What Happened to Tony Gonsolin?

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What Happened to Tony Gonsolin

Tony Gonsolin, the pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is facing an injury setback that will prevent him from starting the season with the team. Gonsolin suffered a sprained left ankle while walking off the field during a workout earlier this month.

While the specifics of how the injury occurred are not publicly known, the severity of the sprain means that Gonsolin will need to rest and recover before returning to the field.

This news is certainly disappointing for Dodgers fans, who have come to rely on Gonsolin’s contributions to the team’s success in recent seasons.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what happened to Tony Gonsolin, how his absence will affect the Dodgers’ performance, and what this means for the team’s prospects for the upcoming season.

What Happened to Tony Gonsolin?

When the Injury Occurred

Tony Gonsolin suffered a sprained left ankle while walking off the field during a workout earlier this month. The exact date of the injury is not publicly known, but it was reported in late March 2023.

How the Injury Occurred (if Known)

The specifics of how Gonsolin sprained his ankle are not publicly known. It’s possible that he may have rolled his ankle or twisted it in some way while walking off the field, but this has not been confirmed.

The Severity of the Injury

The severity of Gonsolin’s sprained left ankle is not clear, but it was deemed serious enough to keep him out of action for an indefinite period of time.

Sprained ankles can vary in severity, from minor sprains that only require a few days of rest to more serious sprains that require several weeks or even months of recovery time.

How Long He is Expected to Be Out

There is no official timeline for Gonsolin’s return, but he is expected to miss at least a few weeks of the regular season.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has indicated that Gonsolin will need to “build back up” once he is cleared to return to the field, which suggests that he may need some additional time to get back into game shape.

Possible Complications That Could Arise

Sprained ankles can be tricky injuries to recover from, as they can easily be aggravated if the affected area is not given enough time to heal.

Additionally, Gonsolin’s injury could lead to a setback in his development as a pitcher if he is unable to continue his training and conditioning during his recovery.

What This Means for the Dodgers’ Starting Rotation

Gonsolin’s absence from the Dodgers’ starting rotation is certainly a blow to the team’s depth. The Dodgers have a strong pitching staff overall, but Gonsolin’s contributions over the past few seasons have been valuable.

The team will likely need to rely on other pitchers to step up in Gonsolin’s absence, which could impact their performance in the early part of the season.

Tony Gonsolin’s Role on the Dodgers

Gonsolin’s Contributions to the Team

Tony Gonsolin has been a key player on the Dodgers’ pitching staff in recent seasons. He made his MLB debut with the team in 2019 and has since become a reliable option in the starting rotation. Gonsolin has also proven to be versatile, as he has been used out of the bullpen at times as well.

His Performance in Previous Seasons

In 2021, Gonsolin appeared in 26 games for the Dodgers, making 17 starts. He finished the season with a 2.86 ERA and 116 strikeouts over 107.2 innings pitched.

These strong numbers helped Gonsolin earn a spot on the Dodgers postseason roster, where he made several appearances in relief.

Overall, Gonsolin’s performance over the past few seasons has been impressive. He has shown an ability to limit opposing batters’ hits and walks, while also generating strikeouts at a solid rate.

How His Absence Will Affect the Team

Gonsolin’s absence will certainly be felt by the Dodgers. He was expected to be a key contributor in the starting rotation this season, and his injury has left a hole in the team’s pitching depth. Without Gonsolin, the Dodgers may need to rely on other pitchers to step up and fill his role.

This could put additional pressure on the rest of the pitching staff, especially if other injuries or performance issues arise. Overall, Gonsolin’s absence will likely have a negative impact on the team’s performance in the early part of the season.

Other Injuries on the Dodgers

Brief Summary of Other Injuries on the Dodgers’ Roster

In addition to Tony Gonsolin’s sprained ankle, the Dodgers have several other players dealing with injuries at the start of the 2023 season. Some notable names include:

Clayton Kershaw: The veteran left-handed pitcher is dealing with a shoulder injury that has kept him out of action for most of the spring. He is expected to begin the season on the injured list and could miss several weeks of the regular season.

Cody Bellinger: The former National League MVP is dealing with a fractured rib that he suffered during the offseason. He has been limited in his ability to swing the bat and may need to miss some time early in the season.

Corey Seager: The All-Star shortstop is recovering from off-season shoulder surgery and is expected to miss at least the first month of the season.

How Injuries Could Impact the Team’s Performance

The Dodgers’ numerous injuries will certainly have an impact on the team’s performance in the early part of the season. With key players like Gonsolin, Kershaw, Bellinger, and Seager out of action, the team will need to rely on its depth to keep things afloat.

This could be challenging, as the team’s roster has already been stretched thin by several off-season departures. The Dodgers will likely need to rely on young and untested players to fill in the gaps, which could lead to some inconsistency in performance.

Overall, the team’s injuries could make it difficult for them to get off to a strong start and could impact their ability to compete in a tough National League West division.

Dodgers’ Injury Report (as of April 11, 2023)

Player NameInjuryExpected Return
Tony GonsolinSprained left ankleTBD
Clayton KershawShoulder injurySeveral weeks
Cody BellingerFractured ribTBD
Corey SeagerShoulder surgery recoveryAt least one month

Note: The expected return dates are estimates and are subject to change based on the players’ recovery progress.


Will Tony Gonsolin’s injury require surgery?

At this time, there is no indication that Gonsolin’s ankle injury will require surgery. He is expected to miss some time at the beginning of the season, but the team has not provided a specific timeline for his return.

How will the Dodgers manage their pitching rotation in the absence of Gonsolin and Kershaw?

Without Gonsolin and Kershaw, the Dodgers will need to rely on other pitchers to step up and fill their roles. This could include veteran starters like Max Scherzer and Walker Buehler, as well as younger pitchers like Josiah Gray and David Price. The team may also need to use a bullpen game strategy at times to get through stretches where they are short on starting pitching options.

How will Cody Bellinger’s injury affect the Dodgers’ offense?

Bellinger’s injury could impact the Dodgers’ offense, as he is one of the team’s most talented hitters. If he needs to miss time early in the season, the team may need to rely on other players to step up and fill his role. This could include players like Gavin Lux, Chris Taylor, and AJ Pollock.

Will the Dodgers be able to compete for a World Series title despite their injuries?

While injuries are always a concern for any team, the Dodgers remain a talented squad with a strong track record of success. If they can manage to weather the early-season injury storm and get healthy later in the year, they could still be a serious contender for a World Series title. However, the National League West division is highly competitive, so the Dodgers will need to be firing on all cylinders to stay in the race.


Tony Gonsolin’s ankle injury has left the Dodgers without a key member of their starting rotation at the beginning of the 2023 season. His absence, along with several other injuries on the team, will certainly have an impact on their performance in the early part of the season.

The Dodgers will need to rely on their depth and the performance of younger players to stay competitive, which could be challenging given the high level of competition in the National League West division.

Despite these challenges, the Dodgers remain a talented team with a track record of success, and fans will be eagerly watching to see how they perform in the face of adversity.

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