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Larry Brown, a former running back, was born on September 19, 1947, in Clairton, Pennsylvania, and is currently 75 years old. He played football at Pittsburgh Schenley in high school and College football for Kansas State.

Brown was selected by the Washington Redskins in the 1969 NFL Draft’s eighth round and played for them until 1976, leading the league in rushing yards in 1970.

He earned several recognitions throughout his career, including the NFL Most Valuable Player, Bert Bell Award, and UPI NFC Player of the Year in 1972, among others.

Brown had 5,875 rushing yards and 35 touchdowns with an average of 3.8 yards per carry during his NFL career.

Larry Brown

Personal Information of Larry Brown

Real Name/Full NameWilliam Larry Brown
Age82 years old
Birth Date14 Sep 1940
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, NY
Height5′ 9″
Weight75 kg
Wife/Spouse (Name)Shelly Brown
ProfessionProfessional Basketball Player
Net Worth70 million USD (2016)



Professional career

Larry Brown had an impressive eight-year professional football career which was solely with the Washington Redskins. The team had not given him much consideration when they chose him in the eighth round of the 1969 NFL/AFL draft in January.

Despite being a passing team with Sonny Jurgensen as their All-Pro quarterback, they desperately needed a productive rusher. That is when Larry Brown came into the picture, despite having served as a blocking back for Cornelius Davis at Kansas State.

Larry Brown’s years in high school had not included significant recruitment interest, where Howard University in Washington, D.C., showed the most interest in him. However, upon a campus visit, he observed lopsided scores against the football team posted on past schedules at the school’s athletic building.

Nevertheless, when Larry Brown joined the Washington Redskins, he proved his value by leading the NFL in rushing twice, earning All-Pro honors and earning the Most Valuable Player Award in Super Bowl VII.

He retired in 1976 with a record of 5,875 rushing yards, 2,499 receiving yards, and 55 touchdowns, leaving behind an impressive legacy. Brown’s journey from being an afterthought pick to a successful running back is truly admirable.

Post-football career

After leaving the football field in 1976, Larry Brown found success in the financial industry. He began working at E.F. Hutton as a Personal Financial Management Advisor, where he assisted clients with their financial planning needs.

Brown demonstrated a talent for navigating the complex world of finance and soon became well-respected in the industry. He eventually shifted gears and ventured into the real estate sector, where he served as a Vice President of NAI Michael Commercial Real Estate Services.

In this role, Brown utilized his financial acumen to help clients with their real estate investment strategies. His expertise in financial management proved invaluable to his clients, and he continued to make a name for himself in this field.

Throughout his post-football career, Brown demonstrated a strong work ethic and an ability to excel in any industry he chose. His experiences both on and off the field helped shape him into a well-rounded individual with valuable skills to offer in various areas.

Today, Larry Brown is remembered as a successful athlete, financial advisor, and real estate professional who made significant contributions to the fields in which he worked.

Net Worth

Larry Brown is a former basketball player and coach who has a net worth of $70 million. He is the only coach in history to win both NBA and NCAA championships, as well as an Olympic gold medal as a player.

He has coached several teams in the ABA, NBA and college basketball, earning a reputation as a rebel and a winner. He last coached in the NBA for the Charlotte Bobcats in 2010, and most recently for Southern Methodist University from 2012 to 2016.

Charitable activities

Larry Brown has been involved in many charitable activities for the Redskins and other non-profit organizations for years. He has donated his time to help organizations in the Washington, D.C. area, including the Prince George’s County Special Olympics and the National Council on Disability.

He is a member of the Friends of the National Zoo Advisory Committee and has contributed to its success. Brown is also involved with the Coalition for the Homeless to address issues of homelessness in the area.

Furthermore, he has actively supported the Capital Children’s Museum and its programs. Additionally, the Washington Redskins Charity Golf Classic has been one of the organizations that Brown has supported.

In conclusion, Brown has been engaged in various charitable activities and has positively impacted many organizations in the Washington, D.C. area.

What is Larry Brown doing now?

Larry Brown, a renowned basketball coach, has recently joined the Memphis Tigers men’s basketball program. He is serving as an assistant coach for the team, under the leadership of Penny Hardaway, a former NBA player, and the current head coach of the Tigers.

Brown’s association with the team began in June 2021. Before this, he had not served as an assistant coach since 1967. With his vast experience in coaching, Brown is expected to be a valuable addition to the coaching staff of the Tigers.

He has coached several notable basketball teams in his career, including the Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers, and Kansas Jayhawks. Brown is known for his ability to turn around the fortunes of struggling teams and elevate them to new heights.

He is also recognized for his excellent player development skills, as evident from the countless NBA players he has coached and mentored over the years. Brown’s expertise in coaching and the wealth of knowledge he brings to the Tigers is expected to bolster the team’s performance in the upcoming season.

Why did Larry Brown leave Pistons?

Larry Brown left Pistons due to his health condition. Here are some reasons:

  • He had been suffering from a bladder ailment since Nov. 3.
  • He informed Pistons that he could coach for the season but couldn’t commit to a full season without complications.
  • His health was a primary concern for him and the Pistons’ management.
  • Brown underwent medical treatment during his coaching tenure.
  • The Pistons faced several ups and downs during Brown’s health struggle.
  • Brown had previously undergone hip surgery, which affected his coaching during the 2004 playoffs.
  • His medical condition caused a significant distraction for the team and affected their performance.
  • Taking care of his health was the priority for Brown.
  • He left the Pistons after two years of coaching, with a record of 102-78.
  • Brown’s decision to leave was mutual and was taken to prioritize his health over the team’s success.

Did Larry Brown win an NBA championship?

Larry Brown’s NBA Championship History

Larry Brown, an American basketball coach, has won an NBA championship once. He won the championship as the head coach of the Detroit Pistons in 2004. It was the Pistons’ first NBA title since 1990.

Brown’s team defeated the heavily favored Los Angeles Lakers 4-1. During his coaching career, Brown led eight different NBA teams. Apart from Pistons, he also coached the Philadelphia 76ers, Charlotte Bobcats, and others.

Brown is known for his defensive tactics, which have helped his teams win many games. He has also been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Larry Brown’s NBA championship shows his incredible coaching talent and dedication to the game.

Nowadays, he is retired and last served as the head coach at Southern Methodist University in Texas.

To Recap

Larry Brown, a former American football player, was born on September 19, 1947, in Clairton, Pennsylvania. Standing at a height of 5 ft 11 in, Brown played as a running back and was drafted in the eighth round of the 1969 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins.

He spent his entire career playing for the Redskins from 1969 to 1976, during which he won several accolades, including the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award, Bert Bell Award, and UPI NFC Player of the Year.

Brown was also a two-time First-team All-Pro selection, four-time Pro Bowler, and a member of the 80 Greatest Redskins list and the Washington Commanders Ring of Fame.

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