How Good Is Steph Curry At Golf?

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Steph Curry is one of the biggest names in the world of basketball, known for breaking records and leading his team to multiple championships. However, Curry is also a talented golfer, boasting a low handicap and even attempting professional tours.

As the world continues to be fascinated by Curry’s prowess on the golf course, the question remains: just how good is Steph Curry at golf?.

How Good is Steph Curry at Golf?

Curry’s Golf Game

Steph Curry’s golf game is quite impressive, considering he is a professional basketball player. He currently plays with a +1.3 index and plays out of the prestigious Cal Club.

Curry has been involved in the golf world for a while now, often appearing at celebrity events and even making Korn Ferry Tour starts in 2017 and 2018.

Strengths and weaknesses

Curry’s strengths on the golf course include his excellent shot-making ability, which is highly attributed to his basketball training. He can hit the ball very accurately from anywhere on the course and is known for his stunning drives.

Curry is also highly disciplined, a quality he has carried from his basketball career. This allows him to avoid careless mistakes on the course and preserve his score.

However, Curry’s putting has been identified as his weakness. While it is not terrible, it is not as good as his other golfing skills.

Comparison to other celebrity golfers

When it comes to celebrity golfers, Curry is highly regarded in the golf world. He can hold his own against other celebrity golfers like Justin Timberlake and Mark Wahlberg.

However, he is not in the same league as professional golfers like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. Despite this, Curry has been able to win admiration from other professional golfers with his impressive golf game.

Steph Curry is an impressive golfer, especially given his background as a professional basketball player. His strengths on the golf course include his excellent shot-making ability and discipline.

While his putting is not as good, he has still been able to impress the golf world and hold his own against other celebrity golfers.

Curry’s Golf Achievements

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors’ star point guard, is not only known for his exceptional basketball skills but also for his passion for golf.

Curry has been actively involved in the game, participating in charity events, making appearances at celebrity tournaments, and even competing in Korn Ferry Tour events. With a +1.3 index, Curry is an accomplished golfer who takes the sport seriously.

Curry’s golfing achievements speak volumes about his dedication and love for the game. In 2017 and 2018, Curry made two Korn Ferry Tour starts, which is the developmental tour for the PGA Tour, due to how well he had been playing golf.

Curry earned a sponsor’s exemption to play, and he received considerable media attention, as it was rare to see an athlete of his caliber participating in these events.

Although he didn’t advance past the first round, Curry’s performance showed that he has the skill and ability to compete with professional golfers.

Apart from participating in high-profile events, Curry is also known for giving back to his community through hosting charity golf tournaments.

The annual Stephen Curry Charity Classic is one such event, which is organized in partnership with the NBA’s Warriors Community Foundation.

The tournament raises funds for programs that serve children and young adults from underserved communities, emphasizing its significance as both a fun and rewarding event.

Curry has also received numerous accolades and recognition for his golfing skills. In 2018, he was featured in Golf Digest’s ‘ 50 Top Athletes in Golf’ list, which recognizes celebrities who have a passion for golf and have made significant strides in the sport.

Curry’s inclusion in the list proves that he is not just another celebrity who enjoys golf, but someone who is genuinely skilled at it.

Stephen Curry’s love for golf extends beyond the basketball court, and his dedication to the game is evident through his involvement in charity events, professional tournaments, and recognition in the golfing world.

As Curry continues to pursue his passion for golf alongside his successful basketball career, it is clear that he is an athlete who can excel in multiple sports.

Curry’s Golf Training and Practice

Stephen Curry has always had a passion for golf and has been playing the sport for years. His affinity for golf didn’t start at the NBA level, which is evident from his impressive +1.3 index.

It is believed that his golf skills were honed in his childhood, where he learned the game from his father, Dell Curry, who was an avid golfer himself. Since then, Curry has been actively playing golf, and his love for the sport has only grown over time.

Practice routine and schedule

As a professional athlete with a busy schedule, Curry tries to squeeze in as much practice as possible. He typically practices golf before the start of the NBA season and during the off-season.

According to reports, he usually plays a round of practice golf once or twice a week when he has time.

Curry’s practice routine is focused and purposeful. He typically warms up with some putting and chipping, then moves on to working on his swing.

Curry’s swing is considered one of the most unique in the game, and he works hard to perfect it. He also spends time working on his short game, particularly his putting, which he considers critical to his success.

Use of technology and coaching

Curry takes his golf seriously, and he has sought out the best coaches and trainers to help him improve his game. He has worked with golf coach Chris Como since 2020, who has helped him refine his swing and improve his overall game.

Como has worked with several notable golfers in the past, including Tiger Woods, so he is well-versed in helping elite athletes improve their golf game.

Curry also uses technology to help him refine his golf skills. He uses a golf simulator at home, which allows him to practice indoors, even when the weather outside is bad.

He also uses a tool called a TrackMan, which provides data on several aspects of his golf swing, including club speed, angle of attack, and launch angle. This information helps him identify areas where he can improve his swing and make adjustments.

Curry’s passion and dedication to golf have helped him become an accomplished golfer, despite being primarily known for his basketball skills.

His focus on his practice routine, use of technology, and coaching have allowed him to constantly improve and take his game to the next level.

How Far Does Steph Curry Hit a Golf Ball?

Steph Curry hits a golf ball very far. He once sunk a shot from 97 yards away. This caused him to go wild with excitement. Steph is known for his impressive skills on the basketball court. However, his golf game is also quite impressive.

He has been known to take his golf game seriously. Steph has participated in celebrity golf tournaments. His swing is smooth and powerful. Steph’s athleticism translates well to the golf course. His love for the game is evident and he continues to improve.

Has Steph Curry Played a Pga Tour?

Curry’s Interest in Golf

  • Growing up in North Carolina, Curry developed a love for golf at a young age.
  • He has frequently played golf during the offseason and is a member of several golf clubs.
  • Curry Has Often Spoken About How Golf Helps Him Relax and Clear His Mind.

Curry’s Golf Accomplishments

  • In 2018, Curry Played in the Tour’s Ellie Mae Classic on a Sponsor’s Exemption.
  • He shot 71-86 to miss the cut, but was praised for his presence and support of the event.
  • Curry is Also a Skilled Amateur Golfer, With a Handicap Index That Hovers Around 2-3.

Curry’s 2019 PGA Tour Appearance

  • In September 2019, Curry played in the Safeway Open Pro-Am at the Silverado Resort and Spa.
  • He was paired with Phil Mickelson, a fellow avid golfer, and managed to impress with his ball-striking and shotmaking.
  • While Curry did not make the cut at the event, he expressed joy at being able to compete against some of the world’s best golfers.

Impact of Curry’s Pga Tour Appearances

  • Curry’s participation in golf tournaments has drawn attention to the sport and helped attract new fans.
  • Professional Golfers Have Praised His Skill and Commitment to the Game.
  • Curry’s presence at events has also helped raise money for various charities and organizations.

Future Plans for Curry in Golf

  • Curry has expressed a desire to play more golf tournaments, both at the amateur and professional level.
  • He has credited his close relationships with golfers like Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth for helping him improve his game.
  • While basketball will always be his primary focus, Curry is committed to becoming a better golfer and continuing to promote the sport.

How Good of a Player is Steph Curry?


Steph Curry is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, becoming a role model among young basketball players for his deadly accuracy from beyond the arc.

His incredible shooting ability has led him to multiple NBA scoring titles, including setting the all-time record for most threes made in a single season.

Offensive Talent

Curry’s offensive skills go far beyond his shooting. His handle and ability to drive to the basket make him an all-around scoring threat on the court. He is a master of creating his own shot and has a talent for making things happen when his team needs it most.

Playmaking Skills

More than just a scorer, Curry also makes his teammates better through his exceptional playmaking abilities. He can see the court incredibly well, finding his teammates in the perfect situations to score.

His creativity and passing abilities make him one of the best point guards in the league.

Impact on the Game

Few players in NBA history have had as much impact on the game as Steph Curry. He has single-handedly revolutionized the way basketball is played, with his shooting range and ability to stretch the floor making it difficult for defenses to stop him.

His impact on the game goes far beyond his own stats, as his style of play has influenced countless players across the league.

Overall Skillset

When you look at the complete package that Steph Curry brings to the court, it’s hard to argue that he isn’t one of the greatest players of all time. His shooting, offensive talent, playmaking skills, and impact on the game make him a true force to be reckoned with.

He is a player that can change the course of a game with one shot and has proven himself time and time again as one of the NBA’s most skilled and influential players.

To Recap

Steph Curry may be known for his basketball skills, but his passion for golf has shown that he is equally talented on the greens.

With a low handicap and numerous appearances at celebrity golf events, Curry has proven that he takes the game seriously and is dedicated to improving his skills.

While he may not have pursued a professional career in golf, it is clear that Curry’s abilities extend far beyond the basketball court.

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