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Irons Does Adam Scott

Adam Scott, the distinguished Australian golfer, elevates his game with the precision and elegance of Miura irons. 

Renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship, Miura irons are handcrafted in Japan, embodying a commitment to excellence that resonates with Scott’s pursuit of golfing perfection. 

The exceptional feel upon impact, coupled with a range of customization options, allows Scott to fine-tune his equipment to match his unique playing style. 

With a nod to consistency and a touch of aesthetic sophistication, Adam Scott’s choice of Miura irons reflects a fusion of performance and artistry, showcasing the tools of a golfer deeply attuned to the nuances of the game.

What Irons Does Adam Scott Use?

Adam Scott is one of the most successful and consistent golfers of his generation. But what irons does Adam Scott use? 

The answer is a mix of classic and modern clubs that suit his style and preferences. Scott has been a free agent since 2022, meaning he can choose any brand and model of clubs he wants. 

He has experimented with different irons from various manufacturers, but he has always favored blades or muscle-backs for their feel and control.

Currently, Scott uses a set of custom-made Miura blades for his 4-9 irons. These irons are forged by the legendary Japanese company Miura, which is known for its craftsmanship and quality. 

Scott’s irons are specially designed for him, with his initials and a kangaroo logo stamped on the back. They have a thin topline, a narrow sole, and a minimal offset, giving Scott the ultimate feedback and precision.

Scott pairs his Miura blades with two Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi utility irons for his 2 and 3 irons. These irons are hollow and have a larger head and a wider sole than his blades, providing him with more forgiveness and distance. 

They also have a lower center of gravity and a higher launch angle, making them easier to hit off the tee or from the fairway.

Scott’s irons are fitted with KBS Tour 130X shafts, which are stiff and heavy, giving him stability and consistency. 

He also uses Titleist Vokey wedges for his 48, 54, and 60-degree lofts, with True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT Tour Issue X100 shafts. His wedges have a raw finish and a custom grind, allowing him to create different shots around the green.

Benefits of Using Miura Irons that Adam Scott Found

Benefits of Using Miura Irons that Adam Scott Found

When it comes to Miura irons, Adam Scott seems to have found a winning combination of performance and feel.

The benefits he likely experiences with these clubs can be attributed to several factors:

Precision Craftsmanship

Miura is renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship. Each club is handcrafted in Japan with an emphasis on precision and attention to detail. 

This level of craftsmanship can result in consistent performance and a superior feel, something professional golfers like Adam Scott truly appreciate.

Exceptional Feel

Miura irons are known for providing an exceptional feel of impact. The combination of the forging process and the quality of materials used contributes to a soft and buttery feel that many golfers find desirable. 

This feel can enhance a player’s ability to control their shots and adapt to different situations on the course.

Customization Options

Miura offers a range of customization options, allowing players to tailor their clubs to fit their unique preferences and playing style. 

This level of customization can be particularly beneficial for professional golfers who have specific preferences for club specifications such as loft, lie angle, and shaft options.

Consistent Performance

Miura’s commitment to quality control and precision in the manufacturing process often leads to consistent performance across the entire set of irons. 

For a professional golfer like Adam Scott, having confidence in the consistency of his equipment is crucial for maintaining a high level of play.


Miura irons are not only high-performing but also known for their classic and elegant design. The aesthetics of the clubs can contribute to a player’s confidence and mindset on the course, creating a positive mental association with the equipment.

Who Plays Miura on Tour?

Who Plays Miura on Tour?

Miura irons have found their way into the hands of some elite players on the professional golf circuit. 

While not as prevalent as some other brands, Miura boasts a dedicated group of professionals who appreciate the craftsmanship and precision these clubs offer. 

Players like Adam Scott, known for his meticulous approach to the game, have chosen Miura irons for their exceptional feel and performance. 

The allure of Miura extends to those who seek a unique combination of handcrafted quality and personalized customization. 

These irons may not dominate the entire tour, but they certainly hold a special place in the bags of discerning and skilled golfers making their mark on the greens.

Top 5 Best Miura Golf Clubs Review

Embarking on a journey to elevate your golf game with the best in the business? Look no further than the top-notch offerings from Miura Golf. 

Renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to performance, Miura has consistently delivered golf clubs that stand out on the course.

Here’s a glimpse into the top 5 Miura golf clubs, each with its unique highlights and advantages:

Miura CB-301 Irons

The CB-301 irons are celebrated for their buttery feel upon impact, providing golfers with a satisfying and responsive experience. 

Meticulously handcrafted in Japan, these irons showcase Miura’s commitment to precision and quality.

Miura MB-101 Irons

The MB-101 irons boast a classic and elegant design that appeals to players who appreciate a traditional look. 

Renowned for their workability, these irons offer golfers the ability to shape shots with precision and control.

Miura MC-501 Irons

The MC-501 irons deliver consistent performance across the set, ensuring that golfers can trust their clubs in various playing conditions. 

While maintaining a classic blade appearance, these irons incorporate forgiveness, making them accessible to a broader range of players.

Miura CB-1008 Irons

The CB-1008 irons strike a balance between forgiveness and playability, catering to golfers seeking a versatile and player-friendly set. 

Golfers appreciate the feedback these irons provide, allowing for a deeper connection with each shot.

Miura K-Grind Wedges

The K-Grind wedges are known for their versatility, allowing golfers to execute a variety of shots around the green with confidence. 

With a choice of finishes, these wedges not only perform exceptionally but also look stunning in the bag.


Why does Adam Scott choose Miura irons?

Adam Scott values the precision craftsmanship and exceptional feel of Miura irons, which contribute to his performance and overall golfing experience.

Can amateur golfers benefit from using Miura irons, or are they tailored for professionals?

Miura offers a range of irons suitable for golfers of different skill levels, ensuring that both professionals like Adam Scott and amateurs can find options that match their needs.

Are Miura irons high-maintenance due to their handcrafted nature?

While robust, Miura irons benefit from regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

Can amateur golfers customize Miura irons to suit their preferences?

Yes, Miura provides customization options, allowing amateur golfers to tailor their irons to match their individual playing styles and preferences.

Does Adam Scott use other Miura clubs besides irons in his golf bag?

While the focus is often on irons, some players, including Adam Scott, may incorporate other Miura clubs such as wedges into their bags.

Last Words

In golf, Adam Scott’s choice of Miura irons speaks volumes about the pursuit of perfection. 

Opting for the precision craftsmanship and exceptional feel of Miura, Scott’s game is a testament to the harmonious blend of artistry and performance. 

The CB-301 irons, with their buttery touch, become an extension of his skill on the course. 

The trust in consistency, customization options, and the classic design of Miura reflects not just a preference for clubs but a commitment to a golfing experience that transcends the ordinary. 

In Adam Scott’s hands, Miura irons become instruments of precision, elevating the game to a symphony of strokes and successes.

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