How Good Is Tony Kemp?

How Good Is Tony Kemp

Tony Kemp is a professional baseball player widely known for his exceptional performances on the field. The outfielder has been a part of the Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics and Chicago Cubs teams in the past and currently plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In this article, we will analyze his overall performance in MLB The Show 23 based on his weekly rating movements and attributes.

Rating and Potential

MLB The Show 23 is a baseball video game that allows players to simulate and manage their favorite team or player. As part of the game, players have an Overall Rating that indicates their overall skill level and a Potential Grade that represents their potential to improve.

This article will examine Tony Kemp’s Overall Rating and Potential in MLB The Show 23, their significance, and how they compare to other players in the game.

The Overall Rating in MLB The Show 23 ranges from 0 to 99 and is based on a player’s performance in various categories such as hitting, fielding, and speed. The higher the number, the better the player’s overall skill level.

The Potential Grade represents a player’s potential to improve and ranges from A to F. An A grade means a player has a high potential for improvement, while an F grade indicates a low potential for improvement.

Significance of Tony Kemp’s Overall Rating and Potential:

Tony Kemp has an Overall Rating of 71, which is a decent rating. It means he is an average player in MLB The Show 23 and has good skills in some categories, such as speed and fielding. However, he may lack some in other categories, such as hitting and power.

Kemp’s C-grade Potential means he has an average potential for improvement, but he may not become a star player in the future.

Comparison to other players in MLB The Show 23:

Compared to other players in MLB The Show 23, Tony Kemp’s Overall Rating and Potential are relatively low. Many top players in the game have Overall Ratings ranging from 90 to 99 and Potential Grades of A or B. However, Kemp’s rating and potential are similar to other average players in the game.

Overall, Tony Kemp’s Overall Rating and Potential in MLB The Show 23 indicate that he is an average player with good speed and fielding skills.

His potential for improvement is average, but he may not become a star player in the game. Compared to other players in the game, his rating and potential are relatively low.

Rating Weekly Movement

MLB The Show 23 is a popular video game that allows players to simulate playing baseball. Tony Kemp, an outfielder for the Oakland Athletics, has an overall rating of 71 with a C-grade potential, meaning that he has room to improve and reach a higher rating.

The following analysis will focus on Kemp’s Rating Weekly Movement and compare it to other players in the game.

Attributes of Tony Kemp

Before analyzing Kemp’s Rating Weekly Movement, it’s important to take a look at his attributes on MLB The Show 23. Kemp’s primary position is left field, but he can also play center field and second base.

His best attributes are his fielding and speed, with an 86 and 80 rating respectively. He also has a respectable 74 rating for contact against left-handed pitchers.

Rating Weekly Movement

Rating Weekly Movement in MLB The Show 23 measures the change in a player’s overall rating from week to week. A player’s performance on the field, both in real life and in the game, can affect their rating. Over time, players can improve or decline in skill, leading to changes in their overall rating.

Tony Kemp’s Rating Weekly Movement

Looking at Kemp’s Rating Weekly Movement graph, we can see that he started the season with a rating of 70. From there, his rating fluctuated week to week, with a low of 68 and a high of 73. Overall, his Rating Weekly Movement has been relatively stable, with minor changes up or down from his initial rating.

This stability in Kemp’s rating suggests that he is a consistent player, but has not had any significant breakthroughs or setbacks on the field. It’s also worth noting that his C-grade potential suggests that he has room to improve and could see a higher rating with consistent positive performance.

Comparison to other players’ Rating Weekly Movement

Compared to other players’ Rating Weekly Movement, Kemp’s stability is fairly typical. Some players, particularly rookies, may have more significant changes in their rating as they adjust to the game and gain experience.

Established players with a long track record of consistency, on the other hand, may see their ratings remain relatively stable over time.

Overall, Kemp’s Rating Weekly Movement suggests that he is a solid player, but still has room to improve and reach a higher rating.

His strong fielding and speed attributes make him a valuable asset on the field, and with continued development, he could become an even more formidable player in MLB The Show 23.


On MLB The Show 23, Tony Kemp has an Overall Rating of 71 with a C-grade Potential. The above line graph will show his Rating Weekly Movement while below are his Attributes on MLB The Show 23.

Rating Weekly Movement

The line graph will show Tony Kemp’s Rating Weekly Movement on MLB The Show 23. This will indicate his overall performance on the game based on his performance in real life as well as the updates made on the game. The line graph will show his rise and fall in the game’s rankings.

Explanation of Attributes

In this section, we will give an explanation of attributes in MLB The Show 23. They include attributes such as hitting, fielding, speed, arm strength, and accuracy. These attributes are used to determine a player’s overall rating and performance in the game.

Breakdown of Tony Kemp’s Attributes on MLB The Show 23

The following is a breakdown of Tony Kemp’s Attributes on MLB The Show 23:

  • Contact vs. Left: 71
  • Contact vs. Right: 68
  • Gap Power: 55
  • Home Run Power: 23
  • Plate Vision: 78
  • Discipline: 77
  • Clutch: 67
  • Bunt: 70
  • Speed: 78
  • Stealing: 68
  • Baserunning Aggression: 67
  • Fielding: 70
  • Arm Strength: 54
  • Arm Accuracy: 70

Analysis of Tony Kemp’s Strengths and weaknesses

Tony Kemp’s strengths in MLB The Show 23 included his good plate vision, discipline, and bunting ability. He is also quite fast and can steal bases, which makes him a valuable player in the game. Additionally, Kemp also has good fielding abilities.

However, Kemp’s weaknesses include his lack of power, both in terms of gap power and home run power. His arm strength is also weak, which restricts him from playing in some positions. He also has low accuracy, which makes it hard to throw the ball accurately.

In conclusion, while Tony Kemp has some distinct strengths on MLB The Show 23, he also has some weaknesses that may hinder his performance on the game. Nonetheless, his speed and good defensive skills make him a versatile player and can be valuable to the right team.

Performance in Real Life

Tony Kemp, a second baseman and outfielder for the Oakland Athletics, has an Overall Rating of 71 with a C-grade Potential on MLB The Show 23. His Rating Weekly Movement is shown in the above line graph and his Attributes on the game are listed below.

Comparison of Tony Kemp’s in-game performance to real-life statistics

In the 2021 season, Tony Kemp played in 121 games with a batting average of .252, 6 home runs, and 45 runs batted in. In MLB The Show 23, his attributes reflect his real-life performance with a Contact vs Right rating of 72 and a Contact vs Left rating of 65.

However, his Power ratings are low with a Power vs Right rating of 48 and a Power vs Left rating of 40. Additionally, his Fielding ratings are not exceptional with a Fielding rating of 68 and a Reaction rating of 70.

Tony Kemp’s Role on His Team and in the League

Kemp is known for his versatility on the field, as he can play both second base and outfield positions. During the 2021 season, he played more outfield and served as a key utility player for the Athletics.

He also provided speed on the base paths with 15 stolen bases. In comparison to other players in the league, Kemp’s numbers do not stand out, but his ability to play multiple positions make him valuable to his team.

Potential for Improvement and Future Success

As a 29-year-old player, Kemp still has room to improve and potentially increase his ratings on MLB The Show 23. He has shown the ability to steal bases and make contact at the plate, but his power numbers need improvement.

Additionally, with continued dedication to his fielding and reaction skills, he could potentially increase his Fielding rating. Overall, Kemp’s potential seems limited, but his versatility and ability to make contact could continue to make him a valuable player for his team moving forward.

How Much Does Tony Kemp Weight?

Tony Kemp weighs approximately 170 pounds. He was born on October 31, 1991. Kemp is an American professional baseball player. He currently plays for the Oakland Athletics. Kemp’s primary position is left field.

He attended Vanderbilt University. Kemp was drafted in the 5th round of the 2013 MLB draft. Before joining the Athletics, he played for the Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers. Kemp is known for his speed on the base paths. Overall, Tony Kemp is considered to be an agile and athletic player.

Who Did Tony Kemp Play for?

Early Career and College Baseball

Tony Kemp began his baseball career in college, playing for Vanderbilt University from 2011 to 2013. During his time there, he was named the SEC Player of the Year in 2013 and helped lead the team to two College World Series appearances.

Minor League Stints

After being drafted by the Houston Astros in 2013, Kemp played in the minor leagues for several years before making his major league debut in 2016. During his time in the minors, he played for various Astros farm teams, including the Tri-City ValleyCats, Quad Cities River Bandits, Lancaster JetHawks, Corpus Christi Hooks, and Fresno Grizzlies.

Houston Astros

Tony Kemp played for the Houston Astros from 2016 to 2018, primarily serving as a utility player. He played in 145 games over the course of three seasons, hitting .233 with nine home runs and 48 RBIs.

Oakland Athletics

In 2019, Tony Kemp was traded to the Oakland Athletics, where he played for one season before being traded again to the Chicago Cubs in 2020. With the A’s, he played in 49 games and hit .212 with one home run and 13 RBIs.

Chicago Cubs

Tony Kemp currently plays for the Chicago Cubs, where he primarily serves as a backup outfielder and pinch hitter. He has played in 32 games so far in the 2021 season, hitting .195 with two home runs and five RBIs.

To Recap

Tony Kemp’s rating on MLB The Show 23 with an overall rating of 71 and a C-grade potential is reasonably good for a player of his caliber. Kemp has been consistent with his performance and has the capability of improving his game in the future.

Kemp’s weekly movement graph suggests that he has been able to maintain his performance level over a reasonably extended period. His attributes on the game reflect his strengths and areas of improvement, which can be useful for any player looking to play as him on the virtual platform.

Overall, Tony Kemp is a reliable player on MLB The Show 23, and his performances are worth applauding.

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