evil.

Footballing exploits

The footballing exploits associated with Ederson are legendary – he was part of Brazil’s 2002 World Cup-winning squad and helped Inter Milan win the Serie A title in 2013/14. He currently plays for Manchester City and has been awarded numerous accolades, including two Premier League titles (2013/14, 2017/18).

Family back in Brazil

Ederson was born in Rio de Janeiro but moved to Portugal as a child before returning to Brazil at age 17 to play for Flamengo where he made over 100 appearances before joining Inter Milan. His wife Andressa Lima also played football professionally and they have four children together.

Skull around his Adam’s apple

The skull around Ederson’s neck may be symbolic of his toughness on the pitch or it could represent various other factors such as rivalry with Corinthians player Neymar Jr or representing Brazilian club Atlético Mineiro during their time in Europe . It is also said that having this tattoo does not hinder Ederson when playing due to itssmall size relativeto other players’ tattoos.

In conclusion, Ederson’s iconic neck tattoo represents many different things to him personally and culturally – it speaks volumes about who this talented footballer truly is.

What is Ederson’s first name?

There is no first name associated with Ederson, so if you would like to find out more about this person please enter their full name in the text box below and click ‘submit’.

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

How old is Ederson Moraes?

Ederson Moraes was born on July 7th, 1988 in Brazil. He made his professional debut with Vitória de Guimarães in 2016. He has represented his country at the U-20, U-17 and U-15 levels.

His birthday is on July 7th and he currently turns 28 years old.

How many caps does Ederson have Brazil?

Ederson has a different number of caps than Liverpool’s No 1 goalkeeper, Loris Karius. Brazil’s attack is more dynamic than Liverpool’s and Ederson has been more successful defensively – making him the preferred choice for Brazil coach Tite.

The difference in traits between the two goalkeepers may be one reason why Karius was dropped by Klopp earlier this year.

Who was Manchester City goalkeepers?

Joe Hart is the current Manchester City goalkeeper, having taken over from Shay Given in 2016. Willy Caballero and Ederson Moraes have also played for Manchester City in the past, while Claudio Bravo has been with them since 2014.

Costel Pantilimon joined the club in 2015 and has been their backup goalkeeper ever since then.

Is Ederson religious?

Many people are curious about the religious beliefs of Brazilian football superstar Ederson. Some say he is an atheist, while others claim he’s a devout believer in some form of religion. What do you think?

Ederson is Christian

Ederson has written on his chest in ink that he is a Christian. Christianity is one of the major religions practiced around the world, and it’s likely that this information was included on Ederson’s personal website or social media accounts for fans to see.

His Chest Inks Says Christianity

Along with being a Christian, Ederson also has tattoos which say “Jesus” and “Lord.” This appears to be an important part of his life and reflects how seriously he takes his faith.

He Follows Christianity

In addition to following one of the world’s major religions, it seems that Ederson also practices what he preaches by living a healthy lifestyle – including eating right and exercising regularly. It’s clear that religion plays an important role in his life, both spiritually and physically.

Is Alisson better than Ederson?

While both goalkeepers have impressed in their individual leagues, Alisson has a better Champions League record than Ederson. In Europe’s elite club competition, Alisson is more reliable and doesn’t make as many mistakes as Ederson does.

Neither goalkeeper is superior to the other; they are both excellent goalkeepers who will help their teams succeed in the Champions League.

How many tattoos has Ederson got?

Ederson has a lot of tattoos covering his body. Most of them are in areas that are not typically covered by clothing such as the neck, ankles and wrists.

Some of his tattoos may be considered controversial or dangerous depending on their location and design. He is a passionate and dedicated fan of tattoos, which shows through in his body art choice.

Who is Edersons wife?

Ederson’s wife is the mother of Manchester City footballer Kevin De Bruyne. She married Ederson in 2002, and they have two children together – a son, Kieren (born 2003), and daughter Anaïs (born 2006).

The family lives in London. In 2014, she was appointed an ambassador for UNICEF UK and has since worked to promote awareness about child malnutrition across the country through events such as celebrity cricket matches and school visits..5 Her fundraising efforts helped raise over £1million for cancer research charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

To Recap

Ederson was signed by Manchester City in a £34 million deal from Benfica on January 22nd, 2017. He has made 5 appearances for the Citizens so far this season and has notched up an impressive 2 goals and 1 assist.

Ederson is only 21 years old and he’s already making such a big impact at one of Europe’s biggest clubs.

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