Why Does Ben Simmons Have A Black Eye?

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Ben Simmons, an NBA All-Star player, recently made headlines after being spotted with a black eye. The cause of the injury has been a mystery, with speculation ranging from a bobcat scratch to a casino altercation.

Despite the various theories, the real story behind Ben’s black eye remains a mystery. In this article, we will explore the possible causes and discuss the implications of Ben’s injury.

Why Does Ben Simmons Have a Black Eye?
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Why Does Ben Simmons Have a Black Eye?

Fainting Incident:

Ben Simmons suffered a black eye after fainting at Los Angeles airport on Sunday. He was taken to the Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, California and received treatment for the injury. The cause of the faint is still unknown but has been speculated to be due to exhaustion or dehydration.

Racial Discrimination:

The incident occurred after Simmons and his group of friends visited a casino. Upon entering, Simmons said he and his black friends were asked for identification while his white friend was not. Video footage showed Simmons saying he was “tired of this racial discrimination” before storming out of the casino.


Once outside, the group encountered a man who began to harass them. Simmons and his friends got into a physical altercation with the man and his friends, leading to a brawl. The umpires who witnessed the fight ejected both Simmons and the other man.

Adam Sandler’s Joke:

Adam Sandler made light of the situation by joking that there was “nothing cool” about the story behind Simmons’ black eye. Sandler pointed out that the story could have been prevented if Simmons had simply stayed away from the casino.

Possible Suspensions:

The brawl has yet to be addressed by the league and the disciplinary action for Simmons and the other man involved has yet to be announced. However, several players could be facing suspensions depending on the league’s ruling on the fight.

To Recap

Ben Simmons’ black eye has sparked a range of theories and speculation. From a bobcat scratch to a casino altercation, the cause of the injury remains a mystery. However, what is certain is that Ben received the injury while at Los Angeles airport on Sunday.

While his story has been met with some humor, the incident has raised important questions about security and racial profiling. As we wait for more information to be revealed, it is important that we remain mindful of the issues at hand and continue to fight for justice and fairness.

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