Is Trevor Keels Staying At Duke?

Trevor Keels, a freshman guard at Duke University, has decided to remain in the 2022 NBA Draft, according to a source confirmed to The Athletic Wednesday. Keels has had an impressive season, averaging 11.5 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game in 26 starts for the Blue Devils.

It is clear that he has the potential to become a successful professional basketball player, but what does this decision mean for his future? Is Trevor Keels staying at Duke or will he pursue a career in the NBA?.

Is Trevor Keels Staying at Duke?

Is Trevor Keels Staying at Duke?

Trevor Keels Staying at Duke

Trevor Keels, Duke University freshman guard, will stay in the 2022 NBA Draft, according to a source confirmed to The Athletic Wednesday. Keels had an impressive first year with the Blue Devils, averaging 11.5 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game in 26 starts.

Why Keels is Staying

Keels has made the decision to stay in the draft in order to pursue his professional basketball career. He believes he has the potential to be successful in the NBA, and that staying in the draft is the best way to reach his ultimate goal.

Additionally, the current uncertain climate of college basketball due to the pandemic could have factored into his decision as well.

What This Means for Duke

With Keels’ decision to stay in the draft, Duke will lose a key piece of their roster for the upcoming season. He was a reliable option on the court and provided much-needed depth at the guard position.

His absence will force the Blue Devils to look for alternative solutions at the position.

Possible Replacements for Keels

With Keels gone, Duke will likely look for a guard who can provide a similar presence on the court. Freshman guard Jeremy Roach is a strong candidate, as he is a talented scorer and good ball-handler.

Additionally, sophomore guard DJ Steward is another option, as he averaged 9.3 points per game while shooting 42.5 percent from three-point range last season.

Trevor Keels’ decision to stay in the 2022 NBA Draft is a testament to his talent and ambition. While his absence will be felt by Duke, the school will look to find suitable replacements to fill the void.

In the end, this decision could be beneficial for both parties, as Keels will get to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA while Duke will be able to reload their roster with new talent.

Where is Trevor Keels Going?

Trevor Keels was selected by the New York Knicks in the NBA Draft. He was selected No. 42 overall in the second round. He is the fifth and final Duke player to be chosen in the draft. Keels opted not to return to Duke basketball for a sophomore season.

Instead, he has chosen to pursue a professional basketball career. This decision has paid off, leading him to the Knicks. He is now on his way to New York City. There, he will join the Knicks and start his professional basketball career.

He is sure to face new challenges and opportunities in the Big Apple. Trevor Keels is going to New York to play for the Knicks.

Who Will Return to Duke in 2022?

Jeremy Roach and Jaylen Blakes are the only two scholarship players returning to Duke for the 2022 season. Both are experienced guards, having played for the Blue Devils for the past two seasons. Roach, a redshirt sophomore, averaged 11.6 points and 3.1 assists per game this past season.

Blakes, a junior, averaged 10 points and 2.8 assists per game. They will provide leadership and stability to the team moving forward. Duke also has a talented incoming freshman class, led by former five-star recruits Paolo Banchero and AJ Griffin.

The Blue Devils will also add transfers Jaemyn Brakefield, Jalen Johnson, and Jaemyn Brakefield. The addition of these players will provide Duke with a lot of depth and talent. Coach K and his staff have put together a very good roster for the upcoming season.

The Blue Devils should be one of the top teams in the nation next season.

Can Trevor Keels Come Back?

Trevor Keels has until June 1 to decide whether to stay in the 2022 NBA Draft or return to Duke for his sophomore season. If Keels doesn’t hire an agent, he has the option to withdraw from the draft and return to college.

The NCAA permits players to enter the draft without hiring an agent and still retain their college eligibility. By not hiring an agent, Keels can test the waters and potentially return to Duke for another season.

It is important for Keels to carefully consider his options and make the best decision for his future. If he decides to stay in the draft, he will not be eligible to play for the Blue Devils again. If he decides to return to college, he will have another chance to impress NBA scouts and improve his draft stock.

Ultimately, the decision is up to Keels and will depend on his goals and aspirations for his basketball career. He should also consider potential injuries he could sustain as well as the financial aspects of declaring for the draft.

With the right decision, Keels can have a successful career in the NBA or at Duke.

Who Will Return for Duke Next Year?

Sophomore Point Guard Jaylen Blakes: Jaylen Blakes is a talented guard from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a McDonald’s All-American coming out of high school and was ranked as the 34th best overall recruit in the 2019 class.

Blakes was a consistent contributor to the Blue Devil’s roster last year, averaging 8.9 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 2.3 assists in 28.3 minutes per game. He also shot 45.6% from the field and 33.6% from three-point range.

His ability to score off the dribble and make plays for his teammates will be a key element for Duke’s success next season.

Junior Point Guard Jeremy Roach: Jeremy Roach is a 6’2″ point guard from Fairfax, Virginia. He was ranked as the 10th best overall recruit in the 2020 class and was a five-star recruit coming out of high school.

Roach appeared in 14 games as a freshman, averaging 4.7 points, 1.3 rebounds, and 1.3 assists in 15.7 minutes per game. He also shot 53.6% from the field and 40.0% from three-point range. Roach possesses great athleticism, a solid handle, and the ability to score in transition and off the dribble.

He will be a key contributor for Duke next season.

Fifth-Year Small Forward Joey Baker: Joey Baker is a 6’7″ small forward from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He was ranked as the 38th best overall recruit in the 2016 class and was a four-star recruit coming out of high school.

Baker has had an up-and-down career at Duke, but he has shown flashes of brilliance at times. Last season, he averaged 8.4 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 1.2 assists in 20.1 minutes per game. He also shot 41.4% from the field and 37.7% from three-point range.

Baker is an experienced veteran and will likely be a key contributor for Duke next season.

Freshman Shooting Guard AJ Griffin: AJ Griffin is a 6’6″ shooting guard from New York, New York. He was ranked as the 9th best overall recruit in the 2021 class and was a five-star recruit coming out of high school.

Griffin is an explosive scorer who can create shots for himself off the dribble and knock down shots from the perimeter. He is also a great athlete and a willing passer who can find open teammates in transition or half-court sets.

Griffin will be an important piece of Duke’s roster next season and should have an immediate impact.

Freshman Small Forward Jaemyn Brakefield: Jaemyn Brakefield is a 6’8″ small forward from Jackson, Mississippi. He was ranked as the 19th best overall recruit in the 2021 class and was a five-star recruit coming out of high school.

Brakefield is an exceptional athlete who can finish above the rim in transition and also knock down shots from the perimeter. He is also a great rebounder who can create second-chance opportunities for his teammates.

Brakefield will bring a lot of energy to the court and should be an important piece of Duke’s roster next season.

Who Will Be Dukes New Bb Coach?

Duke has named Jon Scheyer as their new men’s basketball head coach. Scheyer has been part of the Duke staff since 2013-14, serving as special assistant, assistant coach and associate head coach. He brings a wealth of experience from his time with Duke and is highly respected by current and former players.

Scheyer was a co-captain of the 2010 National Championship team and set program records for three-point field goals and free throw percentage. He has an impressive offensive mind and strong leadership skills that will help the Blue Devils continue to succeed.

His players have praised his dedication to teaching the game and his ability to motivate them to be their best. He knows the culture of Duke basketball and understands the importance of maintaining the program’s legacy.

He is committed to developing strong relationships with recruits and their families and helping them understand the importance of being a part of the Duke family. His attention to detail and ability to adjust to the modern game will help make Duke one of the top teams in college basketball.

Coach Scheyer is the perfect choice to lead Duke Basketball into the future and build on the success of Krzyzewski’s tenure.

To Recap

Trevor Keels has made a brave decision to remain in the 2022 NBA Draft and pursue a career in the NBA. Despite this, he has left the door open for a possible return to Duke if his professional career does not take off as planned.

It is clear that Keels has the potential to shine in the NBA and his decision to remain in the draft shows that he is confident in his ability to make it at the professional level. Only time will tell what the future holds for Trevor Keels, but one thing is certain – he has a bright future ahead of him.

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