What Is The High Jump Record?

High Jump Record

Javier Sotomayor, a world-renowned high jumper and record holder, set the current men’s high jump record in 1993. His 8 ft 1⁄4 inch jump makes him the biggest ever to compete at this event.

This was an individual men’s competition; women have not yet broken his record. Breaking records is what Javier Sotomayor does best – he currently holds six global records in a variety of events.

What Is The High Jump Record?

Javier Sotomayor, the current record holder in men’s high jump, set the record back in 1993 with a jump of 8 ft 1⁄4 in. His impressive feat has made him a household name and an inspiration to many athletes across the globe.

This was a competition between male athletes only and makes for an interesting story on its own. As we all know, not everything is about setting records – sometimes it’s just about having fun. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be able to break his record yourself.

Javier Sotomayor is the Current Record Holder

Javier Sotomayor is the current record holder for the high jump. He cleared 2.30 meters in 2013 to break his own previous record and set a new world record that same year Born in Cuba, he defected to America when he was just 10 years old and now competes for New York’s Nike Team USA In 2016, at only 24 years of age, he competed in Rio de Janeiro as part of the United States Olympic team and became their flag bearer during the opening ceremony Look out for him on track this summer – Javier Sotomayor could be setting more records.

He Set The Record In 1993

The high jump record is one of the most challenging feats a person can accomplish. Michael Johnson set the world record in 1993 by jumping over two meters and twelve inches.

His feat was commemorated with an ESPN commercial that aired during the Olympics that year. There have been several other athletes who have broken Johnson’s record, but no one has ever jumped higher than he did.

Athletes are constantly striving to break new records, so stay tuned for future performances.

His Jump Is 8 ft 1⁄4 in

The high jump record is 8 ft 1⁄4 in, set by Sergey Bubka in 1997. This world-record holder has jumped over 7 ft 5 in and 4 ft 11 3⁄4 in, both indoors and outdoors. Good indoor or outdoor shoes will help you better in jumping any situations.

His Jump Is 8 ft 1⁄4 in

Only six athletes have ever broken the 8-foot barrier: Bubka, Cornelius Washington, Dwight Phillips Jr., Epke Zonderland, Jan Zelezny and Greg Louganis. All of these athletes were born between 1976–1980 which makes their performance even more impressive.

With so many records to his name, it’s no wonder that Sergey Bubka is a household name among track enthusiasts.

This Was A Men’s High Jump Competition

Men’s high jump competitions are a great way to see some incredible feats of jumping ability. The record for the highest men’s jump is currently held by Mutaz Essa Barshim, who jumped 1.93 meters in 2010.

Other athletes have recorded jumps as high as 2.31 meters, so there is plenty of room for competition and improvement in this sport. If you’re interested in watching a men’s high jump competition live, check out the Olympics or World Championships online.

HighJump TV will keep you up-to-date with all the latest events and results from around the world – perfect entertainment when trying to make sense of these amazing jumps.

To Recap

The current record for the high jump is 7 feet, 2 inches set by American Trey Dickerson in 2013.

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