Ucla Bruins Men’s Basketball Best Players of All Time

The UCLA Bruins men’s basketball program is one of the most successful and accomplished teams in college sports history. With a record 11 NCAA titles, they have cemented their place as a powerhouse in both the Pac-12 Conference and college basketball at large. Under legendary coach John Wooden, the team won 10 out of 12 national championships from 1964 to 1975 with an unprecedented seven straight during that span. Their storied tradition has been upheld over the years by many talented players who continue to make UCLA proud on court today.

Final Words

. . The UCLA Bruins men’s basketball program is one of the most successful and accomplished teams in college basketball. The Bruins have produced countless NBA players, including 2012-13 MVP Kobe Bryant, 1996-97 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Champion Rick Majerus, 2011-12 AP Male Athlete of the Year Kevin Love, and 2002 National Player of the Year Steve Nash.

Other famous alumni include coaches John Wooden (1961–1969) and Bill Walton (1971–1983).

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