Why Does Devonta Smith Wear an Arm Brace? Protection, Confidence and Adaptability

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Devonta Smith Wear an Arm Brace

Devonta Smith, the Philadelphia Eagles’ standout wide receiver, has captured the attention of fans and analysts not only for his remarkable on-field performances but also for a distinctive aspect of his attire – the arm brace he wears on his left arm.

While the exact motivations for donning this protective gear remain somewhat shrouded in mystery, several compelling reasons have emerged.

From injury history to preventive measures, medical advice, personal comfort, and the nuances of personal style, the use of an arm brace in professional football can be multifaceted.

This introduction sets the stage for a closer examination of why Devonta Smith chooses to wear an arm brace and the potential impact it has on his performance.

Why Does Devonta Smith Wear an Arm Brace?

Devonta Smith, the standout wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, has been observed wearing an arm brace on his left arm. The exact reasons for his choice to wear the brace might not have been extensively discussed in the public domain.

There are several potential explanations for this decision:

Injury History

One of the most common reasons for athletes to wear braces is a history of injuries in a particular area. Devonta Smith, during his collegiate football career at Alabama, sustained an elbow injury.

Although he may have downplayed the severity of the injury, it’s possible that he continues to wear the arm brace as a preventive measure to safeguard against potential reinjury. This is a common practice among athletes who want to protect a previously injured joint or limb.

Preventive Measure

Football is a physically demanding sport, and wide receivers like Smith rely heavily on their arms for catching passes and blocking opponents. An arm brace can serve as a preventive measure, offering added stability and protection to the joint.

By wearing the brace, Smith can reduce the risk of strains and injuries during gameplay, especially when making critical plays and tackles.

Medical Advice

Medical Advice

Professional sports teams have dedicated medical staff and trainers who provide recommendations to players regarding their health and safety. It’s possible that Smith’s decision to wear the arm brace is a result of guidance from the team’s medical professionals.

They may have suggested it as a means to ensure the safety of his arm and to prevent potential issues that could arise during the rigors of professional football.

Comfort and Confidence

Some athletes wear protective gear, such as braces, for the comfort and confidence they provide. The brace can offer a sense of security and peace of mind, which is crucial for athletes who need to focus on their performance without distractions or concerns about injuries.

By wearing the brace, Smith may feel more comfortable and confident on the field, allowing him to perform at his best.

Personal Style and Branding

Athletes often use their attire and accessories to establish their on-field identity and personal branding. Devonta Smith, like many others, may choose to wear the arm brace as part of his unique style and identity as a player. It can set him apart from his peers and become a recognizable part of his image as a professional athlete.

How Does Devonta Smith’s Arm Brace Impact His Performance on the Field?

Devonta Smith’s arm brace does not appear to have a significant negative impact on his performance on the football field. Despite wearing the brace, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and athleticism as a wide receiver.

Here’s how his arm brace affects his performance:

Protection and Stability

Protection and Stability

The primary purpose of the arm brace is to provide protection and stability to the injured or vulnerable area. In Smith’s case, he likely wears the brace on his left arm to prevent further injuries, especially since wide receivers rely heavily on their arms for catching passes and blocking.

The brace can reduce the risk of re-injury and provide stability during physical contact.


Knowing that his arm is supported by the brace may give Devonta Smith added confidence on the field. Confidence is a crucial factor for athletes, as it allows them to focus on their performance without worrying about potential injuries. This mental comfort can contribute positively to his overall performance.


Smith has had the brace for an extended period, including during his college career and into his professional career with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Over time, he likely adapted to playing with the brace, making it a natural part of his on-field experience. This adaptability minimizes the impact on his performance.

Skill Mastery

Devonta Smith has showcased remarkable skills as a wide receiver, including precise route-running, agility, and exceptional hands for catching passes.

These skills have not been hindered by the brace, as he continues to be one of the top rookie wide receivers in the NFL.

Which Arm Brace Does Devonta Smith Wear?

Devonta Smith wears a DonJoy elbow brace on his left arm. DonJoy is a well-respected brand known for its orthopedic and sports medicine products, including various types of braces.

While the specific model or version of the DonJoy brace remains undisclosed, its presence underscores the critical role of injury prevention and support for professional athletes.

The choice of DonJoy for his arm brace highlights Smith’s commitment to safeguarding his left arm, vital for a wide receiver like him. In a physically demanding sport like football, protective gear plays a pivotal role in enhancing a player’s safety and longevity in the game.

How Does Devonta Smith Adapt to Playing With an Arm Brace?

Arm Brace Does Devonta Smith Wear

Adapting to playing with an arm brace is a significant challenge for any athlete, but Devonta Smith, the Philadelphia Eagles’ star wide receiver, has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability in this regard.

Here’s a closer look at how Devonta Smith adapts to playing with an arm brace:

Gradual Transition

Adapting to an arm brace doesn’t happen overnight. Smith likely underwent a gradual transition when he first started wearing the brace. During this period, he would have focused on getting accustomed to the brace’s weight, size, and its impact on his arm’s range of motion.


The arm brace Smith wears is likely customized to fit his arm comfortably. Customization involves precise measurements and adjustments to ensure the brace doesn’t cause discomfort or hinder his performance. This attention to detail is crucial for adaptability.

Strength and Conditioning

Smith’s training regimen includes specific exercises to maintain strength and flexibility in the arm that’s protected by the brace. Strengthening the muscles and joints surrounding the braced area is essential for compensating for any limitations in the range of motion caused by the brace.

Technique Adjustments

Over time, Smith may have made adjustments to his playing technique to optimize his performance with the brace. Whether it’s catching passes, blocking, or running routes, these adjustments would help him make the most of the brace’s support while minimizing any constraints it may introduce.

Mental Preparation

Adaptation involves mental preparation on game days. Smith likely has developed pre-game routines that include visualization exercises, maintaining focus, and mentally factoring in the presence of the arm brace. This mental preparation helps him stay confident and perform at his best.

Regular Assessment

To ensure the arm brace remains effective and comfortable, Smith likely engages in ongoing assessments. Medical professionals and equipment specialists might be part of his team, making sure that the brace continues to provide the necessary protection without hindering his performance.

Positive Mindset and Resilience

A positive mindset and resilience are key components of Smith’s adaptation process. Accepting the presence of the brace and embracing it as part of his game-day attire requires a strong, determined mindset.

His ability to maintain a positive attitude and continue excelling is a testament to his character as an athlete.

How Big Are Devonta Smith’s Hands?

Devonta Smith, the Philadelphia Eagles’ star wide receiver, boasts hands that measure approximately 9 3/8 inches. In the NFL, hand size is a key factor, particularly for players in positions like wide receiver.

Smith’s hand measurements fall within the range considered ideal for his position, providing him with a valuable asset in securing passes. A receiver with larger hands has an advantage in catching and controlling the football.

Alongside his speed, agility, and precise route-running skills, Devonta Smith’s hands contribute significantly to his ability to make remarkable catches, enhancing his overall performance on the football field.


Which arm does Devonta Smith wear an arm brace on?

Devonta Smith wears an arm brace on his left arm.

Is Devonta Smith required to wear the arm brace by the team or league rules?

No, Devonta Smith is not required to wear an arm brace by the team or league rules; it’s a personal choice based on his needs and preferences.

How long will Devonta Smith wear the arm brace?

The duration of Devonta Smith wearing the arm brace is uncertain and depends on injury status, comfort, and professional guidance during his football career.

Does Devonta Smith’s arm brace impact his ability to catch passes?

No, Devonta Smith’s arm brace doesn’t significantly impact his ability to catch passes; he remains a proficient wide receiver in the NFL.

Does he wear a specific brand of arm brace?

Yes, Devonta Smith wears a DonJoy elbow brace on his left arm. DonJoy is a reputable brand known for producing orthopedic and sports medicine products.

To Recap

Devonta Smith’s decision to wear an arm brace reflects a combination of factors that are integral to his success as a professional football player.

Whether it’s mitigating the risks associated with previous injuries, following the advice of medical professionals, or simply finding comfort and confidence in his gear, the arm brace plays a crucial role in his performance.

Moreover, it contributes to his unique identity and personal branding as an athlete. Throughout his career, Smith has proven that the presence of an arm brace does not diminish his extraordinary skills or impact his ability to excel on the football field.

It stands as a symbol of his resilience and adaptability, underscoring his dedication to the game and his unwavering commitment to success.

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