Is Michael Page Still Fighting?

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Is Michael Page still fighting

Michael Page, commonly known as “MVP,” has carved out a name for himself in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) with his flashy style, impressive skills, and highlight-reel knockouts.

However, recent events have left fans questioning whether Michael Page is still actively competing in the sport. His last fight against Logan Storley at Bellator 281 on May 13, 2022, resulted in a split decision loss, marking a setback in his otherwise successful career.

Prior to that, Page secured a split decision win over Douglas Lima at Bellator London on October 1, 2021. In this blog, we delve into Michael Page’s career, examining his accomplishments, analyzing his recent fights, and exploring his future plans.

Join us as we uncover the current status of this electrifying fighter and speculate on what lies ahead for Michael Page in the world of MMA.

Michael Page’s Career Overview

Background and Rise in the MMA World

Michael Page’s journey in mixed martial arts began with a background in traditional martial arts disciplines such as karate and kickboxing. Hailing from London, England, Page made his professional MMA debut in 2012 after an impressive amateur career.

He quickly caught the attention of the MMA community with his unorthodox striking techniques, elusive footwork, and unpredictable fighting style.

Achievements, Records, and Signature Fighting Style

Throughout his career, Michael Page has amassed an impressive record, showcasing his skills and versatility inside the cage.

Known for his dynamic striking arsenal, Page has a penchant for knockout victories, often utilizing spinning attacks, unorthodox angles, and devastating strikes.

His notable achievements include a series of highlight-reel knockouts, captivating fans and garnering attention from both casual viewers and hardcore MMA enthusiasts.

Page’s unique fighting style, characterized by his flashy movements and creative combinations, has made him one of the most exciting fighters to watch in the sport.

Major Milestones and Titles

In terms of major milestones, Michael Page has competed under the Bellator MMA banner for a significant portion of his career.

While he hasn’t captured a championship title as of the knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, he has faced and defeated notable opponents, showcasing his skills against top-tier competition.

Additionally, Page has secured victories in high-profile events and main cards, gaining recognition and establishing himself as a fan-favorite fighter.

His performances have solidified his status as a respected competitor in the MMA community, with many eagerly anticipating his future matches and potential title opportunities.

Overall, Michael Page’s career has been defined by his unique style, remarkable knockouts, and captivating performances.

With an impressive record and a growing fan base, Page has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the MMA world, and his journey continues to captivate both casual observers and dedicated fight enthusiasts alike.

The Fight Against Logan Storley

Bellator 281 Bout Against Logan Storley

On May 13, 2022, Michael Page stepped into the cage to face Logan Storley in a highly anticipated bout at Bellator 281.

The five-round contest took place at the SSE Arena in London, United Kingdom, setting the stage for an intense showdown between two skilled welterweight fighters.

Split Decision Loss and Its Impact on Michael Page’s Career

Unfortunately for Michael Page, the fight against Logan Storley ended in a split decision loss. While the details of the fight beyond this information are not available, a split decision indicates that the judges had differing opinions on the outcome of the bout.

The loss to Storley marks a setback in Michael Page’s career. Up until that point, Page had been building momentum with a series of impressive victories, showcasing his dynamic fighting style and capturing the attention of fans and MMA pundits.

However, a loss can have significant implications for a fighter’s career trajectory, potentially affecting rankings, title opportunities, and overall perception in the sport.

Factors That May Affected the Outcome

Several factors or circumstances could have contributed to Michael Page’s split decision loss against Logan Storley. It is important to note that without specific details about the fight, these factors are speculative:.

  • Stylistic Matchup: Storley’s fighting style may have presented challenges for Page, neutralizing some of his unorthodox striking techniques or stifling his offensive output.
  • Takedown Defense and Ground Game: Storley is known for his wrestling background, and if he was successful in taking Page down and controlling him on the ground, it could have impacted the judges’ scoring.
  • Game Plan and Strategy: Both fighters likely had specific game plans coming into the bout. It’s possible that Storley executed his game plan effectively, limiting Page’s opportunities to implement his own strategies.
  • Conditioning and Preparation: Factors such as physical conditioning and training camp preparation can play a significant role in a fighter’s performance. Any issues or setbacks in these areas could have influenced the outcome.

Ultimately, a split decision loss is often a close and hard-fought contest, and analyzing the specific factors at play would require a more detailed understanding of the fight itself.

Nonetheless, the loss to Logan Storley undoubtedly had an impact on Michael Page’s career, and it remains to be seen how he will bounce back from this setback in his pursuit of future success in MMA.

The Victory Over Douglas Lima

Bellator London Fight Against Douglas Lima

On October 1, 2021, Michael Page faced off against Douglas Lima in a highly anticipated welterweight bout at Bellator London. The fight took place at the SSE Arena in London, England, and pitted Page against a respected veteran in the sport.

Split Decision Win and Its Significance

In a closely contested three-round battle, Michael Page emerged victorious over Douglas Lima via split decision. A split decision win indicates that the judges had differing opinions on the outcome of the fight, but ultimately, two of the three judges scored the bout in favor of Page.

This victory holds significant meaning for Michael Page’s career. Douglas Lima is a former Bellator welterweight champion and one of the top-ranked fighters in the division.

Defeating such a highly regarded opponent solidifies Page’s credibility and establishes him as a legitimate contender in the welterweight landscape.

Implications of the Victory of Michael Page’s Career

The win over Douglas Lima has several implications for Michael Page’s career trajectory:

  • Enhanced Reputation: Defeating a fighter of Lima’s caliber boosts Page’s reputation within the MMA community. It demonstrates his ability to compete at an elite level and further validates his unique fighting style.

  • Title Aspirations: By defeating a former champion like Lima, Page moves closer to potential title opportunities in the welterweight division. His victory puts him in contention and opens doors for future championship bouts.

  • Increased Fanbase and Marketability: Exciting victories against high-profile opponents like Lima help attract more fans and increase Page’s marketability. As his fanbase grows, so does his influence and appeal to sponsors and promoters.

  • Confidence and Momentum: A win over a respected opponent can provide a significant confidence boost to a fighter. Page’s victory over Lima can propel him forward with increased momentum, fueling his drive for future success.

Overall, the split decision win against Douglas Lima was a crucial milestone in Michael Page’s career. It showcased his skills, solidified his position as a top welterweight contender, and set the stage for exciting opportunities on his ongoing journey in the MMA world.

Recent Activity and Plans

Injuries, Lay-offs That Affected His Fighting Career

Injuries, lay-offs, or breaks can impact a fighter’s career and lead to delays in their fight schedule. It is possible that Michael Page may have experienced such setbacks since the mentioned fights.

However, without access to real-time information, it is difficult to provide specific details regarding any injuries, lay-offs, or breaks that may have affected his fighting career.

Speculation and Future Prospects

Michael Page’s potential future in MMA holds many exciting possibilities. Here are some insights and speculation on what lies ahead for him:

Continued Rise in the Welterweight Division

Michael Page has established himself as a top contender in the Bellator welterweight division. With his dynamic fighting style and impressive victories, he could continue to climb the ranks and challenge for the title. A potential title shot against the reigning champion would be a significant milestone in his career.

Potential Opponents and Compelling Matchups

There are several intriguing potential opponents for Michael Page in the welterweight division. Matchups against high-profile fighters like Yaroslav Amosov, Andrey Koreshkov, or Neiman Gracie could generate considerable interest among fans. These matchups would test Page’s skills against top-level competition and provide opportunities for him to showcase his unique fighting style.

Exploration of Other Weight Classes

Michael Page has previously expressed interest in exploring other weight classes, including potentially moving up to middleweight. A weight class change could present new challenges and fresh opportunities for him to make an impact in different divisions. It would be intriguing to see how his style translates to different weight classes and how he matches up against new opponents.

Influence of the Current MMA Landscape

The MMA landscape is constantly evolving, and external factors can influence a fighter’s career decisions. The business side of the sport, promotional strategies, and potential cross-promotional opportunities may impact Michael Page’s career trajectory. Additionally, the emergence of new talents or shifts in divisional rankings could alter his path and the timing of significant fights.

Ultimately, Michael Page’s future in MMA will depend on a combination of his own aspirations, the opportunities presented to him by promoters, and the outcomes of his fights.

With his entertaining style, fan appeal, and demonstrated skill set, Page is well-positioned to continue making an impact in the sport.

Fans can look forward to witnessing his journey as he pursues further success and strives to leave a lasting legacy in the world of MMA.

Michael Page’s Fight Record and Notable Opponents

May 13, 2022Bellator 281Logan StorleyLoss (Split Decision)
October 1, 2021Bellator LondonDouglas LimaWin (Split Decision)


Has Michael Page ever competed in other combat sports besides MMA?

No, Michael Page has primarily focused on his career in MMA and hasn’t competed in other major combat sports such as boxing or kickboxing.

What is Michael Page’s fighting background and training camp?

Michael Page has a background in traditional martial arts disciplines, particularly karate and kickboxing. However, specific details about his training camp are not readily available.

How has Michael Page’s fighting style evolved throughout his career?

Michael Page’s fighting style has always been characterized by his unorthodox striking techniques and flashy movements. However, over the years, he has refined his skills, showcased improved footwork, and demonstrated a greater understanding of cage control and fight strategy.

What are some of Michael Page’s most memorable knockout victories?

Michael Page has a highlight-reel of knockout victories. Some of his most memorable ones include his flying knee knockout against Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos and his skull-crushing knee knockout against Richard Kiely.

How has Michael Page’s popularity and marketability impacted his career?

Michael Page’s unique fighting style, charismatic personality, and captivating knockout highlights have contributed to his popularity and marketability as a fighter. This has resulted in increased opportunities, fan support, and potential endorsement deals.


Michael Page has established himself as a dynamic and exciting fighter in the world of MMA. While specific details regarding his recent activity and future plans are not available, his career has been marked by impressive victories, notable achievements, and a unique fighting style that captivates audiences.

The split decision win over Douglas Lima showcased his ability to compete against top-tier opponents and solidified his position as a legitimate welterweight contender. As fans and observers, we can anticipate exciting matchups, potential weight class changes, and the pursuit of title aspirations in his future.

Michael Page’s journey in MMA continues to unfold, and his impact on the sport remains significant. We eagerly await the next chapter in his career and the thrilling moments he will undoubtedly bring to the cage.

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