What is a triple-double?

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Baseball is like a huge ocean if you are thinking about the rules and terms. There are so many terms and rules, both official and unofficial that most baseball fans are not aware of.

The triple-double fact is one of them. That’s why when someone hears about the fact for the first time, they simply ask, what is a triple-double?

Generally, a triple-double is an unofficial baseball term that refers to different situations in a match. Here, all the facts are somehow related to the achievement of a player. 

The term triple-double is used not only in Baseball but also in other games and sports. It is even more commonly used in Basketball and in gymnastics.

However, understanding the term in the field of baseball will give you extra support where most people around you may not be aware of it.

So, if you wish to learn about this fact, just check this article till the end. It will dismiss all your confusion about it. Let’s first learn about what is triple, as it is related to the fact. After that, I’ll explain the triple-double.

What is a Triple in Baseball?

What is a Triple in Baseball

A triple in baseball refers to a specific type of hit that happens when the batter successfully hits the ball and reaches third base safely, just in one continuous play. It is a very rare statistical measure used to evaluate a player’s performance and it is recorded accordingly in the official game records.

When the hitter simply hits a ball and manages to advance to third base without being put out, he will successfully execute a triple. This accomplishment is definitely very significant. It lets the hitter safely reach third base while the opposing team retrieves the ball. 

To ensure a triple successfully, the hitter requires a combination of excellent hitting skills, timing, and effective base running.

Triples are often used as a statistical metric to assess a batter’s speed, power, and base running skills. It can help players improve their ability to generate solid contact with the ball, hit it into the gaps or down the lines, and swiftly navigate the basepaths.

What is a Triple-double in Baseball?

What is a Triple-double in Baseball

As you see, the term, triple in baseball holds significance and it’s all about the player’s hitting success. And a triple-double happens when players do something greater than that.

In this case, there are no hard and fast rules on exactly what type of great hit he should make or how great his achievement should be. 

But his performance should be good enough to make it recognized and counted as something to be recorded. To make a triple-double, an astonishing performance is all a player needs. Nothing more. And the officials or the umpire can call it a triple-double for the match.

However, this is not what a baseball triple-double means in all. It is actually, not a given official MLB rule. Indeed, fans and players created this term and it is used in different ways. The above explanation is the most used form of the triple-double in Baseball.

Sometimes, hitters make three doubles in one match and that is also called a triple-double in baseball. Also, if the players manage to score a minimum of eight total bases in one game, it is considered a triple-double.

Additionally, spectators consider it a triple-double when the player manages to hit for the cycle and it works. It means the player will hit a single, double, triple, and finally, a home run in a single match, and his achievements will be on a cycle.

How to Measure a Triple-double in Baseball?

How to Measure a Triple-double in BaseballWhat is a triple-double

The definition of the triple-double may not be enough for you to measure this on the ground. Well, there are a few simple strategies that you can follow to measure triple-double instantly.

1. Earning 8 TB in one match

If a single player manages to earn 8 bases in total in one match, he will be a triple-double winner. Chris Richards also stated that earning 8 TB is a good sample of a triple-double in baseball.

2. Hitting for the Cycle

Generally, heating for the cycle stands for earning a single, double, triple, and finally a home run in a single match. It has to be in a cycle and a single player should have made this. It’s definitely a miraculous achievement in the history of baseball.

3. Hitting three doubles

Another condition of a player’s achievement is also considered a triple-double when a single player achieves 3 doubles in a single match. 

4. Acquiring Baseball Stats That Is Similar to the Basketball 

Finally, it is another situation where a baseball player got an achievement that is similar to the popular term in Basketball, Triple-double. As we know, this term is even more significant in basketball, the fans simply compare the achievement in both games in a similar way to measure the achievement.

Is the Triple and the Double Play the Same Things in Baseball?

Generally, a “double play” is a defensive maneuver executed by the fielding team that records two outs on a single play. It is one of the most pivotal and effective defensive actions in a baseball match.

Usually, a double play involves two separate outs being recorded in quick succession. There are a few types of double play in baseball but the most common type of double play is known as a ground ball double play. 

This type of double play happens when a base runner is on first base, and the batter hits a ground ball to an infielder. It can also happen when the shortstop or second baseman fields the ball and instantly steps on second base by forcing the runner. 

So, a double-play is not associated with the Triple or the Triple-double in any way. These three are completely different terms used in different situations in a baseball match.


Q: Are there any statistical milestones similar to a triple-double in baseball?

A: There are several statistical milestones in baseball like the triple-double that players can achieve. A cycle is one of them and it occurs when a batter hits a single, double, triple, and home run in the same game.

Q: Did any player achieve a triple-double in baseball?

A: Yes, unofficially, many players got the recognition of achieving a triple-double in Baseball. Fernando Tatis got eight bases in one match in 1999. So, he is considered a triple-double winner.

As we know, Baseball statistics typically do not lend themselves to triple-double achievements due to the nature of the game and statistical categories. Indeed, players have had exceptional performances with high numbers in multiple categories during a single game.

Q: In which games is a triple-double used, except for Baseball?

A: Generally, a triple-double is used mostly in basketball. In baseball, it is not an official term and people use it just to recognize a big achievement for the player. However, this term is also used in different sections of gymnastics.

Q: What is a triple-double in Basketball?

A triple-double in Basketball usually indicates the statistical achievement in which a player records double-digit numbers in three categories during a single game: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. The term is derived from the player reaching double digits in three different statistical categories.

Q: What is a triple-double in gymnastics?

In gymnastics, a triple-double refers to a kind of tumbling skill that is usually performed on the floor exercise and sometimes on other apparatus like the vault.

Wrapping Up

As we see, the term, triple-double may not carry a big significance in the arena of baseball, but it has essential recognition in other sports in Basketball and Gymnastics. Still, in baseball, it carries a huge meaning though it is unofficial.

If a player manages to get a tag for achieving a triple-double, he will definitely become famous overnight. Also, it will bring up his demand in the league.

However, after this short discussion, I can anticipate that you have understood the fact well. Still, if anything about this fact bothers you, please let me know. I will definitely help you understand the facts. Thank you for your support.

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