What Shoes Does Draymond Green Wear?

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Draymond Green is a well-known basketball player and a key member of the Golden State Warriors. As an accomplished athlete, Green has become recognized for not only his basketball skills but also his sense of style.

His footwear choices on and off the court have become a fascination for many fans. In this article, we will explore the types of shoes Draymond Green wears, including his favorite brands and signature shoe designs.

What Shoes Does Draymond Green Wear?
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Converse BB Shift

Converse is a leading name in the world of basketball sneakers, and the brand actively works to innovate and develop new products that can meet the needs of players of all levels.

One of the latest additions to the Converse basketball sneaker family is the BB Shift, a sneaker that stands out for its performance-boosting features and contemporary style.

In this article, we will discuss the Converse BB Shift and what makes it a popular choice among basketball players.

The Converse BB Shift is a top-of-the-line basketball sneaker that was developed with performance in mind. It is designed to suit the playing styles of quick and agile players who need to move fast across the court.

The sneaker features a lightweight and breathable upper that ensures optimal airflow and keeps the feet cool and dry during play.

Features of the shoe

One of the unique features of the Converse BB Shift is its React foam midsole, which provides a responsive and comfortable ride. The shoe’s outsole is made of Converse’s proprietary GRIPTONITE rubber, which offers maximum traction and grip on the court.

The sneaker also features a TPU midfoot shank that provides extra support and stability for the foot.

The Converse BB Shift has a low-cut design that allows for maximum mobility and flexibility. The shoe’s upper is made of a combination of performance textiles and synthetic leather, which provide support, durability, and breathability.

The sneaker is also equipped with a padded tongue and collar, which offer additional cushioning and protection to the foot during play.

Why it’s not considered a signature shoe

Although Draymond Green is the primary face for the Converse BB Shift, the sneaker is not considered a signature shoe. A signature shoe is a shoe that is designed specifically for a particular athlete, and it often features their name and signature branding.

In contrast, the Converse BB Shift is a basketball shoe that is designed to cater to the needs of athletes of all levels and is not tied to a specific player.

The Converse BB Shift is a high-performance basketball sneaker that is designed to provide players with the support, comfort, and responsiveness they need to excel on the court.

Although it’s not a signature shoe, it has gained popularity among basketball players due to its premium features and sleek design.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Converse BB Shift is a sneaker that can help you enhance your game and take it to the next level.

Draymond Green’s Contract with Converse

In 2020, Draymond Green signed a “multi-year footwear and apparel endorsement deal” with Converse, making him the primary face of Converse’s basketball division.

While the financial details of the contract have not been disclosed, it is said to be a lucrative deal for the Golden State Warriors power forward.

One of the standout elements of the contract is Green’s involvement in Converse’s product design process.

As a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, Green has expressed his excitement at being able to have a creative hand in the development of his own signature shoe with Converse. He has already worked on the design of the Chuck 70 Courtlandt, a hybrid basketball sneaker.

Importance of Green for the Converse brand

Green’s partnership with Converse carries significance for the brand’s basketball division. Beyond his role as a product designer, Green’s on-court talent and high-profile presence in the NBA bring a level of credibility to Converse’s basketball offerings.

The brand is using Green as an ambassador to showcase the performance and style of their basketball sneakers, particularly the BB Shift, which is not a signature shoe, but is promoted heavily by Green.

Additionally, Green’s outspokenness and activism off the court align with Converse’s brand values, particularly their focus on social issues and the importance of using their platform for positive change.

Green has been vocal about issues such as police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, which resonates with Converse’s efforts to promote social justice.

Impact of the contract on Green’s career

For Green, signing with Converse provides financial stability and an opportunity to expand his brand beyond basketball.

As a key figure in the Warriors’ recent championship runs and a multiple-time All-Star, Green is arguably one of the most recognizable players in the NBA. Partnering with a brand like Converse allows him to extend his reach to a wider audience.

Furthermore, Green’s involvement in the design process may open doors for him in the future. Many NBA players have gone on to establish their own sneaker lines after gaining experience in product design, and Green may follow in their footsteps.

Draymond Green’s partnership with Converse is significant for both parties, as it enables Converse to showcase their basketball sneakers through a high-profile athlete and allows Green to expand his reach beyond the NBA.

The contract sets the stage for potential signature shoe collaborations and opens up opportunities for Green to pursue a career outside of basketball in product design.

Green’s Shoe Preferences

Golden State Warriors’ forward Draymond Green is known for his defensive prowess and his versatile play style. But, he’s also gaining recognition for his shoe game, especially since he signed with Converse in 2020.

In this article, we delve into Green’s shoe preferences, how they impact his overall game, and his history with shoes.

Green’s History with Shoes

Green has always been particular about what he wears on his feet. During his college days at Michigan State, he famously wore Nike Hyperdunks in different colorways. Once he joined the NBA, he stuck with Nike for a while.

However, in 2016, he switched to Adidas, lured in by their Boost technology.

Green then signed with Converse in 2020 and has been wearing predominantly Chuck Taylors and the recently launched BB Shift. He wasn’t the first NBA player to wear Converse, but he’s one of the most high-profile athletes to do so in recent times.

Types of Shoes Green Prefers to Wear

Green’s history with shoes shows that he’s not loyal to one specific brand. He’s worn Nike Hyperdunks, Adidas Crazy Explosive, and now Converse Chuck Taylors and the BB Shifts.

But, when it comes to the type of shoes he prefers, it’s clear that he’s a fan of performance basketball sneakers.

Green always looks for shoes that can provide ankle support, cushioning, and traction. He’s known to wear high-top sneakers, including the Adidas Harden Vol. 1 and 2 and Nike LeBrons.

He’s also worn low-top sneakers like the Nike Kyrie 3 and 4. It’s safe to say that Green prioritizes functionality over aesthetics when it comes to his shoe choices.

How Green’s Shoe Preferences Impact His Game

Green’s shoe preferences certainly impact his game. He needs shoes that provide him with lateral support and stability as he moves laterally on defense.

Cushioning is crucial for his explosive movements on offense and defense. Traction can help him grip the floor and make quick cuts.

Green’s affinity for performance sneakers ensures that he’s comfortable and confident on the court. It’s not just about looking good, but also performing at his best. This is why he takes his shoe choices seriously.

Green’s history with shoes and his shoe preferences provide insight into his mindset as an athlete. He is meticulous about the equipment he uses on the court and knows that the right shoes can make all the difference in his performance.

His partnership with Converse shows that he’s not afraid to deviate from popular brands and value features over hype.

Other shoes Green wears

Draymond Green is a seasoned NBA player who has worn different types of shoes throughout his career. While he primarily represents Converse and the BB Shift, he has been spotted wearing shoes from other brands, including Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

This paper will provide an overview of the other shoe brands Green wears, the reasons behind his choices, and the impact of his alternative shoe choices on his performance on the court.

Green has been seen wearing Nike shoes, particularly the LeBron James series. He has also been spotted wearing different Adidas basketball shoes, such as the Harden Vol. 4 and the Crazy Explosive Primeknit.

Green has also been seen wearing Puma Clyde Hardwood shoes, the signature shoe for fellow NBA player, Clyde Frazier.

Reasons why Green wears other shoes

There are different reasons why Green wears shoes from other brands. One possible reason is that he may receive sponsorships from these brands, just like other NBA players.

This could be an additional source of income for him while allowing him to explore different shoe designs and features. Additionally, Green could be switching shoes based on the matchup, court conditions, or the overall feel of his shoes for the game.

How Green’s other shoe choices affect his performance

While Green is primarily a Converse athlete and represents their shoes in advertisements and games, wearing shoes from other brands could affect his performance on the court.

For one, it takes time to adjust to a new pair of shoes, particularly if they have a different fit, cushioning, or traction. This could impact his comfort and movements on the court, especially if he is not used to the shoes’ features.

However, it could also provide him with a new feel and perspective on basketball shoes, leading to better performance overall.

Draymond Green’s choice of shoes is not limited to Converse, although he is predominantly a brand athlete for them. Different factors, such as sponsorships, gameplay, and personal preferences, could influence his choice of shoes.

Wearing shoes from other brands could either positively or negatively affect his performance on the court, depending on different circumstances. It remains to be seen if he will continue exploring different shoe brands and designs or stick with his trusted BB Shifts.

What Kind of Basketball Shoes Does Draymond Green Wear?

Draymond Green is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. He is known for his versatile skills on the court and his fashion sense off the court.

Brand Preference

Draymond Green is a fan of the Converse brand and has been spotted wearing the Converse All Star BB Jet basketball shoes during games.

Design Features

The Converse All Star BB Jet basketball shoes have a modern, sleek design with a mesh upper for breathability and a responsive cushioning system for comfort and support. They also feature a rubber outsole for better traction on the court.


Draymond Green has customized his Converse All Star BB Jet basketball shoes with his own personal touches, including his signature “23” logo on the tongue and a green and gold color scheme that matches his team colors.


These basketball shoes are not just for playing on the court – they can also be worn as a fashionable statement piece off the court. Draymond Green has been seen sporting his customized Converse shoes with casual outfits, proving their versatility and style.

Is Draymond Green With Converse?

Draymond Green, a three-time NBA champion from the Golden State Warriors, is joining Converse. Nike, the parent company of Converse, made the announcement recently. Green is regarded as one of the best players in the NBA.

In 2017, he won the award for Best Defensive Player. Green previously endorsed Nike and wore their basketball shoes during games. Converse is known for its iconic Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. The move is seen as a boost for Converse’s basketball shoe sales.

Green will have his own line of Converse shoes. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Green said he is excited to join the Converse family and be a part of their legacy.

To Recap

Draymond Green is undoubtedly a trendsetter, and his footwear choices have not gone unnoticed.

As a prominent athlete in the sneaker market, he has access to a variety of shoes from various brands, and he is often seen wearing some of the most exclusive and sought-after sneakers in the market.

His signature shoe collaborations with brands like Converse and Puma have also been incredibly popular among fans.

Draymond Green’s shoe collection is an impressive assortment of fashionable and high-performance sneakers that only a passionate athlete like him deserves to have.

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