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Johan Cruyff, born on 25th April 1947 in Amsterdam, was a Dutch footballer and manager. He played as a forward and attacking midfielder. Cruyff began his youth career in Ajax and later turned professional at Ajax.

He played for Ajax, Barcelona, Los Angeles Aztecs, Washington Diplomats, Levante, and Feyenoord. He represented the Netherlands for 48 international games scoring 33 goals. Cruyff managed Ajax and Barcelona, winning numerous trophies.

He led the Netherlands team to reach the finals of the 1974 World Cup, but they lost it to West Germany. Cruyff passed away in Barcelona in 2016 at the age of 68.

Johan Cruyff

Personal Information of Johan Cruyff

Real Name/Full NameHendrik Johannes Cruijff
Age68 years old
Birth DateApr 25, 1947
Birth PlaceAmsterdam, Netherlands
Height5′ 10″
Weight172 pounds
Wife/Spouse (Name)Danny Coster
Net Worth$4 million

Early life

Johan Cruyff, the Dutch football legend, was born on 25 April 1947 in Amsterdam. He spent his childhood on a street close to Ajax’s stadium, where he played football with his older brother, Henny, and schoolmates.

Despite coming from a humble, working-class background in east Amsterdam, Johan’s father, Hermanus Cornelis Cruijff, was a great influence on Johan’s love for football. Johan used to idolize Faas Wilkes, a talented Dutch dribbler, and was motivated to follow in his footsteps.

Living near Akkerstraat Stadium helped Johan develop his skills, and he greatly enjoyed playing on its fields. Whenever he found the opportunity, he would play football with his friends and family.

Johan’s upbringing and surroundings provided a perfect atmosphere for him to become a legendary football player.

Although Johan’s family may not have had much money or status, his father’s passion and Johan’s proximity to the stadium made him a football prodigy who would go on to revolutionize the sport.

Club career

Johan Cruyff was a legendary football player who was born in Amsterdam in 1947. He joined the Ajax youth system when he was just ten years old. His talent was noticed by Ajax youth coach Jany van der Veen, who offered him a place at the club without a trial.

Despite preferring baseball initially, he quit at the age of fifteen on his coaches’ suggestion. Cruyff quickly established himself as a key player for Ajax, and his performances helped the club win multiple Eredivisie titles and European Cups.

After a falling out with the Ajax board, Cruyff joined Barcelona in 1973. At Barca, he became a vital player and helped the club win their first La Liga title in 14 years. He later returned to Ajax in 1981 before retiring at the age of 37.

During his career, Cruyff’s innovative playing style and tactical acumen revolutionized the game of football, and he is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time.

International career

Johan Cruyff had a successful international career representing the Netherlands. In his 48 matches, he scored 33 goals which resulted in the national team winning or drawing every match in which he scored.

He made his official debut in 1966 and scored in his first match against Hungary. However, in his second match, he received a red card and was banned from international games by the KNVB. Despite this ban, he was allowed to play in Eredivisie and KNVB Cup games.

Cruyff was a key player for the Netherlands and helped them reach the final of the 1974 World Cup, where they lost to West Germany. He was known for his skill on the ball, creativity, and ability to score goals.

His international career came to an end in 1977 after a dispute with his coach. Despite this, he remains one of the greatest players in Dutch football history and is revered as a national icon.

Coaching career

After retiring from football, Johan Cruyff stepped into coaching, following the path of his mentor, Rinus Michels. He coached a young Ajax side, which emerged victorious in the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1987.

In 1985, he returned to Ajax as a coach, after a brief stint at Levante. The team experienced success under his guidance in the 1985-86 and 1986-87 seasons by claiming the KNVB Cup.

However, they missed out on the league title to Jan Raker’s PSV in 1985-86 seasons, despite having an impressive goal difference of +85.

During his coaching career, Cruyff instilled his philosophy of ‘Total Football’ in his teams, emphasizing fluent and attacking football, where any player is capable of playing in any position.

He was highly praised for his tactical abilities, and his coaching style influenced numerous managers, including Pep Guardiola.

Cruyff’s next significant coaching work came at Barcelona, where he assembled a group of players who dominated European football by winning the European Cup in 1992. Later he returned to Ajax for a short stint, and then coached at teams like Valencia and Catalonia.

Cruyff’s legacy as a coach and player continues to influence the sport even today.

Net Worth

Johan Cruyff was a Dutch professional footballer and coach who had an estimated net worth of $4 million at the time of his death in 2016. He won the Ballon d’Or three times, in 1971, 1973 and 1974, and led the Netherlands to the final of the 1974 FIFA World Cup.

He was a proponent of the Total Football philosophy and is widely regarded as one of the greatest players and managers in the history of the sport. He played for Ajax, Barcelona, Los Angeles Aztecs, Washington Diplomats, Levante and Feyenoord, scoring 294 goals in 518 club appearances.

He also managed Ajax and Barcelona, winning several trophies with both teams. He was known for his skill, vision, creativity and intelligence on the pitch, as well as his signature move, the Cruyff Turn.

Other football-related activities

Johan Cruyff, after leaving coaching, remained active in football in various capacities. He contributed to the development of football by establishing the Johan Cruyff Foundation, which aims to promote football among children, especially those with special needs.

He also launched the Cruyff Institute, a school that offers courses in sports management. Cruyff was a strong advocate of Total Football, a playing style in which players interchange their positions constantly, and played an influential role in promoting it worldwide.

He provided expert commentary as a football analyst and commentator, sharing his experiences and thoughts on the game. Cruyff wrote several books on football, including his autobiography “My Turn” and “Cruyff’s Total Football,” which detailed his playing and coaching philosophies.

He also featured in documentaries and films about football, including “Johan Cruyff: En Un Momento Dado” and “Cruyff: The Last Match.” Besides football, Cruyff proved to be an entrepreneur by launching his own brand of sports shoes and apparel called “Cruyff Classics.”

He also became a supporter of the Catalonian independence movement and used his influence to give voice to this cause.

Even after his death in 2016, Cruyff’s impact continues to be felt in football and beyond.

What is Johan Cruyff famous for?

Johan Cruyff, a former Dutch footballer and coach, gained fame for several reasons, such as:

  • Winning the Ballon d’Or three times
  • Founding the football philosophy known as Total Football
  • Being a skilled and innovative player on the field
  • Leading his teams to victory with his strategic approach
  • Transforming FC Barcelona into a dominant team
  • Promoting the importance of physical fitness in football
  • Creating the Cruyff Turn move, which became iconic in the sport
  • Inspiring future generations of players and coaches
  • Becoming a cultural icon in both the Netherlands and Spain
  • Passing away in 2016, leaving behind a legacy that continues to influence the game.

To Recap

Johan Cruyff, born on April 25, 1947, was a Dutch footballer known for playing as a forward or attacking midfielder. He began his career in Ajax and won several honors with them. Later, he joined Barcelona and helped them win their first league title after a gap of 14 years.

Cruyff played for the Netherlands international team and scored 33 goals in 48 appearances. As a coach, he led Barcelona to four consecutive La Liga titles from 1990 to 1994. Cruyff was regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time and passed away on March 24, 2016, in Barcelona, Spain, at the age of 68.

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