How Tall Are Female Volleyball Players?

Female volleyball players are typically about 5’7″ to 5’9″, and most of them weigh between 130 and 150 pounds.

How Tall Are Female Volleyball Players

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How Tall Are Female Volleyball Players

Female volleyball players can be anywhere from to , and weigh anywhere from to pounds. They typically play as outside hitters or pitchers on a team of up to players.

Height Range: 5’0″ To 6’1″

Female volleyball players come in a variety of heights, which is why finding the right size volleyball for you is important. Volleyball shoes come in different sizes to account for height differences, so be sure to try them on before you buy.

Height can also affect your arm and hand positions when playing the sport, so it’s important to find a volleyball that fits properly. Taller players may want to consider buying a higher-quality ball than shorter players because they will have more grip.

When choosing an indoor court, be aware that taller players might need more space than shorter players to execute their skills correctly. When looking for outdoor courts, make sure the dimensions are appropriate for your height range as well. Finally, always consult with your coach or training staff before playing in order to get tips and advice specific to your height and position on the court.

Weight Range: 95 To 130 Pounds

Female volleyball players typically weigh between 95 and 130 pounds. This weight range allows for a wide variety of body types, making it easier for players to find the right size volleyball.

  • Female volleyball players have a weight range of to pounds, which makes them one of the heaviest sports teams in the world. This weight range means that female volleyball players can weigh anywhere from around to kilograms ( to pounds).
  • The majority of female volleyball players are between and inches ( to cm) tall, which is taller than the average woman. This height range also gives female volleyball players more power and height when they hit the ball.
  • Female volleyball players tend to be faster and stronger than their male counterparts, which is why they are often able to gain an advantage on the court by hitting harder balls and jumping higher.
  • Female volleyball players need a lot of strength and stamina in order to play at their best, which is why they often end up playing for longer periods of time than their male counterparts.
  • Female volleyball players typically have a higher BMI (body mass index) than male volleyball players, due to their heavier weight range.

Primary Position: Outside Hitter

Female volleyball players are typically taller than male volleyball players. This is because the female body has more muscle mass and can generate more power than a male body. As a result, many female volleyball players play as outside hitters, who use their height and reach to hit the ball into the opposing team’s court.


Female volleyball players are typically shorter than male volleyball players. This is due to the fact that female volleyball players play as outside hitters. Outside hitters are typically taller than other positions on the court because they have to get closer to the ball and use their height to hit the ball hard.


Female volleyball players tend to weigh less than male volleyball players. This is due to the fact that female volleyball players generally spend less time playing in up-tempo games and more time rotating between defensive and offensive positions, which burns fewer calories.

Arm Length

Female volleyball players have shorter arms than male volleyball players. This is due to the fact that female volleyball players need shorter arms to reach over the net and hit the ball hard.

Hand Size

Female volleyball players have smaller hands than male volleyball players do. This is due to the fact that female volleyball players need smaller hands to pass and control the ball with their hands while playing defense or serving.


Female volleyball players typically move faster than male volleyball players do because they rely more on quick reflexes and agility when playing defense or attacking the ball

Secondary Position: Pitcher

Female volleyball players can be classified in two main positions: the setter and the hitter. It’s important to know the height of female volleyball players so you can properly position them on the court.

Pitchers are typically taller than the players who are playing in the outfield or at the batter’s box.

Pitchers tend to have a longer arm action and use their legs more to move around on the field.

Pitchers also have a higher center of gravity, which gives them more stability when throwing the ball.

Team Size: Up To 12 Players

Volleyball is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and body types. However, the size of players on teams can vary. When choosing a team size for volleyball, it is important to consider the amount of space you have available to play.

Teams with up to players are perfect for small spaces such as apartments or homes with limited outdoor space. Larger teams can play in more spacious areas or fields. To find the right team size for you and your friends, ask around or search online for advice from experienced volleyball players.

You will also want to consider how many players you want to invite and whether there are any specific skills that each player should possess.

What Is Female Volleyball

Female volleyball players can be pretty tall. Some of the best players in the world are around 6 feet tall, and many taller women play on teams. Also, players can hit the ball with foot.

  • Female volleyball is a sport that was originally played by men, but has now become popular among women. The game is played by two teams of six players each, who try to score points by throwing the ball into the other team’s court.
  • Female volleyball is a fast-paced game that involves a lot of movement. Players need to be able to jump high and run quickly in order to catch the ball and score points.
  • Female volleyball players are typically taller than their male counterparts, which makes them more suited for this sport. Taller players are able to hit the ball harder and faster, which gives them an advantage over their opponents.
  • Female volleyball is a physically demanding sport, which can lead to injuries if not done correctly. Proper conditioning and training is essential for female volleyball players in order to stay healthy and injury free during competition.
  • Female volleyball is growing in popularity all around the world, and there are now leagues available in many different countries. This sport is perfect for athletes who want to enjoy physical activity while also participating in a competitive environment.

How Tall Are Female Volleyball Players

Female volleyball players come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find out your height to see if you’ll be compatible with the sport. Knowing your height is also important when finding a volleyball team because there are different positions for taller and shorter players.

There are online calculators that can help you estimate your height so you can start looking for teams that fit your needs. If playing on a higher court is a priority, then finding a team may be more difficult because of the limited number of players who are taller than feet tall. If you’re short or have average height, don’t worry – there are still opportunities to play volleyball by searching for lower-level teams or participating in tournaments.

Playing volleyball is an excellent cardiovascular workout, so even if you aren’t tall enough to play at the collegiate level, it’s still a great sport to try out. When choosing gear, make sure to account for Height/Weight Ratio (HWR), which will help you choose items that properly fit your body type and size. There are many types and brands of volleyball gear available on the market today, so take your time when shopping and find what works best for you.

Practice makes perfect. Once you’ve found a team and started practicing regularly, your skills will improve significantly over time.

To Recap

Female volleyball players can vary in height from around 5’1″ to 6’4″. Most of the time, taller players will have an advantage over shorter players due to their reach.

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