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Vontaze Burfict is a retired American football linebacker who played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders. Born on September 24, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, he stood at 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) and weighed 255 lb (116 kg).

Burfict went to Corona Centennial High School and played college football at Arizona State. He went undrafted in 2012 but made a name for himself as a top linebacker for the Bengals, earning accolades such as Pro Bowl and Second-team All-Pro.

Throughout his career, Burfict recorded 622 total tackles, 8.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 5 fumble recoveries, 5 interceptions, and 1 defensive touchdown.

Vontaze Burfict
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Personal Information of Vontaze Burfict

Real Name/Full NameVontaze DeLeon Burfict Jr
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California
Height6 feet 1 inch
WeightAround 112 kg
Net Worth$12 million



High school career

Vontaze Burfict is a football player who attended Centennial High School in Corona, California. He was a part of an undefeated team that won a CIF state championship with quarterback Taylor Martinez’s help.

The team was ranked second in the nation. Burfict had significant contributions to the team’s success, where he led them with 159 tackles, two quarterback sacks, two interceptions, and two fumble recoveries.

He even participated in the US Army All-American Bowl and was the third-leading tackler in the West Team. The player received several All-American honors, including Parade. The career of Vontaze Burfict in high school was very successful.

He played an essential role in Centennial High School’s victory, which brought them national recognition. His performances earned him a place in various All-American teams, establishing himself as an outstanding talent.

Burfict’s experience in high school would serve him well as he moved up to the college level and then to the NFL. Overall, it is impressive how Vontaze Burfict’s career in high school shaped his future success in football.

College career

Vontaze Burfict committed to USC but switched to Arizona State. He joined Arizona State’s 2009 recruiting class along with three of his high school teammates. However, he struggled to meet admission standards based on the NCAA eligibility sliding scale and had one summer school class to complete.

Burfict was compared to Ray Lewis by Sun Devils coach Dennis Erickson. Erickson expected him to be academically eligible for enrollment. Burfict did qualify on time for the 2009 football season. During his college career, Burfict played for the Sun Devils and was a middle linebacker.

He contributed significantly to the team’s win-loss record. Burfict was a three-year starter and a two-time All-Pac-10 selection in 2010 and 2011. Despite this, Burfict had issues with personal conduct and discipline throughout his college career.

These issues affected his NFL draft stock. Nevertheless, he entered the 2012 NFL Draft after his junior year and was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round.

Professional career

After being undrafted in 2012, Vontaze Burfict signed with the Cincinnati Bengals as a free agent. He made his debut in the 2012 season and played in all 16 games. In 2013, Burfict improved significantly and became one of the top linebackers in the NFL, earning a Pro Bowl selection.

He continued to play well in the 2014 season and recorded a career-high 171 tackles. However, he also gained a reputation for delivering illegal hits and was suspended for three games in the 2016 season.

Despite the suspension, Burfict signed a contract extension with the Bengals in 2017. He continued to play for the Bengals until 2018 when he was released due to his declining play and concerns over his behavior.

In 2019, Burfict signed with the Oakland Raiders but only played in four games due to a season-ending suspension for a helmet-to-helmet hit. He was not signed by any team for the 2020 season and remains a free agent.

Overall, Burfict had a successful career in the NFL but was plagued by his off-the-field behavior and controversial hits.

NFL career statistics

Vontaze Burfict is a prominent NFL player who was born in South Los Angeles. Burfict’s father was a gang member who went to jail due to cocaine dealing, and he never developed a bond with his son.

Meanwhile, Burfict’s mother was a dedicated city transit bus driver who raised Burfict and his half-brother, DaShan Miller, as a single parent before settling in Corona after remarrying.

Burfict and Miller both attended Corona Centennial High School, where they played football. Miller later went on to play college football at UTEP and Akron as a wide receiver. As an NFL player, Burfict has impressive career statistics.

He has played for several teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals, Las Vegas Raiders, and Arizona Cardinals. Throughout his career, Burfict has appeared in 75 games, recording 604 tackles, 8.5 sacks, five interceptions, and six forced fumbles.

Despite his accomplishments, Burfict’s career has also been marred by numerous disciplinary issues, including multiple suspensions for on-field conduct, which led to his release from the Raiders in 2019.

Net Worth

Vontaze Burfict is an American football player who plays as a linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League (NFL). He was born in Los Angeles, California on September 24, 1990 and attended Centennial High School and Arizona State University.

He was signed by the Bengals as an undrafted free agent in 2012 and has since become one of the best players in his position. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2013 and was ranked #52 in the Top 100 Players of 2014 by his peers.

According to various sources, Vontaze Burfict’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million , which is mainly derived from his salary and endorsements. He signed a four-year contract extension with the Bengals in 2014 worth $20 million, with $7.6 million guaranteed. He also earns money from sponsorships and appearances.

Personal life

Vontaze Burfict was born and raised in South Los Angeles. His father was a convicted cocaine dealer and gang member who was mostly incarcerated, which prevented him from having a relationship with his son.

Burfict’s mother, who worked as a city transit bus driver, initially raised him and his older half-brother DaShan Miller on her own. Eventually, Burfict’s mother remarried and moved to Corona with her children.

DaShan Miller, like Burfict, was also a football player at Corona Centennial High School. After high school, Miller played college football at UTEP and Akron as a wide receiver. Burfict’s mother played an important role in his life, serving as a support system throughout his childhood.

Despite his difficult upbringing, Burfict’s love for football blossomed at an early age, leading him to pursue a career in the NFL. Today, Burfict is known as a talented linebacker for the NFL, playing for various teams such as the Cincinnati Bengals and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Although he has faced some controversy throughout his career, his life continues to inspire many young people who come from similar backgrounds to pursue their dreams and never give up.

Will Vontaze Burfict ever play in the NFL again?

Vontaze Burfict, a former NFL linebacker, has had a controversial career to say the least. He is known for his rough playing style, which often resulted in penalties and suspensions.

In 2019, he was suspended indefinitely for his vicious hit on a player during a game. Since then, he has not been signed by any team, and his chances of returning to the NFL are very slim.

Burfict has a history of disciplinary problems and has been fined and suspended numerous times for his actions on the field. With his reputation, it is unlikely any team will take the risk of signing him again.

When did Brown get hit by Burfict?

During a game between two AFC North rivals in the 2015 NFL playoffs, a brutal hit was made by Burfict on Steelers’ wide receiver Antonio Brown. The hit was so hard that Brown’s body went limp and he suffered from a concussion.

Some people believe that the hit changed Brown’s life forever. It is unclear when exactly during the game the hit occurred, but it is known that it happened in the playoffs. The game was likely highly intense as it was a matchup between two division rivals.

The hit by Burfict on Brown drew a lot of attention and caused controversy. The incident may have brought increased attention to player safety in the NFL. Concussions are a major concern for football players as they can have long-term effects on their health.

The hit by Burfict on Brown may have contributed to changes in league rules and player safety protocols. Brown has since moved on from the Steelers, but the hit remains a significant moment in his career and in the history of the NFL.

How much money did Vontaze Burfict make in the NFL?

  • Vontaze Burfict is an NFL player who signed a 4-year contract with Cincinnati Bengals.
  • The contract was worth $19.004 million with an average annual salary of $4.751 million.
  • He received a signing bonus of $3.1 million.
  • A total of $6.904 million was guaranteed under the contract.
  • Vontaze Burfict is a linebacker who played for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Oakland Raiders in the NFL.
  • He was a standout player in college, attending Arizona State University.
  • Burfict is known for his aggressive and sometimes violent style of play.
  • Despite this, he has been a successful player, making the NFL playoffs several times.
  • Vontaze Burfict was released by the Raiders in 2019 after only playing in four games in the season due to a variety of issues.
  • His total earnings in NFL are not specified in the information provided.

To Recap

Vontaze Burfict is a former American football linebacker who was born on September 24, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. He stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 255 pounds. Burfict attended Corona Centennial High School and later played college football at Arizona State University.

In 2012, he went undrafted but eventually signed with the Cincinnati Bengals, where he played until 2018. He then played for the Oakland Raiders in 2019. Burfict was a talented player who achieved notable awards such as the Pro Bowl and Second-team All-Pro, among others.

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