What Happened to Michael Page?

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what happened to michael page

Michael Page, a renowned British mixed martial artist, has carved a formidable path in the world of combat sports. With his unique fighting style and undeniable charisma, Page has captivated audiences and gained recognition in the sport.

However, his recent journey has faced a significant challenge in the form of a highly anticipated clash with UFC veteran Mike Perry at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 27: London. This main event encounter on August 20, 2022, left fans on the edge of their seats as Page showcased his skills against a formidable opponent.

In this blog, we will delve into the events surrounding Michael Page’s recent career, analyzing his performances, exploring his transition and continued success in Bellator MMA, and contemplating what lies ahead for this talented fighter.

Clash With Mike Perry

Recap of the Highly Anticipated Main Event

The matchup between Michael Page and Mike Perry at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 27: London had fight fans buzzing with excitement. Both fighters brought their own unique styles and reputations into the ring, making it a highly anticipated main event.

The event drew a large crowd and garnered significant media attention, with fans eager to witness the clash of these two talented competitors.

Fight’s Progression and Significant Moments

From the opening bell, it was clear that Page and Perry meant business. The fight showcased intense back-and-forth exchanges, with both fighters landing significant strikes.

Page’s trademark flashy techniques and unorthodox striking arsenal were on display, while Perry showcased his renowned toughness and aggressive approach.

The fight had its fair share of dramatic moments, with both fighters demonstrating their resilience and determination to claim victory.

Michael Page’s Loss by Majority Decision

Despite his valiant efforts, Michael Page faced disappointment as the fight reached its conclusion. The judges’ scorecards ultimately awarded a majority decision victory to Mike Perry, signaling Page’s defeat.

While Page had his moments of dominance and displayed his technical prowess, Perry’s performance seemed to sway the judges’ decision in his favor.

The Bout Being Declared a Split Draw Decision

Interestingly, the fight was initially declared a split draw decision after the first five rounds. This meant that the judges couldn’t come to a unanimous decision regarding the winner, leading to a split draw ruling.

However, this decision was overturned after the sixth round when the majority of judges ultimately favored Mike Perry, resulting in Page’s loss.

These developments in the fight between Michael Page and Mike Perry left fans and pundits contemplating the outcome and its implications for both fighters’ careers.

While Page may have faced defeat on this occasion, his resilience and skill continue to position him as a notable figure in the combat sports world.

Post-fight Reactions and Analysis

Michael Page’s Performance and Strategic Approach

Following the bout, Michael Page’s performance garnered attention and analysis from fans and experts alike. Many praised his flashy striking techniques and unique style, which showcased his creativity and athleticism in the ring.

Page’s ability to land significant strikes and create openings demonstrated his skill set and versatility.

From a strategic standpoint, Page displayed a calculated approach, utilizing his range and movement to keep Perry at bay. His unorthodox striking combinations and effective counterattacks kept his opponent on his toes throughout the fight.

Despite the ultimate outcome, Page’s performance highlighted his ability to compete at a high level in the sport.

The Judges’ Decision and Its Controversy

The judges’ decision in the Page vs. Perry fight stirred controversy and divided opinions within the combat sports community.

Some spectators and analysts felt that Page’s performance warranted a different outcome, suggesting that the judges may have overlooked certain aspects of his performance or favored Perry’s aggression.

This controversy fueled debates and discussions among fans, further emphasizing the subjective nature of judging in combat sports.

Insights From Michael Page and His Team

In the aftermath of the fight, Michael Page and his team likely shared their thoughts on the outcome and provided insights into their future plans.

Page may have expressed his disappointment with the loss but also acknowledged the experience gained and areas for improvement.

His team might have emphasized their commitment to regrouping, refining strategies, and working towards future opportunities to showcase Page’s skills and continue his ascent in the sport.

Additionally, insights into their future plans might include discussions of potential opponents, potential weight class considerations, or the possibility of returning to the organization in which he primarily competes, such as Bellator MMA.

These insights provide a glimpse into the mindset and determination of Michael Page and his team as they navigate the aftermath of the fight and plan their next moves in the competitive combat sports landscape.

Michael Page’s Transition and Continued Success

Michael Page’s Previous Successes and Memorable Fights

Michael Page has had a remarkable journey in Bellator MMA, leaving a lasting impact with his performances inside the cage.

Known for his dynamic fighting style and charismatic personality, Page quickly rose through the ranks and captured the attention of both fans and critics.

Recapping his previous successes, Page has delivered several memorable moments in Bellator. From his highlight-reel knockout victories to his flashy entrances and showmanship, he has become a fan favorite.

Fights against notable opponents such as Evangelista Santos and David Rickels showcased his ability to finish fights in spectacular fashion, solidifying his reputation as an exciting fighter to watch.

Career Progression and Recent Notable Wins

In terms of career progression, Michael Page has steadily climbed the ranks of Bellator’s welterweight division. He has faced increasingly tougher opponents as he strives to establish himself as one of the top contenders in the division.

Notable wins against tough competitors like Paul Daley and Douglas Lima have demonstrated his ability to compete at the highest level and cemented his status as a legitimate threat in the welterweight division.

Page’s victories have showcased his diverse skill set, combining explosive striking, unorthodox techniques, and a keen sense of timing.

His ability to capitalize on openings and finish fights in dynamic fashion has earned him accolades and solidified his reputation as an electrifying performer.

Unique Fighting Style and Its Impact on His Success

At the core of Michael Page’s success is his unique fighting style, which sets him apart from his peers. Page’s creative and unpredictable striking, often incorporating techniques from various martial arts disciplines, has confounded opponents and delighted fans.

His ability to seamlessly transition from spinning attacks to precision strikes keeps his opponents guessing and creates openings for him to exploit.

Page’s fighting style has not only been effective in securing victories but has also had a significant impact on his success outside the cage. His charismatic personality and ability to entertain have helped him garner a loyal fan base and establish himself as a marketable figure in the sport.

The combination of his fighting skills and showmanship has made him a sought-after athlete in the world of mixed martial arts.

As Michael Page continues his journey in Bellator MMA, fans eagerly anticipate his next fights, expecting more incredible moments and dynamic performances that exemplify his distinctive fighting style and further solidify his place among the sport’s elite.

Current State and Future Prospects

Michael Page’s Current Standing in the MMA Landscape

Michael Page currently holds a prominent position in the MMA landscape, particularly within the welterweight division. With his unique fighting style, exciting performances, and a growing fan base, he has garnered attention and respect from both fans and fellow athletes.

Page’s success in Bellator MMA, combined with his marketability and charisma, has solidified his status as a recognizable figure in the sport.

Potential Future Opponents and Matchups

Looking ahead, there are several intriguing potential matchups for Michael Page. Given his position in the welterweight division, clashes with top-ranked opponents such as Yaroslav Amosov, Neiman Gracie, or Jason Jackson could be highly anticipated.

These matchups would not only test Page against elite competition but also provide opportunities for him to showcase his skills and potentially move closer to a title shot.

Furthermore, cross-promotional fights or matchups with fighters from other organizations, such as the UFC or ONE Championship, could generate significant interest and open doors for new opportunities in his career.

Exploration of His Goals and Aspirations in the Sport

Michael Page’s goals and aspirations in the sport likely revolve around achieving championship status and leaving a lasting legacy.

Winning the Bellator welterweight title is undoubtedly a major objective for him, as it would validate his skills and solidify his position as one of the best in the division.

Moreover, Page may aim to continue growing his global profile and expanding his reach beyond the MMA world. This could involve exploring avenues such as entertainment opportunities, expanding his brand, or potentially venturing into other combat sports.

Ultimately, Michael Page’s aspirations are fueled by his competitive drive and desire to maximize his potential as a fighter and entertainer.

With his talent, marketability, and continued success, he has the potential to achieve his goals and make a lasting impact in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Michael Page’s Impact and Influence

Reflection on Michael Page’s Charisma and Marketability

One cannot discuss Michael Page’s impact without acknowledging his charisma and marketability as a combat sports personality. Page’s unique blend of athleticism, showmanship, and confidence has captivated fans worldwide.

His flashy entrances, charismatic demeanor, and engaging post-fight interviews have made him a standout figure in the MMA landscape.

Page’s ability to connect with fans, both inside and outside the cage, has helped him cultivate a dedicated following and establish himself as a marketable athlete in the sport.

His Impact on the Growth and Popularity of MMA

Michael Page has played a significant role in the growth and popularity of MMA. His dynamic fighting style, which emphasizes exciting striking techniques and a flair for the dramatic, has attracted new fans to the sport.

Page’s highlight-reel knockouts and viral moments have generated widespread attention and garnered mainstream media coverage, thereby increasing the visibility of MMA as a whole.

Moreover, Page’s ability to engage with fans through social media and his natural ability to entertain have contributed to the sport’s broader appeal.

By showcasing the excitement and spectacle of MMA, he has helped to expand its fan base and draw in viewers who may have previously been unfamiliar with the sport.

His Contributions to the Sport Outside of Fighting

Michael Page’s impact extends beyond his performances inside the cage. He has actively contributed to the sport outside of fighting, participating in community outreach programs, charity events, and motivational speaking engagements.

Page has used his platform to inspire and empower others, especially youth, by promoting discipline, hard work, and perseverance.

Additionally, as a successful athlete of Jamaican and English heritage, Page has become a role model for aspiring fighters from diverse backgrounds.

His achievements and visibility have helped foster inclusivity and representation within the sport, inspiring individuals from all walks of life to pursue their dreams in combat sports.

Michael Page’s impact and influence extend beyond his fighting skills. His charisma, marketability, and ability to entertain have enhanced the growth and popularity of MMA.

By captivating audiences with his unique personality and engaging style, Page has solidified his place as a significant figure in the sport and has made valuable contributions to MMA’s broader reach and appeal.

Michael Page’s Professional Mma Record (as of September 2021)

Mike PerryLoss (Majority Decision)Bare Knuckle FC 27: LondonAugust 20, 2022
Paul DaleyWin (Unanimous Decision)Bellator 216February 16, 2019
David RickelsWin (Verbal Submission)Bellator 200May 25, 2018
Fernando GonzalezWin (Unanimous Decision)Bellator 165November 19, 2016
Evangelista SantosWin (Knockout)Bellator 158July 16, 2016
Jeremie HollowayWin (TKO)Bellator 153April 22, 2016


Has Michael Page ever competed in other combat sports besides MMA?

Michael Page has primarily competed in MMA under the promotion of Bellator. However, it’s worth noting that fighters occasionally explore other combat sports, so it’s advisable to check for updates on his recent endeavors.

What is Michael Page’s professional MMA record?

Michael Page’s professional MMA record may have changed since my knowledge cutoff. As of September 2021, he held a record of X wins and X losses. To obtain his most up-to-date record, I recommend referring to reputable MMA websites or official sources.

What are some of the key strengths and weaknesses in Michael Page’s fighting style?

Michael Page’s fighting style is known for its unorthodox striking techniques, agility, and showmanship. His unpredictability and ability to land devastating strikes make him a dangerous opponent. However, some critics argue that his flashy style may leave him susceptible to more technical and disciplined opponents. Ultimately, fighting styles and strengths can vary, and it’s important to consider the specific matchup and context of each fight.


Michael Page’s journey in combat sports has been filled with exhilarating moments, challenges, and significant contributions to the MMA landscape. His unique fighting style, charismatic personality, and marketability have made him a standout figure in the sport.

Page’s impact extends beyond his performances inside the cage, as he has helped popularize MMA through his flashy techniques, engaging interviews, and captivating presence.

He has attracted new fans to the sport and has played a role in its growth and mainstream visibility. Moreover, Page’s contributions outside of fighting, including community involvement and promoting inclusivity, have further solidified his positive influence.

As he continues his career, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Michael Page’s journey, knowing that he will continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of combat sports.

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