What Happened to Frankie Montas?

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What Happened to Frankie Montas

Frankie Montas is a talented pitcher who was acquired by the New York Yankees from the Oakland Athletics in a trade deadline deal during the 2022 MLB season.

Despite high expectations for Montas’ performance, he struggled on the mound, recording a 6.35 ERA in eight starts before being shut down with shoulder inflammation.

In this blog post, we will explore what happened to Frankie Montas, including his acquisition by the Yankees, his struggles and injury, his road to recovery, and his outlook for the future.

Montas’ Acquisition by the Yankees

The Trade Deadline Deal

On July 30, 2022, the New York Yankees acquired Frankie Montas from the Oakland Athletics in exchange for two prospects. The deal was made to bolster the Yankees’ starting pitching rotation, which had been struggling throughout the season.

Montas was seen as a potential solution to this problem, as he had a 3.85 ERA and 152 strikeouts in 140 innings pitched for the Athletics at the time of the trade.

Expectations for Montas

With his impressive statistics, Montas was expected to provide the Yankees with a much-needed boost on the mound. Fans and analysts alike had high hopes for Montas, who had been dominant at times during his career in the majors.

Some even speculated that he could be the missing piece the Yankees needed to make a deep playoff run.

Montas’ Performance for the Yankees

Unfortunately, Montas did not live up to expectations during his time with the Yankees. In his eight starts for the team, he recorded a 6.35 ERA in 39 2/3 innings pitched. His struggles were particularly evident in his final start, where he gave up six runs in just two innings of work.

Despite his disappointing performance, it’s worth noting that Montas did record 38 strikeouts during his time with the team, indicating that he still had some of the skills that made him an attractive acquisition in the first place.

Montas’ Struggles and Injury

Inconsistent Performance on the Mound

Montas’ struggles with the Yankees were evident from the start. In his first start with the team, he gave up five runs in just three innings of work.

He continued to struggle with consistency throughout his time with the team, showing flashes of brilliance in some starts but struggling to get through even a few innings in others. It became clear that something was off with Montas, as his performance was far below his usual standards.

Diagnosis of Shoulder Inflammation

In late September, it was announced that Montas was dealing with shoulder inflammation. This diagnosis likely explained some of his struggles on the mound, as shoulder issues can impact a pitcher’s velocity and control.

It’s unclear when Montas initially began experiencing symptoms, but it’s possible that he was pitching through discomfort for some time before the injury was diagnosed.

Shutdown for the Rest of the Season

Given Montas’ injury and struggles on the mound, the Yankees decided to shut him down for the remainder of the season. This move was likely made to give Montas time to rest and recover, as shoulder injuries can be particularly difficult for pitchers to overcome.

While it was undoubtedly disappointing for Montas to end his season on the sidelines, it was likely in his best interest in the long term.

Montas’ Road to Recovery

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Following his diagnosis of shoulder inflammation and shutdown for the remainder of the 2022 season, Montas likely underwent treatment and rehabilitation to help him recover.

Depending on the severity of his injury, this could have included rest, physical therapy, and other forms of treatment to help alleviate inflammation and strengthen the affected area.

Timeline for His Return

It’s unclear when Montas will be able to return to the mound following his injury. The Yankees have not provided any updates on his status for the 2023 season, and it’s possible that he could miss some time as he continues to recover.

However, if Montas is able to fully heal from his injury, he could be a valuable asset for the Yankees in the future.

Outlook for the Future

Assuming he is able to recover fully from his injury, Montas could still have a bright future with the Yankees. While his performance in 2022 was far below expectations, he has shown flashes of brilliance in the past and has the potential to be a dominant pitcher in the majors.

However, he will need to bounce back from his injury and regain his form on the mound if he wants to succeed with the Yankees moving forward.

Frankie Montas’ 2022 Mlb Season Performance

DateOpponentInnings PitchedRuns AllowedStrikeouts
August 3Baltimore Orioles6.037
August 9Seattle Mariners5.057
August 15Boston Red Sox6.127
August 20Oakland Athletics6.017
August 25Toronto Blue Jays4.033
August 31Cleveland Guardians5.156
September 5Tampa Bay Rays5.033
September 10Detroit Tigers2.062

Note: Montas’ last start of the season on September 16 was cancelled due to his shoulder injury.


How did Montas perform before joining the Yankees in 2022?

Montas had a strong season for the Oakland Athletics before being traded to the Yankees. He had a 3.85 ERA and 152 strikeouts in 140 innings pitched, indicating that he had the potential to be a valuable asset for the Yankees’ starting rotation.

What other teams has Montas played for?

Montas has played for several teams throughout his career. He began his MLB career with the Chicago White Sox in 2015 before being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2016. He was then traded to the Athletics in 2018, where he spent most of his career before being traded to the Yankees in 2022.

Has Montas dealt with injuries before?

Montas has dealt with injuries throughout his career, including shoulder and back issues. However, he has also been able to bounce back from these injuries and has shown the ability to be a dominant pitcher at times.

What is Montas’ pitching style?

Montas is known for his powerful fastball, which he can throw in the upper 90s. He also has a slider and a changeup in his arsenal, both of which can be effective when he is pitching well.

What are the Yankees’ expectations for Montas moving forward?

It’s unclear what the Yankees’ expectations are for Montas moving forward, as they have not provided any updates on his status for the 2023 season. However, if he is able to fully recover from his injury and regain his form on the mound, he could be a valuable asset for the team in the future.


Frankie Montas’ time with the New York Yankees in 2022 was marked by disappointment and injury. Despite high expectations for his performance, Montas struggled on the mound and was eventually diagnosed with shoulder inflammation, leading to his shutdown for the rest of the season.

While it’s unclear when he will be able to return to the mound, there is still hope for Montas’ future with the Yankees. If he is able to fully recover from his injury and regain his form on the mound, he could be a valuable asset for the team in the future.

Overall, Montas’ situation serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of sports and the importance of staying healthy and focused in order to succeed at the highest level.

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