What Happened to Lorenzo Cain?

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What Happened to Lorenzo Cain

Lorenzo Cain is a name that many baseball fans are familiar with. The former center fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers and Kansas City Royals has had an impressive career, with numerous accolades and accomplishments to his name.

However, in 2022, Cain struggled on the field and was ultimately released from the Brewers. Then, on March 7th, 2023, he announced his retirement from baseball, leaving many fans wondering what happened to Lorenzo Cain.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Cain’s struggles during the 2022 season, his retirement announcement, and his legacy in the MLB.

We will also explore some of his career highlights, as well as his potential future contributions to baseball or beyond.

Struggles in the 2022 Season

During the 2022 season, Lorenzo Cain struggled to find his form at the plate. In 43 games with the Milwaukee Brewers, Cain batted just .179 with 3 home runs and 13 RBIs.

This was a stark contrast to his previous seasons with the team, where he had consistently been a solid contributor on offense and defense.

As a result of his poor performance, the Brewers made the difficult decision to designate Cain for assignment on June 18th. This means that the team had to remove him from the 40-man roster and either trade him or release him within a certain period of time.

Ultimately, Cain cleared release waivers on June 22nd, which means that no other team claimed him and he became a free agent.

This was a surprise to many, as Cain had previously been a highly sought-after player in the league due to his speed, defense, and leadership skills. However, his struggles in the 2022 season had clearly impacted his market value.

Despite this setback, Cain remained optimistic about his future in the MLB. In an interview with MLB.com after clearing waivers, he said, “I still feel like I can contribute to a team and help them win games. I’m just going to keep working hard and see what opportunities come my way.”

Retirement Announcement

On March 7th, 2023, Lorenzo Cain announced his retirement from baseball. He made the announcement via a statement released by the MLB Players Association.

In his statement, Cain cited a desire to spend more time with his family as the primary reason for his retirement. He said, “I’ve been blessed to have a long and successful career in the MLB, but it’s time for me to focus on my family and my future outside of baseball.”

Cain also took the opportunity to reflect on his career and legacy in the MLB. He expressed gratitude for the opportunities he had been given and the people who had supported him along the way.

He said, “I want to thank my family, my teammates, my coaches, and the fans for all of their support over the years. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m grateful for every moment.”

Cain’s retirement will undoubtedly have an impact on the Milwaukee Brewers and the MLB as a whole. He was a key member of the Brewers team that made it to the World Series in 2021, and his leadership and experience will be missed in the clubhouse.

Additionally, Cain’s retirement marks the end of an era for the Kansas City Royals, where he spent the majority of his career and played a crucial role in their 2015 World Series championship.

Overall, Cain’s retirement is a reminder of the fleeting nature of a professional athlete’s career and the importance of cherishing the moments along the way.

Career Highlights

Lorenzo Cain had an impressive career in the MLB, with numerous highlights and achievements to his name.

Overview of Cain’s Career Highlights and Achievements

  • 2x All-Star (2015, 2018)

  • 2x ALCS MVP (2014, 2015)

  • Gold Glove Award winner (2019)

  • Silver Slugger Award winner (2019)

  • 2015 World Series champion with the Kansas City Royals

Key Moments and Accomplishments With the Kansas City Royals

Cain spent the majority of his career with the Kansas City Royals and played a crucial role in their 2015 World Series championship. He was named the ALCS MVP that year after hitting .533 with 5 runs, 8 hits, and 5 RBI in the series.

He also had a standout performance in Game 6 of the World Series, hitting a home run and making a key defensive play in the outfield.

Impact on the Milwaukee Brewers and the Team’s Recent Success

Cain joined the Milwaukee Brewers in 2018 and was a key contributor to the team’s recent success. He helped lead the Brewers to the NLCS in 2018 and the World Series in 2021, where he batted .333 with a home run and 3 RBIs.

His leadership and experience were invaluable to the team, and he was widely respected by his teammates and coaches.

In addition to his on-field accomplishments, Cain was known for his work off the field as well. He was actively involved in charitable efforts and was named the Kansas City Royals nominee for the 2018 Roberto Clemente Award, which recognizes players who best exemplify the game of baseball through sportsmanship, community involvement, and positive contributions to their clubs and communities.

Overall, Lorenzo Cain had a successful and impactful career in the MLB, leaving a lasting legacy both on and off the field.

Lorenzo Cain’s career statistics


Table Name: Lorenzo Cain’s Career Statistics


What is Lorenzo Cain’s best season?

Lorenzo Cain’s best season was arguably 2015, when he hit .307 with 16 home runs, 72 RBIs, and 28 stolen bases for the Kansas City Royals. He was also a key contributor to the team’s World Series championship that year, earning ALCS MVP honors.

Did Lorenzo Cain win any awards besides the ones mentioned earlier?

Yes, Cain was also named the Kansas City Royals Player of the Year in both 2015 and 2017.

What was Cain’s position?

Cain primarily played center field throughout his career, but he also spent some time in left and right field as well.

Did Cain ever play in the minor leagues?

Yes, Cain spent several seasons in the minor leagues before making his MLB debut with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2010. He was originally drafted by the Brewers in the 17th round of the 2004 MLB Draft.

What are some of Cain’s charitable efforts?

Cain was involved in a number of charitable efforts throughout his career, including supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, participating in the Royals Charities Celebrity Golf Tournament, and donating equipment to youth baseball programs in both Kansas City and Milwaukee.

To Recap

Lorenzo Cain had an eventful career in the MLB, marked by highs and lows, successes and challenges. From his standout performances with the Kansas City Royals to his leadership and contributions to the Milwaukee Brewers, Cain left his mark on the league and the teams he played for.

Despite his struggles in the 2022 season and subsequent retirement announcement in 2023, Cain’s legacy in the MLB will endure. He was a skilled and respected player on the field, and a dedicated and generous member of his community off the field.

As fans, we are left with memories of Cain’s remarkable performances, his unwavering work ethic, and his unwavering commitment to the game of baseball. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors and look forward to seeing his impact continue in new and exciting ways.

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