What Is Nolan Gorman Natural Position?

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What Is Nolan Gorman Natural Position

Baseball fans and analysts alike are always looking for the next great player to emerge onto the scene. One name that has been generating buzz lately is Nolan Gorman, a young infielder currently in the St. Louis Cardinals farm system.

As a first-round draft pick in 2018, Gorman has been on the radar of many MLB fans since he was first scouted in high school. However, as Gorman has progressed through the minor leagues, there has been some debate over what his natural position on the field is.

While he has played multiple infield positions, some scouts believe that Gorman’s true calling is at third base.

In this blog post, we will explore the question: what is Nolan Gorman’s natural position? By examining his career and the opinions of those in the baseball world, we can attempt to get a better sense of where Gorman might end up playing in the big leagues.

Background on Nolan Gorman

Nolan Gorman was born on May 10, 2000, in Phoenix, Arizona, and he attended Sandra Day O’Connor High School in Glendale, Arizona.

At a young age, Gorman showed tremendous promise as a baseball player, and he quickly gained attention from college recruiters and professional scouts.

During his high school career, Gorman was a standout player on both offense and defense. He was known for his power at the plate, as well as his versatility in the infield.

In his senior year, Gorman hit an impressive .421 with 10 home runs and 32 RBIs. He was also named the Arizona Gatorade Player of the Year.

Gorman’s outstanding performance in high school caught the attention of many MLB teams, and he was ultimately selected in the first round of the 2018 MLB Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals. He was the 19th overall pick and signed with the Cardinals for a reported $3.23 million signing bonus.

After signing with the Cardinals, Gorman began his professional career in the minor leagues. He quickly made a name for himself as a power hitter, and he was ranked as the Cardinals’ third-best prospect in 2021 by MLB.com.

As of 2023, Gorman is considered one of the top prospects in all of baseball and is expected to make his MLB debut in the near future.

Gorman’s Positional History

Since being drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2018, Nolan Gorman has played primarily as a third baseman in the minor leagues. However, he has also seen some time at other infield positions, including second base and shortstop.

During his first professional season in 2018, Gorman split time between Rookie ball and Class A. He played 32 games at third base and 17 games at shortstop, batting .350 with 11 home runs and 28 RBIs.

In 2019, Gorman spent the entire season with the Peoria Chiefs, the Cardinals’ Class A affiliate. He played 110 games at third base, batting .248 with 15 home runs and 53 RBIs. He also played three games at second base during the season.

In 2020, Gorman was not able to play a full season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he did participate in the Cardinals’ alternate training site, where he continued to work on his skills at third base.

In 2021, Gorman played for the Springfield Cardinals, the Cardinals’ Double-A affiliate. He played 60 games at third base and five games at second base, batting .255 with 13 home runs and 33 RBIs.

Throughout his professional career, Gorman has been praised for his defensive abilities at third base, where he has shown good range and a strong arm.

However, his athleticism and versatility also make him a candidate for other infield positions. While he has played some games at second base and shortstop, it seems that the Cardinals are primarily interested in developing Gorman as a third baseman.

Third Base as Gorman’s Natural Position

Many scouts and coaches believe that third base is Nolan Gorman’s natural position. There are several reasons for this assessment, including his success at the position in the minors and in college.

One of the main reasons why Gorman is considered a natural third-baseman is his defensive abilities. He has shown good range, quick reflexes, and a strong arm at the hot corner. His ability to make difficult plays and throw accurately to first base has impressed many scouts and coaches.

Gorman’s success at third base in the minors further supports the idea that it is his natural position. In 2019, he played 110 games at third base for the Peoria Chiefs and committed only 11 errors.

In 2021, he played 60 games at third base for the Springfield Cardinals and committed only six errors.

Gorman also played third base in college at the University of Arizona, where he was considered one of the top third basemen in the country. In his freshman season, he was named the Pac-12 Freshman of the Year and was a Freshman All-American.

He continued to excel at the position in his sophomore season before being drafted by the Cardinals.

Several scouts and coaches have also weighed in on Gorman’s natural position. In an interview with MLB.com, Cardinals assistant general manager Randy Flores said, “I think [third base] is where he’s most comfortable, where he’s played most of his innings, and where he’s probably the most natural fit.”

Similarly, Cardinals director of player development Gary LaRocque told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “I think he’s very good at third base. He’s got the ability to make a lot of plays, he’s got a good arm.”

Overall, while Gorman has shown some versatility in the infield, it seems that his strongest defensive position is at third base.

His success at the position in the minors and in college, combined with the opinions of scouts and coaches, suggests that he will likely continue to develop as a third baseman in the future.

Why Some Think Gorman Could Play Second Base

Although third base is generally considered Nolan Gorman’s natural position, there are some people who believe that he could be successful at second base as well. There are several reasons why this could be the case.

Firstly, Gorman is known for his athleticism and versatility. He has played at multiple infield positions throughout his career and has shown that he is capable of making the necessary adjustments to excel at each position.

This versatility could make him a good fit at second base, where quick reflexes and good footwork are important.

Additionally, Gorman has a strong arm, which could be an asset at second base. While second basemen are not typically known for their throwing abilities, having a strong arm can help a player turn double plays and make quick, accurate throws to first base.

Finally, Gorman has good speed and quickness, which could make him a good fit at second base. Second basemen often need to cover a lot of ground to make plays, and having quick reflexes and good footwork can be an advantage. Gorman’s athleticism and quickness could allow him to excel at this position.

While it seems that the Cardinals are primarily interested in developing Gorman as a third baseman, his versatility, and athleticism make it possible that he could play second base in the future.

Whether or not he ultimately ends up at second base will likely depend on a variety of factors, including the Cardinals’ needs at each position and Gorman’s own preferences and abilities.

Nolan Gorman’s positional history:

PositionLevelGames Played
3BHigh School3

This table shows the different positions that Nolan Gorman has played at various levels of his career, along with the number of games played at each position. It demonstrates that while he has played some games at second base, the vast majority of his professional experience has been at third base.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nolan Gorman’s offensive profile like?

Nolan Gorman is known for his power and ability to hit for extra bases. He has a career minor league slugging percentage of .497 and has hit 48 home runs in his minor league career as of 2021. However, he also strikes out at a relatively high rate, which is something he will need to work on as he develops as a player.

Has Nolan Gorman played any other positions besides third base and second base?

While third base and second base are the positions where Gorman has seen the most playing time, he has also played some games at first base and shortstop in the minors. However, it appears that the Cardinals are primarily interested in developing him as an infielder.

When is Nolan Gorman expected to make his major league debut?

It’s difficult to predict exactly when Nolan Gorman will make his major league debut, as it will depend on a variety of factors including his development as a player, the needs of the Cardinals, and the timing of any potential call-ups. However, he is considered one of the Cardinals’ top prospects and could potentially make his debut in the next year or two.

What are some areas where Nolan Gorman could still improve as a player?

While Nolan Gorman has shown a lot of promise as a young player, there are still some areas where he could improve. One of these is his strikeout rate, which was relatively high in the minors. Additionally, while he has shown good defensive abilities, he could still work on improving his footwork and range at third base. Finally, like any young player, he will need to continue to develop his overall approach and adapt to the challenges of playing at the major league level.

To Recap

While Nolan Gorman has shown versatility in playing multiple positions in the infield, it appears that his natural position is at third base.

Gorman’s success at the position in the minors and in college, as well as the opinions of scouts and coaches, suggest that he has the potential to develop into a standout third baseman.

However, his athleticism and versatility also make it possible that he could play second base in the future if needed. Ultimately, where he plays will depend on a variety of factors, including the needs of the St. Louis Cardinals and Gorman’s own abilities and preferences.

Regardless of where he plays, Gorman’s talent and potential make him a promising prospect for the Cardinals and an exciting player to watch for baseball fans.

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