What Size Bat Does Wander Franco Use? Impact of the Bat Size on Game

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Size Bat Does Wander Franco Use

Wander Franco, a rising star in Major League Baseball, has captured the hearts of fans with his exceptional talent and youthful exuberance. 

As he takes the baseball world by storm, fans and enthusiasts alike are curious about the equipment he uses, particularly his bat. 

The choice of bat size is a critical aspect of a player’s performance, influencing their swing and hitting power. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the intriguing question of what size bat Wander Franco uses. 

Understanding the specifications of his bat not only provides insight into his unique style but also sheds light on the factors that contribute to his success on the diamond.

What Size Bat Does Wander Franco Use?

Wander Franco uses a large medium-length barrel with a medium-length taper that transitions into a medium-thick handle. It swings best as -2 and is very balanced.

Franco’s bat is typically constructed with maple wood, known for its hardness and density. Maplewood bats are favored by many power hitters due to their ability to generate exceptional pop and durability. 

Although maple bats have a smaller sweet spot compared to ash bats, when hit solidly, they produce higher exit velocity, allowing Franco to drive the ball with authority.

This combination of features creates a well-balanced bat that enables Franco to maintain excellent control over his swings while delivering impressive power.

Impact of Wander Franco’s Bat Size on His Performance

Impact of Wander Franco’s Bat Size on His Performance

Wander Franco’s bat size plays a significant role in shaping his performance as a baseball player. 

The specific characteristics of his chosen bat, featuring a large medium-length barrel, medium-length taper, and medium-thick handle, have a profound impact on his ability to excel on the field.

Consistency and Control

The large medium-length barrel provides Franco with a wide hitting surface, enhancing his ability to make consistent contact with the baseball. 

This level of consistency is essential for a player’s success in generating hits and getting on base. Moreover, the medium-length taper and medium-thick handle give him a comfortable grip and control over his swings. 

This combination enables him to adjust his swing as needed and respond to different pitch types effectively.

Balanced Swing

The balanced nature of his bat, typically swinging at a -2 weight drop, allows Franco to maintain a controlled and well-balanced swing. 

A balanced bat enables him to adjust his timing and approach at the plate, adapting to various pitching styles and speeds. 

This adaptability is a crucial asset for a young player like Franco, as he faces diverse pitching strategies in Major League Baseball.

Maple Wood’s Power and Durability

Franco’s choice of maple wood for his bat enhances his hitting performance. Maple wood is renowned for its hardness and density, offering both pop and durability. 

The dense nature of maple wood results in a stiffer, more responsive bat, increasing the transfer of energy from bat to ball. 

As a power hitter, Franco benefits from the extra “pop” that maple wood provides, allowing him to drive the ball with authority.

Exit Velocity

The combination of a well-balanced bat and the advantages of maple wood contributes to higher exit velocities when Franco connects with the ball. 

This means that the ball leaves the bat at a higher speed, making it more challenging for fielders to react and increasing the likelihood of hits and extra-base hits. 

Franco’s bat size and choice of materials amplify his natural talent and make him a formidable offensive force on the baseball diamond.

How to Determine the Right Bat Size for Baseball?

How to Determine the Right Bat Size for Baseball?

Choosing the right bat size in baseball is crucial for a player’s success at the plate. The correct bat size enhances your swing, improves your hitting performance, and maximizes your potential.

Here’s how to determine the right bat size:

Player’s Age and League Regulations

Different age groups and baseball leagues may have specific rules regarding bat sizes and weight drops. Start by checking the regulations for your league to ensure your chosen bat complies with the rules.

Player’s Height and Weight

One of the most critical factors in selecting the right bat size is the player’s height and weight. Taller and heavier players typically need longer and heavier bats to generate power. 

Use size charts provided by bat manufacturers as a starting point, considering the player’s height and weight in relation to the recommended bat length and weight.

Bat Length

The right bat length is determined by the player’s height and personal preferences. Stand the bat next to you, and if the knob reaches your palm when your arm is extended, it’s likely an appropriate length. 

However, some players may prefer slightly longer or shorter bats based on their comfort and hitting style.

Weight Drop

The weight drop is the difference between the bat’s length and weight in ounces. For example, a -3 bat is 33 inches long and weighs 30 ounces. Choosing the right weight drop depends on your strength and swing speed. 

Players with more strength and faster swing speeds may prefer a lower weight drop for more power, while younger or less physically developed players might opt for a lighter bat with a higher weight drop for better control.

Trial and Error

It’s essential to try different bats to determine what feels most comfortable and suits your hitting style. 

Swing a variety of bats to gauge your swing speed, control, and power with each one. The right bat should feel balanced and allow you to control your swing effectively.

Consult Coaches and Experts

Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from experienced coaches or knowledgeable players who can offer valuable insights into bat selection. They can provide personalized advice based on your playing style and needs.

Consider Bat Material

The material of the bat can also impact performance. Wood bats offer a traditional feel but may require more skill and strength. 

Aluminum or composite bats tend to be more forgiving and can offer increased hitting distance.


Lastly, consider your budget when choosing a bat. High-quality bats can be an investment, so balance your budget with the features and materials that suit your needs.


What size bat did Barry Bonds use?

Barry Bonds used a 34-inch bat during his career in Major League Baseball.

What bat does Wander Franco use?

Wander Franco uses a maple wood bat with a large medium-length barrel, a medium-length taper, and a medium-thick handle. It typically swings best at -2 and is known for its balance and power.

Do any MLB players use a 32-inch bat?

Yes, some MLB players do use 32-inch bats, although it’s less common compared to longer bats. The choice of bat size varies among players based on their preferences and hitting style.

Did Barry Bonds use a 32-inch bat?

No, Barry Bonds did not use a 32-inch bat. He preferred a longer 34-inch bat during his illustrious career.

What MLB players use a 32-inch bat?

While 32-inch bats are not as common in MLB, some players with specific preferences or swing styles may choose this size. 

The usage of a 32-inch bat varies among individual players and may not be as prevalent as other lengths in the league.


Wander Franco’s choice of bat size is a critical element in his remarkable journey as a baseball sensation. 

His carefully selected bat, featuring a large medium-length barrel, medium-length taper, and medium-thick handle, offers him a unique balance of control and power at the plate. 

This selection, combined with the use of maple wood, known for its hardness and density, allows Franco to consistently connect with the baseball, unleashing impressive exit velocities and formidable hitting power. 

The right bat size empowers him to excel in a sport that demands precision and strength, propelling him to become one of baseball’s most promising stars, with a bright future ahead in the world of America’s pastime.

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