What Belts Does Deontay Wilder Hold?

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what belts does deontay wilder hold

Deontay Wilder is a name that resonates with power and excitement in the world of professional boxing. With his imposing stature and thunderous punches, Wilder has carved a formidable path in the heavyweight division.

From his early days as an amateur standout to his rise as a dominant professional, Wilder’s journey has captivated fans and pundits alike.

One of the defining moments in Wilder’s career came in 2015 when he claimed the coveted WBC heavyweight title. Known for his devastating knockout power, he defended the title successfully in a series of electrifying bouts, solidifying his reputation as one of the most feared punchers in the sport.

In this blog, we will delve into the championship belts held by Deontay Wilder, exploring his rise to prominence, his battles against top contenders, and the ultimate quest to reclaim his place at the top of the heavyweight division.

Early Career and Rise to Prominence

Wilder’s Early Boxing Career and Amateur Accomplishments

Deontay Wilder’s journey in the world of boxing began long before he stepped into the professional ring. As an amateur, he quickly made a name for himself, amassing an impressive record and showcasing his natural talent.

With a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Wilder announced his arrival on the international stage.

Transition to the Professional Ranks and Initial Success

Following his Olympic success, Wilder made the decision to turn professional and pursue his dreams of becoming a world champion. He wasted no time in making an impact, winning his first professional fight by knockout in the second round.

His incredible power and athleticism were evident from the start, as he continued to dominate opponents and build an undefeated record.

Knockout Record and Reputation as a Hard-hitting Boxer

One of the defining characteristics of Deontay Wilder’s career is his extraordinary knockout power. With his lightning-fast fists and devastating punches, he has sent numerous opponents crashing to the canvas.

Knockout after knockout, Wilder’s reputation as a hard-hitting boxer grew, instilling fear in those who dared to step into the ring with him. His ability to end fights in spectacular fashion has become his trademark and an integral part of his boxing legacy.

Through his early career and rise to prominence, Deontay Wilder’s remarkable amateur accomplishments, seamless transition to the professional ranks, and his status as one of the most feared knockout artists in the sport have laid the foundation for his journey towards becoming a world-class heavyweight contender.

Winning the WBC Heavyweight Title

Wilder’s Title Shot Against Bermane Stiverne in 2015

In January 2015, Deontay Wilder faced Bermane Stiverne for the vacant WBC heavyweight title. The highly anticipated bout marked Wilder’s first opportunity to fight for a major world championship.

Stiverne, a tough and experienced opponent, was expected to provide a stern test for Wilder’s aspirations.

The Fight and Wilder’s Victory to Become the WBC Champion

The fight between Wilder and Stiverne took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. From the opening bell, Wilder showcased his explosive power and athleticism, utilizing his superior reach and speed to control the action.

He unleashed a barrage of punches, demonstrating his knockout prowess and determination to claim the title. After a dominant performance, Wilder secured a unanimous decision victory, becoming the WBC heavyweight champion.

Wilder’s Subsequent Successful Title Defenses and Reign as Champion

Following his triumph over Stiverne, Wilder embarked on a series of successful title defenses, solidifying his status as a formidable champion.

He faced notable challengers such as Eric Molina, Johann Duhaupas, Artur Szpilka, and Gerald Washington, dispatching them with his signature knockout power.

Wilder’s reign as the WBC champion showcased his ability to combine explosive offense with evasive defense.

Throughout his successful title defenses, Wilder’s knockout record remained intact, further cementing his reputation as a fearsome puncher in the heavyweight division.

His relentless pursuit of victory and entertaining fighting style endeared him to fans around the world.

Wilder’s journey as the WBC heavyweight champion, characterized by his impressive title defenses and dominance in the ring, solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of heavyweight boxing.

The Tyson Fury Fights

First Wilder Vs. Fury Fight in 2018

The first encounter between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury was a highly anticipated clash of two unbeaten heavyweights. Both fighters brought their unique styles and charismatic personalities to the table, adding an extra layer of excitement to the matchup.

The buildup to the fight was filled with trash talk, promotional events, and a genuine sense of intrigue surrounding the outcome.

Account of the Fight and the Controversial Draw Decision

The fight took place on December 1, 2018, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Wilder’s powerful punches and Fury’s elusive movement created a captivating battle inside the ring.

Wilder knocked Fury down in the ninth and twelfth rounds, showcasing his trademark knockout power. However, Fury displayed incredible resilience and skill, outboxing Wilder for large portions of the fight.

The fight ended in a controversial split draw decision, with one judge scoring it in favor of Wilder, another in favor of Fury, and the third judge declaring it a draw.

The decision sparked intense debate among fans and pundits, as many believed Fury had done enough to secure the victory.

Rematch in 2020 and Wilder’s Loss of the WBC Title

Following the contentious draw, a rematch between Wilder and Fury was scheduled for February 22, 2020. This time, the fight took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

However, the rematch had a different outcome compared to their first encounter. Fury showcased a dominant performance, utilizing his superior boxing skills and strategy to neutralize Wilder’s power.

In the seventh round, Wilder’s corner threw in the towel, resulting in a technical knockout victory for Fury.

With the defeat, Wilder not only lost the rematch but also relinquished his WBC heavyweight title, ending his reign as champion. The second fight between Wilder and Fury solidified their rivalry and showcased the skill and resilience of both fighters.

The Wilder vs. Fury fights will forever be remembered as two of the most memorable and controversial clashes in recent boxing history, adding another chapter to the rich tapestry of the heavyweight division.

Other Championship Opportunities

Wilder’s Missed Opportunity to Unify Against Anthony Joshua

Deontay Wilder’s career presented a highly anticipated opportunity for a unification bout against fellow heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. Fans and pundits eagerly awaited the clash that would determine an undisputed heavyweight champion.

Negotiations between the two camps were often turbulent and faced numerous hurdles, leading to the unfortunate collapse of potential fights. This missed opportunity left fans disappointed and prevented Wilder from showcasing his skills against Joshua in a historic matchup.

Fights With Other Heavyweight Champions or Top Contenders

While the unification bout with Joshua didn’t materialize, Wilder’s pursuit of world titles continued. There were talks and speculations about potential matchups with other heavyweight champions or top contenders.

Names like Dillian Whyte, Andy Ruiz Jr., and Oleksandr Usyk emerged as potential opponents for Wilder. These fights would have provided an opportunity for Wilder to prove himself against high-caliber opponents and potentially regain a world title.

Wilder’s Pursuit of Regaining World Title and Current Status

After losing the WBC title to Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder expressed his determination to bounce back and regain his status as a world champion. His devastating knockout power and exciting fighting style continue to make him a formidable force in the heavyweight division.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Wilder’s immediate plans and next opponent were not confirmed.

Wilder’s journey to regain a world title requires strategic planning, potential fights with top contenders, and continued dedication to his craft.

His current status in the heavyweight division remains an intriguing storyline, as fans and experts closely follow his next moves in the pursuit of reclaiming glory.

Deontay Wilder’s Championship History

Championship TitleDates HeldSuccessful Title Defenses
WBC Heavyweight2015-202010 (9 by KO)


Has Deontay Wilder ever fought outside of the United States?

Yes, Wilder has fought outside of the United States. One notable example is his rematch against Tyson Fury, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How many knockouts does Deontay Wilder have in his professional career?

Deontay Wilder has an impressive knockout record in his professional career. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, he has recorded 42 knockouts in his 43 victories.

Who are some of the notable opponents Deontay Wilder has faced?

Deontay Wilder has faced several notable opponents throughout his career. Some of them include Bermane Stiverne (twice), Tyson Fury (twice), Luis Ortiz (twice), and Dominic Breazeale.

Has Deontay Wilder ever held any other major world titles besides the WBC heavyweight title?

No, the WBC heavyweight title has been the only major world title held by Deontay Wilder in his professional career. He has been focused on the WBC championship and has not held titles from other major sanctioning bodies.

What is Deontay Wilder’s fighting style?

Deontay Wilder is known for his aggressive and powerful fighting style. He possesses immense punching power and often looks to end fights with his devastating right hand. He combines his power with speed and athleticism, making him a dangerous opponent in the ring.

Has Deontay Wilder ever competed in the Olympics?

Yes, Deontay Wilder represented the United States in the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, China. He won a bronze medal in the heavyweight division, showcasing his talent on the international stage.


Deontay Wilder’s boxing career has been filled with exhilarating highs, intense rivalries, and missed opportunities. From his early amateur accomplishments to his rise as the WBC heavyweight champion, Wilder’s knockout power and exciting style have captivated fans worldwide.

The controversial draw and subsequent rematch with Tyson Fury added a new layer of intrigue to his legacy, showcasing both his strengths and vulnerabilities.

While a unification bout with Anthony Joshua eluded him, Wilder’s pursuit of regaining a world title and solidifying his status as one of the top heavyweights continues.

The future holds new challenges and potential matchups for Wilder, and fans eagerly await his next steps in the ring. As a charismatic and explosive fighter, Deontay Wilder’s impact on the heavyweight division will be remembered for years to come.

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