Is Isaac Paredes Good?

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Isaac Paredes, a rising star in the Detroit Tigers organization, has been turning heads with his impressive performance on the field. With his solid hitting and strong defensive skills, many fans and analysts are wondering: is Isaac Paredes good? Let’s take a closer look at his career thus far to find out.

Career Overview

Gerardo Paredes is a professional baseball player from Mexico. He began his career in Mexico before moving up the minor leagues in the United States. He made his major league debut with the Detroit Tigers in 2021.

Paredes had a successful early career in Mexico. He played for the Tigres de Quintana Roo in the Mexican League, a minor league system in Mexico. He had a good batting average and showed his potential as a power hitter. His performance caught the attention of scouts from the Detroit Tigers.

In 2015, Paredes was signed by the Tigers and began his minor league progression. He started in the Gulf Coast League, a minor league system for rookie players.

He then moved up to the Connecticut Tigers in the New York-Penn League. He continued to demonstrate his potential as a power hitter and showed improvement in his plate discipline.

Over the next few years, Paredes moved up the minor league ladder. He played for the West Michigan Whitecaps, the Lakeland Flying Tigers, and the Erie SeaWolves. In 2019, he completed a solid full season at Double-A Erie.

He showed excellent plate discipline, recording nearly as many walks as strikeouts. He also flashed solid extra-base power, hitting doubles and home runs.

In 2020, Paredes was named to the Detroit Tigers’ 60-man player pool for the shortened season. He was eventually called up to the major leagues on August 30, making his debut against the Minnesota Twins. He pitched three innings and recorded his first major league strikeout.

Overall, Paredes has shown steady progress throughout his career. He has demonstrated excellent plate discipline and power hitting in the minor leagues. He made his major league debut in 2020 and will be looking to continue improving and contributing to the Detroit Tigers in the future.

Offensive Performance

Batting Average and on-base Percentage

Batting average is a measure of a batter’s success rate in making contact with the ball and reaching base. A high batting average is generally a good sign of a batter’s ability to hit, while a low batting average may indicate a lack of contact ability or a tendency to get out.

On-base percentage is a measure of a batter’s ability to reach base, taking into account not only hits but also walks and hit-by-pitches. This provides a more complete picture of a batter’s offensive performance and indicates their ability to get on base and create scoring opportunities for their team.

Power and Extra-base Hits

Power is a measure of a batter’s ability to hit for extra bases, usually measured by slugging percentage (total bases divided by at-bats) or isolated power (slugging percentage minus batting average).

Extra-base hits include doubles, triples, and home runs, and are a good indicator of a batter’s ability to drive in runs and create scoring opportunities.

Plate Discipline and Walk-to-strikeout Ratio

Plate discipline refers to a batter’s ability to lay off pitches outside the strike zone and wait for pitches they can hit. Good plate discipline leads to a higher on-base percentage and more favorable hitting counts.

Walk-to-strikeout ratio is a measure of a batter’s ability to draw walks (usually a sign of good plate discipline) and avoid strikeouts (a sign of contact ability). A high walk-to-strikeout ratio indicates a batter who can get on base and create scoring opportunities for their team without making a lot of outs.

In the case of Paredes, his offensive performance at Double-A Erie in 2019 was impressive in several areas. His nearly even ratio of walks to strikeouts suggests strong plate discipline and contact ability, while his solid extra-base power indicates good hitting ability.

Additionally, his ability to post a high on-base percentage while batting at a young age against more experienced competition bodes well for his future as a potentially impactful hitter at the major league level.

Defensive Abilities

Positional Versatility

Paredes has proven to be a versatile defender, capable of playing multiple positions on the field. He has primarily played shortstop throughout his career, but has also seen time at second base and third base. This versatility adds value to Paredes as a player, as he can be utilized in different positions as needed by his team.

Fielding Percentage and Errors

Fielding percentage is a key metric to evaluate a player’s defensive abilities in baseball. Paredes has consistently posted solid fielding percentages throughout his minor league career, indicating that he is a reliable defender.

In 2019, he had a fielding percentage of .957, which is solid considering he played multiple positions during the season. Paredes has also shown improvement in reducing errors, committing only nine errors in 111 games in 2019.

Range and Arm Strength

Range and arm strength are important factors for infielders in baseball. Paredes has displayed good range in the infield, allowing him to make plays on balls hit in different areas of the field.

He also possesses a strong arm, which is an asset for a shortstop or third baseman in making accurate throws across the diamond. In 2019, Paredes was credited with eleven double plays and had a total of 200 assists, demonstrating his abilities in turning potential scoring opportunities into outs.

Overall, Paredes has shown to be a competent defender with positional versatility, solid fielding percentages, and good range and arm strength.

These factors have helped him become a promising young player in the Detroit Tigers organization, and he has the potential to continue developing into a reliable defender at the Major League level.

Comparisons to Peers

Comparison to Other Prospects in the Tigers System

Isaac Paredes is one of the top prospects in the Detroit Tigers system and is ranked as the #7 prospect by MLB Pipeline. He is behind the likes of Casey Mize, Matt Manning, and Tarik Skubal, who are all top pitching prospects, as well as Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson, who are considered to be elite hitting prospects.

Comparison to Other Young Players in the League

Paredes is only 22 years old and has not yet made his major league debut. However, his performance in the minor leagues suggests that he has the potential to be a solid major league player.

In comparison to other young players in the league, his skillset is comparable to players like Alex Bregman and Scott Kingery. Both players have shown the ability to hit for power and average, while also contributing defensively at multiple positions.

Potential for Future Development

Paredes has shown steady improvement throughout his minor league career and has the potential to continue developing as he moves closer to the major leagues.

He has already shown an advanced approach at the plate, walking nearly as much as he strikes out, which bodes well for his future success. In addition, his ability to play multiple infield positions, including shortstop, should give him added value to the Tigers as he progresses.

Overall, Isaac Paredes is a promising young player who has shown that he has the potential to develop into an impact player at the major league level. His advanced plate approach and defensive versatility make him an intriguing prospect to watch as he continues his journey through the Tigers organization.

How Did Rays Get Paredes?

Rays Acquire Paredes in 2017 Trade

Isaac Paredes was originally acquired by the Detroit Tigers in a trade with the Chicago Cubs in 2017. However, he was later sent to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for reliever José Alvarado in December 2020.

Detroit Praises Paredes’ Potential

During his time with the Tigers, Paredes was viewed as a potential long-term solution at third base. He was ranked as the team’s No. 5 prospect by MLB Pipeline at the time of the trade.

Paredes Struggles in Mlb Debut

Paredes made his MLB debut in August 2020, but struggled at the plate with a .220 batting average and no home runs in 115 plate appearances. His struggles continued in 2021, as he hit .205 with two home runs in 82 plate appearances.

Rays See Paredes’ Potential as Infield Depth

Despite his struggles in the majors, the Rays still saw potential in the 22-year-old infielder. With a strong minor league track record prior to his call-up, Tampa Bay likely views Paredes as infield depth and a potential future contributor.

Paredes Traded for Meadows and Draft Pick

In exchange for Paredes and a Competitive Balance Round B draft pick in 2022, the Rays acquired outfielder Austin Meadows from the Tigers. Meadows, a former top prospect, struggled in 2021 but has shown strong potential in the past and could be a key addition for Tampa Bay as they compete for a playoff spot.

Who is the Switch Hitter for the Tigers?

The switch hitter for the Detroit Tigers is Jeimer Candelario. He is 29 years old. Candelario had a disappointing season in 2022. He hit just .217, which is below his career average. His on-base percentage was also low at .272.

Candelario primarily plays third base for the Tigers. He was acquired by the team in a trade with the Chicago Cubs in 2017. Candelario has shown flashes of potential throughout his career. He had a strong season in 2021, hitting .276 with 12 home runs.

The Tigers will be hoping for a bounce-back season from Candelario in 2023.

Who Does Isaac Paredes Play for?

Isaac Paredes is a professional baseball player. He plays in the MLB. Paredes is a third baseman and shortstop. He is currently signed to the Detroit Tigers. He was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Paredes made his MLB debut on August 17, 2020. He has played in the minor leagues for the Chicago Cubs and Tigers. Paredes is known for his power, speed, and defensive skills. In the 2021 season, he has a batting average of .200 with 2 home runs.

He has a bright future ahead as a young prospect in the Tigers organization.

To Recap

Based on his steady progression through the minor leagues and his impressive performance at Double-A Erie in 2019, it’s safe to say that Isaac Paredes is indeed a talented player with a bright future ahead of him.

With his discipline at the plate and power in his swing, he has the potential to become a valuable asset to the Tigers for years to come. So, if you ask us, the answer is a resounding yes: Isaac Paredes is definitely good.

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