What Is Pie In Basketball Stats?

In basketball, a pie is awarded to the player who scores the most points in a given period of time. This is also known as a “point-scoring pie.”

What Is Pie In Basketball Stats

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What Is Pie In Basketball Stats

In basketball, a “pie” is the sum of all points scored by each team. There are two types of pies – the regular pie and the double pie. In a regular pie, each player’s points are added together to get the total score.

In a double pie, the player with the most points at the end of the game receives two extra points for every point their opponents have scored.

A player’s stat line in basketball usually looks like this:

  1. FG – (made field goals + attempted field goals)
  2. FT – (free throws made + attempted free throws)
  3. REBounds – (rebounds + attempted rebounds)
  4. Assists – (assists + turnovers)
  5. Blocks – (blocks + goaltends)
  6. Steals – (steals + blocked shots)
  7. Points – (points + bonus points).

A “Pie” Is The Sum Of All Points Scored By Each Team

In basketball, a “pie” is the sum of all points scored by each team. The pie usually Starts with the home team getting the ball and trying to put it in the other team’s basket for as many points as possible.

Points can be earned in a variety of ways- from assists, rebounds, steals, or blocks. Different players score differently depending on their position on the court- some score more points than others from behind the arc.

A player’s statistics reflect how well they played that particular game- not necessarily how well they have played throughout their career. A player who scores a lot of points in one game may not be as important to his team as another player who contributes more consistently over an entire season or career.

In order to win, teams must have multiple players contribute offensively and defensively- even if one person doesn’t score a lot of points themselves. Although stats are important, it is also important to remember that basketball is a TEAM sport and everyone has a role to play no matter how big or small their contribution may seem on the scoreboard.

As long as players are working together towards a common goal- which is usually putting their opponent away – everything else will take care of itself.

There Are Two Types Of Pies

In basketball stats, the regular pie is when a player takes two shots and scores no points. The double pie is when a player takes two shots and both of them result in points.

A player can only score one point per regular pie and two points per double pie. The triple pie is when a player takes three shots and all three of them result in points. A player can only score one point per triple pie.

Pie stats are important because they can help teams determine who should play more minutes or have more opportunities during a game. Teams use statistics to figure out which players are having success or not- so they can give those players more playing time or opportunities during a game.

Stats also show how well individual players are performing compared to others on their team, as well as across the league as a whole. Pie stats are an important part of basketball, so make sure you understand what they mean and how to calculate them.

Regular, Double Pies

In a regular pie, each player’s points are added together to get the total score. In a double pie, the player with the most points at the end of the game receives two extra points for every point their opponents have scored.

When it comes to scoring in basketball, each player contributes points to the team total in a regular game. Double pie games offer an extra way to score by awarding two points for every point scored by the other team.

In a regular game, the players with the most points at the end of the contest receive those points and the game is over. In a double pie game, however, the player with the most points at the end of the game receives an extra two points for every point their opponents have scored.

This means that if your opponent scores ten points but you only have eight, you still win because you would have won by having more points than your opponent – twelve in total.

If both teams have eleven or more points after all of their players’ contributions are tallied, then there is no winner and that particular quarter or half is declared a tie (depending on how many periods there are in a double pie game).

There are several factors that can influence how often double pies occur in a given basketball match – from who is leading at halftime to who has been playing better overall throughout the course of play.

So whether you’re looking to increase your chances of winning or just want to see some crazy high scores during your next game of hoops, keep an eye out for double pies.

And as always, stay safe while playing ball – don’t try any fancy dunks or jump shots off of backboards without proper training! Enjoy your next basketball match – and maybe even witness one or two outrageous double pies along the way.

Pie Charts

-A Player’S Stat Line In Basketball Usually Looks Like This:

  • Fg – (Made Field Goals + Attempted Field Goals)
  • Ft – (Free Throws Made + Attempted Free Throws)
  • Rebounds – (Rebounds + Attempted Rebounds)
  • Assists – (Assists + Turnovers)
  • Blocks – (Blocks + Goaltends)
  • Steals – (Steals + Blocked Shots)
  • Points – (Points + Bonus Points).

Pie charts are a great way to see how different players perform in basketball stats. The stat line usually looks like this: FG – (made field goals + attempted field goals) FT – (free throws made + attempted free throws) REBounds – (rebounds + attempted rebounds) Assists – (assists + turnovers) Blocks – (blocks + goaltends) Steals – (steals + blocked shots) Points – (points + bonus points).

This type of chart can be helpful to see who is having a good game and who might need some help. It can also show which players are getting more opportunities and how they are using them. Pie charts are a great way to visualize statistics and understand what is happening on the court during a game.

How Do Pie In Basketball Stats Work

Pie in basketball stats works differently than in other sports. In the game of basketball, points are scored by making baskets. A player can score a point by shooting a basket, passing the ball to a teammate, or grabbing an offensive rebound.

In order to calculate how many points a player has scored, statisticians divide the number of baskets made by the number of minutes played.

This is called “points per minute” or “ppm.” For example, if a player scores five baskets in fifteen minutes of play, their ppm would be. Different players have different ppm because some players score more often than others from one possession to the next.

A player who shoots percent from the field and averages two rebounds per game would have a ppm of. On the other hand, Kobe Bryant averages points per game and makes almost half his shots from three-point range – so his ppm is higher than most players’.

What Does It Mean When A Player Gets “Pie”

Getting “pie” is a statistic in basketball that indicates a player has been fouled and thus given a free throw opportunity. Pie is important for several reasons, including giving the shooter a chance to make his shot from the charity stripe, as well as helping to maintain an even playing field.

There are different types of pies assigned to different players on the court, depending on their role and statistics. For example, a player who gets lots of rebounds or blocks might get a “crust” pie, while someone who scores frequently might get a “filling” pie.

The number of pies a player receives throughout the course of the game can also affect his ranking in terms of statistical categories.

Getting “pie” isn’t always easy – sometimes it’s the result of hard fouls committed by opposing players. But whether it’s good or bad, getting “pie” is one part of basketball that never goes out of style.


The pie in basketball stats refers to the importance of taking both offensive and defensive rebounds. Dimes, Pie stats, BA stats are some of the more important stats in basketball.

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