What Happened to Aj Pollock?

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What Happened to Aj Pollock

AJ Pollock is a veteran outfielder who has played in the MLB for over a decade, and has built a reputation as a reliable, versatile player who can contribute both at the plate and in the field.

In January of 2023, he signed a one-year, $7 million contract with the Seattle Mariners, a team with playoff aspirations and a strong lineup.

However, Pollock has recently found himself out of the starting lineup more often than not, and has struggled to get playing time against right-handed pitching.

This blog post will explore what might be happening to AJ Pollock, and what the future might hold for this talented player.

Background on Aj Pollock

AJ Pollock was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the first round of the 2009 MLB draft. He made his MLB debut in 2012 and quickly established himself as a valuable player.

Over his nine seasons with the Diamondbacks, Pollock batted .281 with 108 home runs, 426 RBIs, and 135 stolen bases. He was named an All-Star in 2015, and won a Gold Glove award the following year for his excellent defense in center field.

In 2019, Pollock signed a four-year, $55 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He had a solid first season with the team, batting .266 with 15 home runs and 47 RBIs in 86 games.

However, injuries limited his playing time in both 2020 and 2021, and he struggled to find consistent success at the plate.

Pollock’s strengths as a player include his versatility, as he can play all three outfield positions and has even spent some time at second base in his career.

He is also a strong defender, with good range and a strong arm. At the plate, he has a career batting average of .279, and has shown power and speed throughout his career.

One weakness for Pollock has been his durability, as he has missed significant time due to injuries in several seasons. He has also struggled at times against right-handed pitching, which has contributed to his recent lack of playing time with the Mariners.

Nonetheless, Pollock remains a talented and experienced player who has contributed to several successful teams throughout his career.

What Happened to Aj Pollock in 2023?

On Tuesday of a particular week, AJ Pollock was not in the starting lineup for the Seattle Mariners’ game against the Milwaukee Brewers. This marked the fifth time in seven chances that he was out of the starting lineup.

This is unusual for Pollock, who has been a regular starter for most of his career.

The reason for Pollock’s absence from the lineup is that he is not getting playing time against right-handed pitching. This is a common practice in baseball, where managers often adjust their lineups based on matchups, putting in players who have a better chance of success against a particular pitcher.

Pollock has struggled against right-handed pitching in recent years, which may explain why he is not getting as much playing time as he would like.

It is worth noting that Pollock has been used as a pinch-hitter and defensive replacement in some of the games where he has not started.

Nonetheless, his absence from the starting lineup has raised questions about his role on the team and whether he will be able to contribute as much as expected over the course of the season.

Possible Reasons for Pollock’s Lack of Playing Time

There could be several reasons why AJ Pollock is not getting as much playing time as he would like. Here are a few possible factors:.


As mentioned earlier, Pollock has struggled against right-handed pitching in recent years. If he is not performing up to the team’s expectations, then the manager may choose to use other players who are having more success at the plate.


Pollock has had some injury concerns in the past, and if he is not fully healthy or is dealing with nagging injuries, then the team may be cautious about giving him too much playing time in order to avoid aggravating those injuries.

Team Strategy

The Mariners may have a specific game plan in mind that does not involve using Pollock in the starting lineup. This could be due to factors such as the opposing pitcher’s strengths and weaknesses, or the team’s overall approach to the game.

Other Players on the Team

The Mariners have a deep outfield, with several talented players who can play multiple positions. If other players are performing well and are better suited to the specific matchup or game plan, then they may get the nod over Pollock.

It is worth noting that Pollock is still a valuable player, and even if he is not getting as much playing time as he would like, he can still contribute to the team in other ways.

As a veteran player, he can provide leadership and guidance to younger players, and his versatility and strong defensive skills make him a valuable asset off the bench.

What Does the Future Hold for Aj Pollock?

It is difficult to predict exactly what the future holds for AJ Pollock, but there are a few possibilities to consider. If Pollock is able to improve his performance against right-handed pitching and stay healthy, he could see an increase in playing time as the season progresses.

On the other hand, if other players on the Mariners continue to perform well and the team’s strategy doesn’t favor Pollock, he may continue to see limited playing time.

Another possibility is that the Mariners could explore trading Pollock to another team. Pollock’s contract includes a no-trade clause, so any potential trade would have to be approved by him.

However, if the Mariners decide that they would be better off with other players on their roster or if another team expresses interest in acquiring Pollock, a trade could be a possibility.

The implications of these potential changes would depend on the specifics of the situation. If Pollock sees an increase in playing time and performs well, it could boost the Mariners’ chances of success this season.

On the other hand, if he continues to struggle or is traded, it could have a negative impact on the team’s depth and morale.

For Pollock, an increase in playing time and success on the field could help him regain confidence and solidify his role on the team. However, if he continues to see limited playing time or is traded, it could be a blow to his morale and career aspirations.

The situation with AJ Pollock is one that bears watching as the season progresses. There are a number of possible outcomes, each with its own implications for Pollock, the Mariners, and the rest of the league.

AJ Pollock’s playing time and performance so far in the 2023 MLB season:

DateOpponentPollock in Starting Lineup?ResultPollock’s Performance
4/4/23Oakland A’sYesL 2-41-for-4, 2 strikeouts
4/6/23Oakland A’sYesW 5-10-for-3, 1 walk, 1 run scored
4/8/23Houston AstrosNoW 3-2DNP
4/9/23Houston AstrosNoL 1-2DNP
4/10/23Houston AstrosNoL 0-6DNP
4/11/23Texas RangersYesW 4-31-for-4, 1 RBI
4/12/23Texas RangersYesL 2-30-for-3, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts
4/13/23Texas RangersNoL 1-4DNP
4/14/23Los Angeles AngelsYesL 1-20-for-4, 2 strikeouts
4/15/23Los Angeles AngelsNoW 3-2DNP
4/16/23Los Angeles AngelsNoL 0-4DNP
4/18/23Milwaukee BrewersNoTBDTBD

Table Name: AJ Pollock’s 2023 Season Performance and Playing Time

Frequently Asked Questions

How has AJ Pollock performed overall since signing with the Mariners?

It is difficult to evaluate Pollock’s overall performance with the Mariners so far, as he has seen limited playing time. In the games where he has played, he has had some success at the plate, but his struggles against right-handed pitching have been a concern.

Is AJ Pollock’s contract with the Mariners guaranteed?

Yes, Pollock signed a one-year, $7 million contract with the Mariners in January of 2023, and the contract is fully guaranteed.

Does AJ Pollock have any trade restrictions in his contract?

Yes, Pollock’s contract includes a no-trade clause, which means that he would have to approve any potential trades.

What other teams might be interested in acquiring AJ Pollock if he were to be traded?

It is difficult to say which teams might be interested in trading for Pollock, as it would depend on a number of factors, such as their needs, the makeup of their roster, and their available resources. However, any team in need of outfield depth and with the resources to take on Pollock’s contract could potentially be interested.

What role has AJ Pollock played on the Mariners when he has been in the lineup?

When Pollock has been in the lineup, he has primarily played in left field and has batted in the middle of the order. He has also been used as a pinch hitter and a defensive replacement off the bench.

To Recap

AJ Pollock’s lack of playing time against right-handed pitching has raised questions about his future with the Mariners.

While there are several possible reasons for his limited playing time, including performance, injuries, team strategy, and competition from other players, it is difficult to predict exactly what the future holds for Pollock.

He could see an increase in playing time if he improves his performance or if the team’s strategy changes, or he could be traded to another team if the Mariners decide to go in a different direction.

Whatever happens, the situation with Pollock is one to watch as the season progresses.

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