Is Hector Neris Still Phillies Closer?

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Is Hector Neris Still Phillies Closer

The Philadelphia Phillies have been dealt a blow as they lose their longest-tenured player and franchise record holder, Hector Neris. With Neris signing with the Houston Astros, the Phillies are left searching for a new closer for the 2022 season.

This has led to speculation that the Phillies may look to acquire closer Craig Kimbrel in a trade. But the question remains: is Hector Neris still the Phillies closer?

Hector Neris as Phillies Closer

Hector Neris, who spent seven seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies, has signed with the Houston Astros as a free agent, leaving the Phillies without their longest-tenured player and franchise record holder.

Neris became a fan favorite in Philadelphia, but his departure now leaves the Phillies in need of a new closer for the 2022 season.

Over his seven years with the Phillies, Neris established himself as a reliable and durable pitcher out of the bullpen. During his time with the team, he recorded 111 saves in 129 opportunities, finishing with a 3.69 ERA and an 11.7 K/9 rate.

Additionally, he received the team’s 2020 Good Guy Award, recognizing his positive interactions with fans and media members.

While Neris was a consistent force for the Phillies, he had his ups and downs as the team’s closer. In 2021, he posted a 4.19 ERA with 20 saves in 23 opportunities and sometimes struggled with command.

However, overall, he was able to maintain a solid level of performance, and the Phillies will undoubtedly miss his presence in their bullpen.

Fans had mixed opinions on Neris’ tenure with the Phillies. Some loved his fiery, emotional approach to pitching and appreciated his durability and consistency. Others were less impressed, criticizing his occasional inconsistency or his tendency to allow too many home runs.

Despite this variation of opinions, it is clear that Neris was a dedicated and important member of the team and he will be missed by Phillies fans.

With Neris now gone, the Phillies are expected to look for a new closer in free agency or through a trade. It is possible that they may turn to Craig Kimbrel, who had a phenomenal season for the Chicago White Sox in 2021.

While Kimbrel would undoubtedly represent a significant upgrade over Neris, it would likely require the Phillies to part with a notable prospect or two to make the deal.

Regardless of who they pursue, it is clear that the Phillies will miss their former closer Hector Neris, and his departure will create uncertainty as they look to build a successful team in the coming season.

Phillies’ Options for Closer in 2022

Importance of Finding a New Closer

The closer is one of the most important positions on a baseball team. They are tasked with protecting leads in the late innings of games, and ultimately securing wins. A reliable and effective closer can make all the difference between a playoff team and a team that falls short.

The Phillies are currently in need of a new closer for the 2022 season, as Hector Neris, their previous closer, has signed with the Astros. It is important for the Phillies to find a capable replacement to ensure they can compete at a high level and secure wins down the stretch.

In-house Options for Closer Role

The Phillies have several options in-house to consider for their closer role. The most obvious option is Archie Bradley, who was a successful closer for the Arizona Diamondbacks before joining the Phillies in 2021.

Bradley struggled early in the season but improved as the year went on and could be a strong candidate for the closer job. Another option is Jose Alvarado, who has shown flashes of dominance in his time with the Phillies.

However, he has a history of inconsistency and may not be the most reliable option to close out games. Finally, the Phillies could also consider Connor Brogdon, who had a strong rookie season out of the bullpen in 2020 but struggled with injuries and inconsistency in 2021.

Pros and Cons of Each Option

Archie Bradley:

Pros – experience as a closer, improved as the 2021 season went on, could bounce back and be a reliable option in 2022.

Cons – struggled early in 2021, may not have the same dominance as he did in Arizona.

Jose Alvarado:

Pros – shown flashes of dominance, has the stuff to be an effective closer.

Cons – inconsistent throughout his career, might not be the most reliable option.

Connor Brogdon:

Pros – strong rookie season in 2020, has shown good stuff.

Cons – struggled with inconsistency and injuries in 2021, lacks experience as a closer.

Overall, the Phillies have several options to consider for their closer role, but none are without their flaws. It is possible that they could look to make a trade, as has been rumored with Craig Kimbrel, to secure a more established closer.

However, they may also choose to give one of their in-house options a shot and see if they can step up and perform in the role. Regardless of who they choose, finding a reliable closer will be crucial to the Phillies’ success in 2022.

Potential Trades for Closer

The Philadelphia Phillies recently lost their longest-tenured player and franchise record holder, Héctor Neris, to the Houston Astros. Neris had been the Phillies’ primary closer for the past few seasons, which means the team has a significant void to fill in the bullpen for the upcoming 2022 season.

With the free agent market drying up, the most viable option for the Phillies to acquire a new closer is through a trade.

One potential target for the Phillies is Craig Kimbrel, who currently plays for the Chicago Cubs. Kimbrel is a proven closer with a track record of success, having recorded over 380 career saves.

However, he also comes with a hefty price tag, as he is owed $16 million for the 2022 season. The Phillies may be hesitant to take on that much salary, especially considering their recent struggles to stay under the luxury tax threshold.

Other potential options on the trade market include Raisel Iglesias of the Los Angeles Angels and Brad Hand of the New York Mets.

Iglesias could be an attractive target for the Phillies due to his ability to pitch multiple innings, which would be beneficial for a team that has struggled with bullpen depth in recent years.

Hand, on the other hand, has experience as both a closer and a setup man, which could give the Phillies some flexibility in their bullpen.

The decision to trade for a closer comes with its pros and cons. On one hand, acquiring a proven closer can provide stability and confidence at the back end of the bullpen. However, giving up valuable assets for a relief pitcher can be risky, especially if that player has a poor season or gets injured.

Additionally, taking on a large salary could restrict the team’s ability to make other moves, such as signing free agents or making mid-season trades.

In the end, the Phillies will need to weigh the pros and cons of each potential trade target and decide whether the benefits outweigh the costs. Ultimately, acquiring a reliable closer will be crucial if the team hopes to compete for a playoff spot in 2022.

Importance of a Strong Bullpen

A strong bullpen is crucial to a team’s success in Major League Baseball (MLB). The bullpen is made up of relief pitchers who come into the game after the starting pitcher has left.

Their job is to preserve the lead or keep the game close until the offense can score more runs. A strong bullpen can make all the difference in close games and playoff races.

One key player in a strong bullpen is the closer. The closer is the relief pitcher who comes into the game in the ninth inning to try and close out the game. They are usually the best and most reliable relief pitcher on the team.

Closers are known for their ability to throw hard and strike out batters in key situations. They are often the highest-paid relief pitchers on the team. A strong closer can give a team a psychological advantage and boost their confidence in close games.

The Philadelphia Phillies are in need of a new closer for the 2022 season after losing their longest-tenured player and franchise record holder, Hector Neris, to the Houston Astros. The Phillies will need to fill this important role if they hope to make a playoff run next season.

One way the Phillies can build a strong bullpen for 2022 is by making a trade for Craig Kimbrel. Kimbrel is one of the best closers in the league and would be a huge addition to the Phillies’ bullpen.

He has a career ERA of 2.63 and has recorded 372 saves in his career. Kimbrel is also a seven-time All-Star and has won the National League (NL) Relief Pitcher of the Year Award three times.

However, the Phillies will need to give up some valuable assets in order to acquire Kimbrel. They may have to trade away some of their top prospects or young players to get him. But if the Phillies want to compete for a playoff spot next season, a strong bullpen with a reliable closer is essential.

In conclusion, a strong bullpen and a reliable closer are crucial to a team’s success in MLB. The Phillies need to find a new closer for the 2022 season, and making a trade for Craig Kimbrel could be a great option.

While it may require some sacrifice in terms of giving up assets, the benefits of having a top-tier closer could pay off in spades come playoff time.

Who is the Phillies Closer 2023?

The Phillies have a deep bullpen with multiple options to close games. Former closers Gregory Soto and Craig Kimbrel are part of the bullpen mix. Soto notched 30 saves for the Tigers in the 2022 season.

Kimbrel had 22 saves with the Dodgers in 2022 and has 394 in his career. The bullpen also includes Hector Neris, Jose Alvarado, and Seranthony Dominguez. The Phillies’ closer in 2023 will likely be one of these experienced relievers.

The decision for closer may vary based on matchups and game situations. The depth of the bullpen gives the Phillies flexibility in late-inning situations. Having multiple reliable options helps protect against injuries or fatigue.

With a formidable bullpen, the Phillies will look to secure more wins and contend in the NL East.

Who Are the Phillies Biggest Rivalries?

Mets-phillies: the Fiercest Rivalry

The Mets-Phillies rivalry is considered the most intense and vigorously contested rivalry in the National League.

Nationals-phillies: a Divisional Battle

The battle for supremacy of the National League East is fervently fought between the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies.

Braves-phillies: Historic Rivalry

The Phillies-Braves rivalry dates back to the early days of the National League and is rooted in a history of frequent battles for dominance.

Yankees-phillies: Interleague Rivalry

The battle of the two East Coast cities adds an extra layer of animosity when the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies meet.

Giants-phillies: Battle for the Pennant

The San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies have battled for the National League pennant numerous times, adding fuel to their longstanding rivalry.

Do the Phillies Have a Closer?

The Philadelphia Phillies have a reliable closer in Craig Kimbrel. Kimbrel is a potential Hall of Fame player with 394 saves. He is seventh all-time in saves in MLB history. The Phillies traded for Kimbrel before the 2023 season.

Prior to the trade, the team did not have a consistent closer. Hector Neris, Connor Brogdon, and other relievers were used in the role before Kimbrel’s arrival. The Phillies had blown leads and lost games due to bullpen struggles.

Adding Kimbrel has solidified the team’s bullpen and given them a reliable closer. Kimbrel has a career ERA of 2.08 and a strikeout rate of 14.7 per nine innings. Phillies fans can feel confident with Kimbrel on the mound in save situations.

To Recap

With Hector Neris now gone, the Phillies must look for a new closer. While there is no doubt that Neris was a valuable asset in the bullpen, the Phillies will need to find someone else to fill his shoes.

The possibility of trading for Craig Kimbrel has surfaced, which could give the Phillies a proven closer with a track record of success.

It remains to be seen who the Phillies will turn to for their closer role, but one thing is certain: they will be looking for someone to step up and lead the bullpen in 2022.

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