Was Nakobe Dean A Steal In The Draft?

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The Philadelphia Eagles made a savvy move in the 2022 NFL Draft, selecting Nakobe Dean with the 83rd overall pick. Despite recent injury history and a lack of prototypical size, Dean shows up and produces every time he steps on the field.

So, was selecting Dean in the third round a steal for the Eagles?.

Was Nakobe Dean a Steal in the Draft?
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Was Nakobe Dean a Steal in the Draft?

Who is Nakobe Dean?

Nakobe Dean is an American football linebacker from Horn Lake, Mississippi who was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft. He played college football at the University of Georgia, where he was a three-year starter and two-time All-SEC selection.

He is known for his physicality, intelligence, and leadership ability.

How Was Nakobe Dean Rated?

Nakobe Dean was rated as one of the top linebackers in the draft class. He was rated as the fourth-best linebacker by Pro Football Focus and was rated as a top-20 player by several draft analysts. He was not viewed as an elite prospect but was seen as a potential starter in the NFL.

What Made Nakobe Dean a Steal?

Nakobe Dean was seen as a steal because he had the potential to be a long-term starter in the NFL despite his recent injury history and lack of prototypical size. He was seen as a player who could make an immediate impact on the field and help the Eagles improve their defense.

What Does Nakobe Dean Bring to the Table?

Nakobe Dean brings a lot to the table for the Eagles. He is a physical, intelligent, and savvy linebacker who has the potential to be a long-term starter in the NFL. He can provide excellent coverage skills and is a leader on the field.

He also possesses the ability to make plays in the running game and provide solid run support.

What Does the Future Hold for Nakobe Dean?

The future looks bright for Nakobe Dean. He has the potential to be a star linebacker in the NFL and help the Eagles stay competitive in the NFC East. He has the potential to be a long-term starter and provide strong leadership in the locker room.

He will need to stay healthy and continue to develop his skills in order to reach his full potential, but he has the potential to be a star in the NFL.

Why Did the Falcons Not Draft Nakobe Dean?

The Atlanta Falcons opted not to draft Nakobe Dean in the 2020 NFL Draft due to his injury concerns and smaller size. Dean suffered an ankle injury during his final collegiate season and reports suggested he could need surgery afterwards.

This led to the Falcons believing that Dean wouldn’t be able to play up to the level of their expectations. The team also feared that Dean’s smaller stature would leave him vulnerable to bigger, stronger opponents in the NFL.

The Falcons chose to pass on Dean in favor of more durable prospects. Dean’s injury history, combined with his size, caused the team to doubt his ability to stay on the field and produce. Dean was taken in the second round by the New Orleans Saints, after dropping in the draft due to his injury concerns.

The Saints were willing to take the risk and it appears to have paid off, as Dean has made an immediate impact on the defense. The Falcons, on the other hand, missed out on a talented player due to their worries about his health.

Dean’s success for the Saints serves as a reminder that teams should not overlook talented prospects due to health concerns.

Why Didn T the Giants Draft Nakobe Dean?

The Giants didn’t draft Nakobe Dean because he had a pre-existing pectoral injury. Dean had decided against having surgery, making him a risk for the Giants. The Eagles, however, decided to take a chance on Dean and selected his Georgia teammate, Jordan Davis.

Pre-draft, Dean was rated as the No. 2 inside linebacker in the draft. The Giants had other needs they wanted to address in the draft. They felt they could fill their needs more effectively with other players.

The Giants also felt there were other players available that didn’t have injury risks. Dean was too much of a risk for the Giants with his pectoral injury. The Giants chose to go with players who were healthier and less of a risk.

In the end, the Eagles took a chance on Dean while the Giants decided to go with other players.

Why is Nakobi Dean Sliding?

Injury Concerns

Nakobi Dean, a highly-rated defensive back, has been sliding in the NFL Draft. This sudden fall has been attributed to injury concerns. NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport reported that Dean has a “severe pec strain”.

It is unclear if Dean has been playing with this injury or if it is a recent development.

Possibility of Re-injury

The pec strain is a serious injury that could easily be re-aggravated. It is possible that teams are concerned about the possibility of the injury reoccurring, or impacting Dean’s ability to play. As a result, teams may be shying away from drafting him until they are sure that his injury is not a long-term issue.

Timing of Injury

Another factor that could be playing into Dean’s slide is the timing of the injury. If the injury occurred recently, it could be indicative of a larger underlying problem. Teams may be worried that the injury could be a sign of a more serious problem that could affect Dean’s ability to play.

Lack of Medical Clearance

It is also possible that teams are concerned that Dean has not been medically cleared by team doctors. Even if the injury is not serious, teams may be wary of drafting a player until they have been cleared by their own medical staff.

Limited Information

Finally, teams may be concerned because there is limited information available about the injury. Without knowing the full extent of the injury, teams may be hesitant to take a chance on Dean until they have more information.

This could be contributing to his slide in the draft.

Overall, the reason for Nakobi Dean’s slide in the NFL Draft is unclear. It could be due to injury concerns, the possibility of re-injury, the timing of the injury, the lack of medical clearance, or limited information about the injury.

Until more information becomes available, it is difficult to know for sure what is causing Dean’s slide in the draft.

Why Did Wydermyer Fall in the Draft?

Lack of Football I.q.:

Wydermyer’s lack of football knowledge was an issue that was brought to light at the combine and later. Team sources reported that his interviews were not good, and he seemed to lack the basic understanding of football that many of the other prospects had.

Poor Workout Performance:

In the weeks before the draft, Wydermyer did not show the same level of performance in his workouts that other prospects did. He struggled with drills and exercises, and his overall performance was not up to par.

Flunking Pre-draft Process

Due to his lack of football knowledge and poor workout performance, Wydermyer failed the pre-draft process. Teams could not get a good enough sense of him to select him, leading him to go undrafted.

Not Good Enough for Selection:

Ultimately, Wydermyer was not good enough for teams to select him in the draft. His lack of knowledge and poor performance in the pre-draft process made it difficult for teams to take a chance on him.

Falling in the Draft:

Due to his failure to pass the pre-draft process, Wydermyer was not selected in the draft, ultimately leading him to fall in the draft. He was not seen as a viable option for any team, and he was unable to prove himself enough to earn a draft pick.

Who Has the Longest Contract With the Eagles?

Lane Johnson is the only Eagle with a contract that runs through 2027. He is one of just nine players in the entire NFL with such a long-term deal. Wide receiver Antonio Brown is signed through 2026. Tight end Dallas Goedert, offensive lineman Jordan Davis and tackle Jordan Mailata are all signed through 2025.

Johnson has the longest contract with the Eagles, while Brown is next in line. Goedert, Davis and Mailata are among those with contracts that are shorter in duration. Johnson’s deal is worth $72 million over four years and includes $35.5 million guaranteed.

Brown’s deal is for one year and is worth up to $15 million. Goedert’s contract is for two years and $12.7 million with $8.5 million guaranteed. Davis and Mailata both signed three-year contracts worth a combined $11.7 million.

To Recap

In summary, Nakobe Dean was an excellent pick for the Eagles in the 2022 NFL Draft. Although he was not necessarily seen as a top prospect by many teams, Dean has proven time and time again that he can be a reliable contributor and make an impact.

The Eagles have clearly identified an underrated player and made a great move in selecting Dean.

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