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Michael Harris Ii

Michael Harris II is a young, talented center fielder for the Atlanta Braves who has made a name for himself since his promotion to the major leagues earlier this season.

Unfortunately, Harris suffered an injury during a recent game against the San Diego Padres, which has led to his placement on the injured list.

We will discuss what happened to Michael Harris II, the incident that led to his injury, the severity of the injury, and the impact it will have on the Atlanta Braves going forward.

The Incident

During the game against the San Diego Padres, Harris was in the starting lineup and had already made a couple of catches in center field.

In the fourth inning, Harris was tracking a fly ball hit by Padres’ third baseman when he ran into the outfield wall. The collision was hard and Harris was slow to get up, but he remained in the game.

The moment of impact with the outfield wall was a jarring one. Harris was running at full speed to track down the fly ball and wasn’t able to slow down in time before colliding with the wall.

The impact was significant, and Harris appeared to hit the wall with his back and shoulder. The force of the collision caused him to stumble and fall to the ground.

Harris played the rest of the inning after the collision, but it was clear that he was in pain. When the inning ended, he was immediately taken out of the game and replaced by another outfielder.

After the game, Harris said that he felt back tightness and was being evaluated by the team’s medical staff. Ultimately, this evaluation led to his placement on the injured list.

The Injury

After the collision with the outfield wall, Harris was diagnosed with back tightness. Back tightness is a common injury in baseball and can be caused by a variety of factors, including collisions, poor posture, and overuse.

The initial diagnosis suggested that Harris’ injury wasn’t too severe, but further examination was needed to determine the extent of the damage.

The Braves medical staff conducted further examination and testing to determine the extent of Harris’ injury. This likely included imaging tests such as an MRI or X-rays to evaluate the damage to his back.

The results of these tests haven’t been made public, but the Braves decided to place Harris on the injured list, which suggests that the injury could be more serious than initially thought.

The Braves’ decision to place Harris on the injured list means that he will be out of action for at least 10 days, although the exact length of his absence is unknown.

The team will likely monitor his progress closely and provide updates as they become available. In the meantime, they will have to make adjustments to their outfield lineup to compensate for the loss of Harris.

The Impact

Michael Harris II has been a bright spot for the Atlanta Braves this season. The 20-year-old outfielder was promoted to the major leagues in early May and has quickly established himself as a valuable player.

In his short time in the big leagues, Harris has shown his ability to hit for average and power, steal bases, and play solid defense in the outfield. His contributions have been significant, and his absence will be felt by the Braves.

The potential length of Harris’ absence is unclear at this point. The team has only stated that he will be out for at least 10 days, but it’s possible that he could miss more time depending on the severity of his injury.

If he’s only out for the minimum amount of time, the Braves should be able to weather the storm without him. However, if he’s out for an extended period, his absence will be more significant.

The Braves will have to make adjustments to their outfield lineup to compensate for the loss of Harris. One option could be to move one of their other outfielders to center fields, such as Guillermo Heredia or Ender Inciarte.

Alternatively, they could call up a player from their minor league system to fill the void. Regardless of who fills in for Harris, the team will need to find a way to continue winning games without one of their most exciting young players on the field.

Michael Harris II Injury Status

Injured ListMichael Harris II was placed on the injured list on May 6, 2023, due to back tightness.
Initial DiagnosisThe Brave’s medical staff diagnosed Harris with back tightness following his collision with the outfield wall during a game against the San Diego Padres.
Further ExaminationAdditional examination and testing will be required to determine the extent of Harris’ injury and the timeline for his recovery.
Impact on the BravesHarris’ absence will be felt by the Braves, who will need to adjust their outfield lineup to compensate for his loss. It’s unclear at this point how long he will be out, but his contributions to the team have been significant.
Potential ReplacementsGuillermo Heredia and Ender Inciarte are two players who could potentially fill in for Harris in center field while he is out. The Braves may also call up a player from their minor league system to fill the void.

Note: This table is for illustrative purposes only and the information provided is based on the available details as of May 7, 2023.


Will Michael Harris II require surgery for his back injury?

It’s unclear at this point whether Harris’ injury will require surgery. The Braves medical staff will likely monitor his progress closely and determine the best course of action based on how he responds to treatment and rehabilitation.

How has Michael Harris II performed for the Braves this season?

Harris has been impressive in his short time with the Braves this season. He’s hit .240 with a .385 on-base percentage and a .480 slugging percentage in 13 plate appearances. He’s also stolen a base and made some outstanding defensive plays in center field.

Who will replace Michael Harris II in the Braves’ outfield?

The Braves have a few options to replace Harris in center field, including Guillermo Heredia and Ender Inciarte. Both players have experience playing center field and could be called upon to fill the void left by Harris’ absence.

How will the loss of Michael Harris II impact the Braves’ playoff chances?

It’s too early to say how much of an impact Harris’ absence will have on the Braves’ playoff chances. However, he’s been an important contributor to the team so far this season, and his absence will certainly be felt. The Braves will need to continue to play well and find ways to win games without him in the lineup.


Michael Harris II’s injury is a setback for the Atlanta Braves, who will be without one of their most promising young players for at least 10 days.

The injury occurred during a game against the San Diego Padres when Harris collided with the outfield wall while tracking down a fly ball.

The initial diagnosis was back tightness, but further examination and testing will determine the extent of his injury.

The impact of his absence will depend on how long he’s out, but regardless, the Braves will have to adjust their outfield lineup to compensate for his loss.

Hopefully, Harris will recover quickly and be able to return to the field soon to continue his impressive rookie season.


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