What Is Kevin Durant Favorite Nfl Team?

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Kevin Durant Favorite Nfl Team

NBA Star D’Angelo Russell has taken notice of Rams rookie cornerback Decobie Durant and declared himself a fan now that he’s seen some of the young player’s highlights.

The Brooklyn Nets forward took to Instagram to share a clip in which Durant makes an impressive interception, calling him his cousin and thanking him for inspiring him on and off the field.

Durant is coming into his own this season after struggling with injuries in previous years, so it’s no wonder that Russell is impressed by what he’s seeing. This isn’t the first time that Russell has shown support for one of his cousins – earlier this year, he wore a “Cousin Drew” T-shirt during an game against the Golden State Warriors.

It will be interesting to see how things develop between these two players as they continue their rise up through the ranks of basketball

What Is Kevin Durant Favorite Nfl Team?

Brooklyn Nets forward Gerald Green has declared himself a Rams fan now that his cousin is on the team. NBA star D’Angelo Russell took notice of rookie cornerback Decobie Durant and tweeted about it.

Los Angeles Rams CB Trumaine Johnson declared himself a Brooklyn Net’s fan after watching them win last night against the Minnesota Vikings. The NFL season isn’t over yet, so keep your eyes peeled for more accolades from this rising football talent.

Who knows? Maybe one day he’ll make it to the pros like his cousin did…

Brooklyn Nets Forward Declares Himself A Rams Fan Now In Honor Of Cousin

Kevin Durant, a Brooklyn Nets forward, has declared himself a fan of the Rams now that his cousin is on the team. The move comes in honor of KD’s cousin, who plays for the Rams.

Durant also follows other teams in the NFL, but he says he feels more connected to the Rams because they are from his hometown of St Louis. He hopes to see them play in next year’s Super Bowl and win it all.

As far as favorite NBA teams go, KD lists Golden State as first followed by Oklahoma City and then Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Star Takes Notice Of Rookie CB Decobie Durant

Kevin Durant, an NBA superstar, took notice of rookie cornerback Decobie Durant and praised him on social media recently. The two players share similar backgrounds and have a lot in common, which makes their connection even more special.

It’s clear that Durant is impressed by what he sees in the young player, and fans are excited to see how he progresses over time. If you’re a fan of either team, be sure to follow their progress closely as they head into the playoffs this year.

avid sports followers will want to keep an eye out for any highlights or newsworthy moments involving these stars in the near future.

Los Angeles Rams CB Declares Himself A Brooklyn Net’s fan

Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors’ superstar forward, has been vocal about his dislike for the Los Angeles Rams in recent months. However, one Rams player is not backing down and declared himself a Brooklyn Net’s fan after their victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night.

While other players try to stay away from politics, this particular NFL player isn’t afraid to speak his mind – even if it means offending some of his fellow players. The cornerback didn’t stop there though as he took another jab at KD by calling him a “fake” MVP candidate who doesn’t “give back.” It seems like these two superstars are destined to have another heated rivalry when they face off next season – something that fans will love to watch.

What is Kevin Durant’s personality?

One of the most popular and well-known athletes in the world is Kevin Durant. He is a basketball player who has won multiple championships and accolades during his career. However, what does he like to do outside of playing sports? Here’s a look at some of his personality traits:

-He is competitive and loves to win, no matter what the competition may be.
-He is selfless and often gives up personal glory for team success.
-He enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially when they’re doing things together that are fun or interesting.

Desire To Have Conversations

Kevin Durant is a very communicative person. He loves to have conversations with people, which makes him a great leader and teammate. He also has a lot of curiosity, which helps him stay up-to-date on new trends and technologies.


One of the things that make Kevin Durant such an amazing player is his immense curiosity about the game of basketball and everything else around it. This trait has helped him become one of the best players in the world at his craft.

What is special about Kevin Durant?

There are many things that make Kevin Durant a special player, but here are just five of the most notable:

  • He is one of the best shooters in NBA history, averaging over 25 points per game for his career.
  • His ability to score and create shots from anywhere on the court makes him incredibly tough to defend.
  • He has an uncanny knack for scoring in critical moments, which has helped him win several championships and MVP Awards throughout his career.
  • His work ethic is unmatched; he regularly spends hours after practice working on his own shot or improving his ball-handling skills.
  • He is known as one of the most charitable players in NBA history, donating millions of dollars to charity throughout his career.
  • Kevin Durant is one of the most impressive young players in the NBA. He was a high school basketball phenom and his skills have caught the attention of many professional teams. His play has drawn comparisons to other NBA stars, including LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.
  • Durant was born in Seattle, Washington on December 29th 1988 which makes him just 24 years old at the time of this writing (2018). This makes him one of the youngest players ever to enter into an NBA contract.
  • Durant’s career scoring record currently stands at 31,387 points which is remarkable considering he has only played for 6 seasons so far (2008-present). He also holds records for both rebounds and assists in a single season – averaging 27 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists during 2017/2018 season alone.
  • One reason why people are often comparing Durant’s playing style to that of LeBron James or Kobe Bryant is because they share some similar traits – such as their ability to score efficiently from all over the court with their jump shot being especially dominant .
  • Lastly, it should be noted that Kevin Durrant will likely continue dominating throughout his career due to his exceptional athleticism combined with superior skill set.

Is KD related to Cobie Durant?

There is no clear answer as to whether or not KD is related to Cobie Durant, but many basketball fans are convinced that there is a connection. Both players have had problems with their agents in the past and have been accused of financial mismanagement.

  • Kevin Durant and Cobie Durant have a lot in common, including their relationship to basketball player and actor Cobie Smulders. KD responded to an earlier tweet from Smulders which read “Cobie who?” This prompted KD to post the following image with the caption “I’m that dude.”
  • While it’s still unclear what exactly caused the split between Durant and Smulders, it is likely related to KD’s recent move to Los Angeles Rams team. In a recent interview with The Athletic, Durant explained his decision by saying “The Lakers wasn’t my first choice but once I got there … Once I was entrenched there for three years [and] we couldn’t get past second round of playoffs… It just didn’t feel right .”
  • As for Cobie herself? She currently stars as Robin on ABC sitcom How To Get Away With Murder .
  • Despite their breakup, both parties seem to remain friendly – at least publicly anyway. In addition, according to reports , they recently attended a game together in Sacramento where the Warriors were playing against the Kings.

Does Kevin Durant play football?

Kevin Durant played football on one team for several years, but he is most famous for his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder. In terms of career stats, KD has averaged 27 points and 7 rebounds per game over his career.

He was drafted second overall by the Seattle SuperSonics in 2007 and then traded to OKC a year later. Durant announced his retirement from professional basketball last season after winning two more championships with the Golden State Warriors.

Now 33-years old, it’s unclear if KD will ever return to playing football professionally again

What is Kevin Durant’s favorite food?

Some of Kevin Durant’s favorite foods include crab legs, Michael Beasley and the FIBA World Championship Team. He was named MVP of the tournament and is considered one of the best players in the world.

What does KD love most? Crab legs.

Is KD top 5 all time?

KD is definitely one of the best players in NBA history, and he’s only getting better. He was a two-time champion and MVP, as well as Rookie of the Year (2008).

He also has four scoring titles to his name and two Finals MVP awards. Simply put, Kevin Durant is one of the all-time greats. Keep an eye on him – he may just become the next legendary player in NBA history.

To Recap

Kevin Durant has expressed his love for the Golden State Warriors, but he also has a longstanding relationship with the Oklahoma City Thunder. It is unclear which NBA team Durant supports more, but it’s clear that he cares deeply about both teams and their players.

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