Does Reilly Opelka Play Doubles?

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Does Reilly Opelka play doubles

In the world of professional tennis, there are players who excel in both singles and doubles competitions, showcasing their versatility and skill on the court. One such player who has made a name for himself in the singles arena is Reilly Opelka.

Known for his powerful serve and towering height, Opelka has garnered attention for his remarkable success in singles matches. However, while he primarily focuses on his singles career, there is also some involvement by Opelka in the doubles format.

In this blog, we will delve into the topic of Reilly Opelka’s participation in doubles, exploring the extent of his involvement and examining his perspective on the pair competition dynamic.

By doing so, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of how Opelka’s singles success might impact his doubles aspirations and the implications it has for his overall tennis career.

Reilly Opelka’s Doubles Involvement

Confirmation That Opelka Does Play Doubles

While Reilly Opelka is primarily known for his prowess in singles matches, it is important to note that he does indeed participate in doubles as well.

While his focus and attention have predominantly been directed toward his singles career, Opelka has demonstrated his versatility by occasionally engaging in doubles competition.

Limited Participation in Doubles Compared to Singles

However, it is essential to acknowledge that Opelka’s involvement in doubles is relatively limited when compared to his singles endeavors. The majority of his time and efforts are dedicated to refining his skills as a singles player, with doubles serving as a secondary pursuit.

Opelka’s Two Doubles Matches Last Year in Rome

Last year, in a notable departure from his usual singles pursuits, Opelka participated in two doubles matches during the Rome tournament. In these matches, he teamed up with fellow American tennis player Tommy Paul.

While the specific outcomes of these matches may vary, the fact that Opelka chose to compete in doubles alongside Paul demonstrates his willingness to explore and engage in different facets of the sport.

Reilly Opelka’s involvement in doubles is confirmed, albeit limited in comparison to his focus on singles. His decision to participate in two doubles matches last year, particularly in Rome alongside Tommy Paul, exemplifies his occasional foray into the doubles format.

This aspect of Opelka’s tennis career adds an intriguing layer to his overall development as a player.

Opelka’s Perspective on Doubles

Opelka’s Opinion Singles Players in Doubles as an Example

Reilly Opelka holds a unique perspective when it comes to journalists using singles players who also compete in doubles as an example to illustrate the dynamics of pair competition.

Opelka has expressed his view that when journalists highlight the fact that top singles players engage in doubles matches, it actually reinforces his argument.

How Opelka Believes This Supports His Argument

Opelka believes that the fact singles players participate in doubles serves as evidence of the intricacies and complexities involved in pair competition.

By showcasing that top-ranked singles players are willing to step onto the doubles court, it emphasizes the challenging nature of doubles and the different skill sets required.

Opelka sees this as validation of his argument that doubles should not be underestimated or dismissed as an easier alternative to singles.

Insight Into Opelka’s Thoughts on the Pair Competition

Reilly Opelka holds a deep appreciation for the pair competition dynamic in doubles. He recognizes that doubles requires a different set of strategies, teamwork, and coordination compared to singles.

Opelka understands the importance of communication and synchronization with a partner in doubles, highlighting the value of a strong partnership on the court.

He acknowledges that doubles play can enhance a player’s overall game, including their net play, volleys, and decision-making abilities.

Opelka’s perspective on doubles reflects his respect for the discipline and the skills it demands. While he may primarily focus on his singles career, his understanding and appreciation for the intricacies of doubles underline his comprehensive understanding of the sport as a whole.

Opelka’s Singles Success and Impact on Doubles

Opelka’s Achievements and Growth in Singles

Reilly Opelka’s singles career has been marked by remarkable achievements and steady growth. Known for his powerful serve and imposing stature, he has made significant strides in the world of professional tennis.

Opelka has secured notable victories against top-ranked opponents, reached finals in prestigious tournaments, and climbed the rankings ladder.

His successes in singles have garnered attention and solidified his reputation as a formidable singles player. This focus on singles has allowed Opelka to refine his skills, strengthen his mental fortitude, and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the individual format of the game.

How Opelka’s Focus on Singles Might Affect His Doubles Career

Opelka’s emphasis on his singles career may have an impact on his doubles aspirations. Given the demands and commitment required to excel in singles, it is plausible that his time, energy, and resources are predominantly allocated towards maintaining and advancing his position as a singles player.

As a result, his involvement in doubles might be limited in terms of participation in tournaments and forming consistent partnerships.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Opelka’s Singles

The dominance Opelka exhibits in singles can bring both benefits and drawbacks when it comes to his doubles career. On one hand, his extensive experience in high-pressure singles matches can enhance his mental resilience, shot-making abilities, and overall tennis acumen.

These qualities can translate well to the doubles court, providing him with a competitive edge when partnering with other players.

However, Opelka’s strong singles focus may limit his opportunities to develop chemistry and cohesion with potential doubles partners.

Doubles success often hinges on effective communication, synergy, and familiarity between partners, which are cultivated through consistent collaboration.

Opelka’s limited doubles involvement might hinder his ability to forge long-term partnerships and fully explore the intricacies of the doubles game.

Opelka’s exceptional singles success has positively influenced his overall tennis career. However, his dedication to singles may limit his participation in doubles and potentially affect his ability to establish consistent partnerships.

While his singles dominance brings certain advantages to his doubles game, the lack of consistent doubles involvement may present challenges in terms of building chemistry with partners and fully embracing the nuances of the pair competition dynamic.

Opelka’s Future in Doubles

Whether Opelka Increase Involvement in Doubles

While Reilly Opelka’s primary focus has been on his singles career, there is always the possibility that he may increase his involvement in doubles in the future.

As Opelka continues to develop as a player and gain more experience in the sport, he may choose to explore the doubles format further and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Factors That Influence Opelka’s Decision

Several factors may influence Opelka’s decision to increase his involvement in doubles. One key factor is his overall priorities and goals within the sport.

If Opelka feels that incorporating doubles into his tennis repertoire can contribute to his growth as a player or enhance his overall game, he may be motivated to pursue it more actively.

Additionally, the availability of suitable doubles partners and the compatibility of playing styles could also play a role in shaping Opelka’s decision.

Establishing a strong partnership is crucial in doubles, and if Opelka finds a partner with whom he shares chemistry and a complementary skill set, it could incentivize him to invest more time and effort into doubles.

Possibilities for Opelka’s Doubles Career Trajectory

Predicting the exact trajectory of Opelka’s doubles career is challenging. However, based on his talent, dedication, and potential opportunities, there are a few possibilities to consider.

One possibility is that Opelka may choose to balance his focus between singles and doubles, allocating more time and resources to doubles as his career progresses.

This could lead to increased involvement in doubles tournaments and the chance to establish a consistent presence in the doubles circuit.

Another possibility is that Opelka may sporadically participate in doubles, selectively choosing certain tournaments or occasions to showcase his skills in the format.

This approach would allow him to maintain versatility and keep his doubles abilities sharp without compromising his primary focus on singles.

Ultimately, the direction of Opelka’s doubles career will depend on his personal aspirations, the opportunities that arise, and the ever-evolving landscape of his singles career.

While the future remains uncertain, one can anticipate that Opelka’s dedication to his craft and willingness to explore different aspects of the game will continue to shape his trajectory in both singles and doubles.

Reilly Opelka’s Doubles Involvement and Achievements

2022RomeTommy PaulReached Round of 16
2021RomeTommy PaulReached Round of 16
Total  2 Doubles Tournaments


Has Reilly Opelka achieved notable success in doubles?

While Opelka’s primary focus has been on singles, he has not achieved significant success in doubles as of yet. His limited participation in doubles tournaments and partnerships indicates that his primary focus has been on his singles career.

What are some potential benefits of Reilly Opelka increasing his involvement in doubles?

Increasing his involvement in doubles could enhance Opelka’s net play, volleying skills, and overall court awareness. It may also allow him to develop stronger communication and teamwork abilities, which can complement his powerful singles game.

Are there any drawbacks to Opelka’s singles dominance affecting his doubles career?

One potential drawback is that Opelka’s singles dominance may limit his opportunities to form consistent partnerships and build chemistry with other doubles players. Additionally, his limited doubles involvement may result in less familiarity with doubles-specific strategies and tactics.

Has Opelka expressed any specific goals or aspirations in doubles?

Opelka has not explicitly stated specific goals or aspirations in doubles. However, as he continues to evolve as a player, he may consider incorporating doubles more prominently into his overall tennis career.

Are there any examples of successful singles players who have excelled in doubles as well?

Yes, there are several examples of singles players who have achieved success in doubles. Players like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Serena Williams have all won Grand Slam titles in both singles and doubles, showcasing their versatility and skill in both formats.

How do doubles and singles differ in terms of gameplay?

Doubles differ from singles in terms of court coverage, shot selection, and communication between partners. Doubles involve more emphasis on teamwork, strategic positioning, and rapid decision-making due to the presence of two players on each side of the court.

Are there any upcoming doubles tournaments where Opelka is expected to participate?

It is challenging to predict Opelka’s specific doubles tournament participation since his focus has primarily been on singles. However, he may choose to enter doubles events sporadically, depending on his schedule and partnership opportunities.


Reilly Opelka’s involvement in doubles, though limited compared to his focus on singles, highlights his versatility and willingness to explore different facets of the sport. His occasional participation in doubles showcases his appreciation for the unique dynamics of pair competition and his understanding of the discipline’s challenges and complexities.

While his dedication to singles may limit his involvement in doubles, his experience in high-pressure matches and strong skill set can positively contribute to his doubles game.

The future of Opelka’s doubles career holds both possibilities and uncertainties, but his dedication to his craft and openness to different aspects of the game ensure that his journey in both singles and doubles will continue to be intriguing to watch and unfold.

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