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Maya Moore is a former professional basketball player who was born on June 11, 1989, in Jefferson City, Missouri, US. She stands at 6 ft 0 in (183 cm) tall and weighs 175 lb (79 kg). Moore played for the University of Connecticut from 2007-2011.

She was drafted 1st overall by the Minnesota Lynx in the 2011 WNBA draft, where she played for 8 years and won four WNBA championships.

Moore was also a decorated player, winning numerous awards, including the WNBA MVP and Finals MVP, and earning medals playing for the United States in the Olympic Games and the World Championship.

Personal Information of Maya Moore

Real Name/Full Name Maya April Moore
Age 33 years old
Birth Date Jun 11, 1989
Birth Place Jefferson City, Missouri
Nationality American
Height 6′ 0″
Weight 174 pounds
Marital Status Not married
Wife/Spouse (Name) Jonathan Irons
Profession Basketball Player
Net Worth $1 million


Regular Season Averages
Regular Season Totals
Regular Season Misc Totals

Early life

Maya Moore was born in Jefferson City, Missouri in 1989. Her mother’s name is Kathryn. Moore’s interest in basketball began at the young age of three when her mother put up a hoop on their apartment door.

She attended Moreau Heights Elementary School when she was a child. Later on, she went to Creekland Middle School. In her early years, Maya Moore showed great interest and dedication towards basketball and spent a lot of time practicing.

She was determined to achieve greatness in basketball. She had a natural talent for the sport, which allowed her to excel quickly. Her passion for basketball started to grow as she joined several teams and played in various tournaments.

Maya Moore’s talent was undeniable, and she gained quick recognition as a star basketball player in her hometown. She continued to work hard and improve her skills, which led her to become one of the most prominent female basketball players in the world.

Even in her early years, Maya Moore’s dedication to basketball was evident, and her talent quickly showed.

High school career

Maya Moore is a former American basketball player. She attended Collins Hill High School located in Gwinnett County, Georgia. At high school, Maya had an incredible record of 125-3. She was a four-year starter and received multiple awards for her skills.

Maya was named to the USA Today Freshman and Sophomore All-America teams. During her junior year, she had an impressive average of 23.2 points, 11.3 rebounds, 4.6 assists, and 5.4 steals per game. Her performance led her to win the Naismith Prep Player of the Year in 2005-06.

She became the second junior to win the award. In December 2005, Maya showcased her talent by dunking in warm-ups at a dunk contest in Charlotte, NC. She was only 16 years old at that time.

Maya’s high school career was full of achievements, and her passion for the game led her to become one of the most successful basketball players in history.

Time with the Georgia Metros

Maya Moore represented Georgia Metros 16U Nike Travel Team for two consecutive years. The team had a remarkable record of 73-6 in those seasons.

Moore guided the team to win four National Championships – AAU 16U National Championship in Orlando, US Junior Nationals Championship in DC twice, and Nike Nationals Championship.

She was named the MVP of the AAU 16U National Championship, which she won as a 15-year-old. Moore’s notable teammates during her time with the Georgia Metros included Kelly Cain, Ashley Houts, Alicia Manning, Morgan Toles, Charenee Stephens, Taylor Turnbow, Jordan Greenleaf, and D’Andra Moss.

Moore’s performance in those two travel seasons was vital in establishing her as a future basketball star. Her ability to lead the team to multiple National Championships showcased her talent and potential.

Moore’s time with the Georgia Metros helped her develop the skills that later gained her reputation as one of basketball’s greatest players. Her success with the team is a testament to her dedication and passion for the sport.

University of Connecticut career

Maya Moore had an exceptional career at the University of Connecticut. She played basketball from 2007 to 2011. Her best season was during her freshman year when she led the Huskies to a 36-2 record. In this season, Maya was able to score a team-high of 17.8 points per game with 42% success rate in three-point shots.

She was also great in rebounding, averaging 7.6 per game, and block shots, with 1.6 per game. Additionally, Maya set several records as a freshman including points (678), field goals (275), and three-point field goals (73).

These records made Maya the UConn single-season record holder for the most points as a freshman, breaking the prior mark set by Svetlana Abrosimova, who had 538 in 1997–98. Maya also tied Diana Taurasi’s record of 31 consecutive games in double digits.

She ranked in several categories among the BIG EAST’s leaders, ranking sixth among scoring leaders, 11th among rebounding leaders, seventh in field goal percentage leaders, and fifth among three-point field goal percentage leaders.

Overall, Maya’s exceptional freshman season set the tone for her phenomenal basketball career at the University of Connecticut.

Professional career

Maya Moore has had a tremendously successful professional basketball career. She has been a part of multiple championship teams in different leagues. Her success includes winning three WNBA finals, one Eurobasket final, and two WCBA finals in her first three years as a pro.

She is considered one of the best players in the women’s game today. Her achievements are evident in the awards and recognition she has received over the years. In 2015, she was named the WNBA All-Star MVP, becoming just one of two players to achieve this feat alongside Lisa Leslie.

Maya Moore established herself as a top player in the WNBA by winning the MVP awards for the regular season and the finals. Apart from her impressive achievements, Moore was also named the USA Basketball Athlete of the Year in 2013 and 2014.

Her journey to success has not been an easy one, but her talent, hard work, and dedication to the sport have earned her a place among the greats. Maya Moore is a shining example of what it takes to excel in sports and achieve greatness.

Net Worth

Maya Moore is one of the most successful and influential basketball players of all time. She has won four WNBA championships, two Olympic gold medals, and numerous individual awards.

She is also known for her social justice activism and her decision to take a break from basketball in 2019 to focus on other causes. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Maya Moore has an estimated net worth of $150,000 as of 2021.

This is based on her salary from the WNBA, which is around $117,000 per year, as well as her endorsements and other sources of income. However, Moore’s net worth is likely to increase in the future, as she is still under contract with the Minnesota Lynx and has expressed interest in returning to the court someday.

Why did Maya Moore retire?

Reasons for Maya Moore’s Retirement:

  • Advocacy for social justice
  • To help free Jonathan Irons from wrongful conviction
  • Personal growth and development
  • Desire to focus on family and ministry
  • Fatigue from the demands of professional basketball
  • Career accomplishments achieved
  • Desire to explore other talents and interests
  • Time for self-care and mental health
  • Age and physical toll of playing basketball
  • Future opportunities to continue impact off the court

What is Maya Moore’s net worth?

Maya Moore’s Net Worth:

  • Maya Moore is a WNBA star.
  • Her net worth is $300,000.
  • Her net worth is according to Celebrity Net Worth.
  • During the 2020-2021 season, she played for the Minnesota Lynx.
  • Maya Moore received a base salary of $117,000 for the 2020-2021 season.
  • She collects roughly $58,500 annually while playing basketball.
  • Her net worth may increase with time.
  • Maya Moore is a well-known athlete and activist.
  • She has won several awards and is highly admired.

Who got the most WNBA rings?

The top player in WNBA history based on the number of championship rings won is Sue Bird. Bird has successfully led her team, Seattle Storm, as their point guard for an impressive 20 years. Bird’s dedication and leadership have paid off, leading her team to a remarkable four championship titles in the past two decades.

Her loyalty to the Seattle Storm has helped her stay competitive, and she is recognized as a WNBA star. Although other players’ stats rival Bird’s, her ability to repeatedly lead her team to victory sets her apart.

She is a skilled player and has played a vital role in Seattle Storm’s success. Bird’s passion for basketball is evident in her constant efforts to improve. She demonstrates excellent strategy and understanding of the game, making her a formidable force on the court.

Bird stands out among other players in WNBA history because of her exceptional skill and consistency. Her contribution to the league is enormous, and her record of four championships speaks volumes about her talent and dedication.

What does Maya Moore do now?

Maya Moore is a woman who has dedicated her life to helping others. She is known for her work in the community and her dedication to those in need. Even though she has retired from basketball, Moore has no plans to stop making a difference.

She envisions herself being more present at home, in her community and continuing her work with the non-profit organization she founded called “Win with Justice.” Moore intends to focus her efforts on helping the less fortunate.

She is a person who has always been passionate about matters of social justice, and she has continued to advocate for their rights. Her devotion to her non-profit organization, which is open to everyone regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity reflects her belief in equality.

Moore has become a symbol of hope for many people in the community, and she hopes to continue to inspire them to bring positive change. Her dedication to her cause will ensure that her work continues and is impacted for years to come.

Maya Moore’s strong and unwavering commitment towards helping her community will make the world a better place.

To Recap

Maya Moore was born on June 11, 1989, in Jefferson City, Missouri. She is a 33-year-old former professional basketball player who played for Minnesota Lynx from 2011 to 2018 in the Small Forward position.

Moore achieved many awards and medals during her career, including four WNBA championships, WNBA Finals MVP, WNBA MVP, and Olympic gold medals at the 2012 and 2016 games. She also won several WNBA All-Star honors and was elected to the WNBA 20th and 25th Anniversary Teams.

Outside of the court, Moore is known for her advocacy for criminal justice reform and social justice issues, including her efforts to free Jonathan Irons, who was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to prison.

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