Did Jorge Masvidal Leave the UFC?

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Jorge Masvidal leave the UFC

Jorge Masvidal, a formidable name in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) and a prominent figure in the UFC welterweight division, has recently sparked speculation and intrigue among fans and experts alike. While his four consecutive losses were against top-ranked fighters, the question remains: did Jorge Masvidal truly leave the UFC, or are there other factors at play?

After a series of challenging fights, Masvidal made headlines by announcing his retirement from the Octagon in his postfight interview following a unanimous decision loss to Gilbert Burns.

In this blog post, we will delve into the details surrounding Masvidal’s recent career developments, exploring the possibilities and attempting to shed light on the future of this esteemed fighter.

Masvidal’s Recent Fights and Retirement Announcement

Masvidal’s Four Consecutive Losses Against Top Fighters

Jorge Masvidal, known for his explosive fighting style and charismatic personality, has faced a challenging stretch in his recent fights. He has suffered four consecutive losses, all against top-ranked fighters in the highly competitive UFC welterweight division.

His defeats came against elite opponents such as Kamaru Usman, the reigning welterweight champion, and Gilbert Burns, a highly skilled contender.

These losses showcase the caliber of competition that Masvidal has been facing and the difficulty of the challenges he has encountered in the Octagon.

Retirement Announcement After Last Loss to Gilbert Burns

Following his defeat against Gilbert Burns, Masvidal took the MMA community by surprise when he announced his retirement from the sport in his postfight interview.

The retirement announcement was unexpected, considering Masvidal’s passion for fighting and his previous statements about his desire to continue competing at the highest level.

The emotional weight of the loss and the accumulated impact of his recent defeats likely played a role in his decision to step away from the Octagon.

 Significance of Retiring After a String of Losses

Retiring after a series of losses carries considerable significance in the world of combat sports.

Masvidal’s decision to retire at this stage of his career, following a string of defeats, raises questions about his confidence, motivation, and the toll that competing at the highest level has taken on him.

Retiring after a sequence of losses can be seen as a reflection of an athlete’s desire to avoid further damage, reassess their career trajectory, or pursue other opportunities outside of competitive fighting.

It can also be a strategic move to take a break, regroup, and potentially come back stronger in the future. The significance of Masvidal’s retirement announcement lies in the impact it has on his legacy, his future endeavors, and the overall narrative of his career in the UFC.

Removal From UFC Rankings

Significance of the UFC Rankings and Their Impact

The UFC rankings play a crucial role in shaping the competitive landscape of each weight division. These rankings, determined by a panel of media members, serve as a gauge of a fighter’s standing within their weight class.

They help establish contenders, title challengers, and potential matchups. The rankings also influence matchmaking decisions, title shots, and opportunities for fighters to climb the ranks.

Being ranked highly can lead to increased visibility, exposure, and potential financial rewards, while removal from the rankings can have the opposite effect, potentially impacting a fighter’s career trajectory.

Masvidal’s Removal From Official UFC Rankings

Recent developments have seen Jorge Masvidal’s name removed from the official UFC rankings. This removal indicates that he no longer holds a position among the top-ranked fighters in the welterweight division.

While the specific reasons for his removal may not be publicly disclosed, it is a clear indication of a change in his status within the UFC.

Implications of His Removal and Connection to Leaving UFC

Masvidal’s removal from the UFC rankings raises speculation about his future in the organization. It could suggest that he is taking a step back from active competition or considering other career options outside the UFC.

Being removed from the rankings can be seen as a symbolic departure, indicating a potential separation from the promotion.

However, it is important to note that removal from the rankings alone does not confirm Masvidal’s departure from the UFC, as fighters can sometimes be reinstated or reclaim their ranking position with a notable victory.

The connection between Masvidal’s removal from the rankings and leaving the UFC remains speculative at this point.

It is essential to await official announcements, statements, or further developments to gain a clearer understanding of his future intentions and potential departure from the organization.

Rumors Surrounding Masvidal’s Departure

Various Speculations Surrounding Masvidal’s Future

Speculation and rumors have been swirling around Jorge Masvidal’s potential departure from the UFC. Some of the speculations include:

Masvidal’s retirement announcement following his loss to Gilbert Burns has fueled speculation that he may be stepping away from the sport permanently. There have been rumors of contract negotiations or disagreements between Masvidal and the UFC, leading to a potential departure. It has been suggested that Masvidal may be exploring opportunities outside the UFC, such as acting, broadcasting, or business ventures.

Possible Reasons for His Departure From the UFC

Several reasons could contribute to Jorge Masvidal’s potential departure from the UFC:

  • Financial considerations: Masvidal might be seeking more lucrative contracts or sponsorship deals that the UFC may not be able to provide.

  • Frustration with matchmaking: Masvidal’s recent losses against top-ranked opponents could have caused frustration with the UFC’s matchmaking, leading him to seek new challenges elsewhere.

  • Desire for a fresh start: After a long tenure with the UFC, Masvidal may be looking for a change of scenery or different promotional opportunities to reignite his career.

Reactions and Opinions of Fans and Experts on the Matter

Fans and experts have expressed mixed reactions to the rumors surrounding Masvidal’s potential departure.

Some believe that he may be genuinely retiring due to his recent string of losses, while others speculate that it could be a strategic move to negotiate better contracts or create leverage with the UFC.

Some fans express disappointment, hoping to see Masvidal continue competing in the UFC, while others support his decision to explore new avenues.

Experts weigh in with varying opinions, discussing the potential impact of Masvidal’s departure on the UFC’s welterweight division and the potential opportunities that could arise for other fighters in the wake of his absence.

It is important to note that these reactions and opinions are based on speculation and rumors, and until official statements or developments occur, the true nature of Masvidal’s departure remains uncertain.

Official Statements and Clarity on the Situation

Official From Masvidal, His Team, or the Ufc

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there have been no specific official statements or updates regarding Jorge Masvidal’s departure from the UFC.

It is crucial to refer to the latest news, press releases, or official statements from Masvidal, his team, or the UFC to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on the situation.

Impact of Official Statements on Speculation and Rumors

Official statements play a significant role in providing clarity and dispelling speculation and rumors.

When Masvidal, his team, or the UFC release official statements addressing his future, retirement, or potential departure, it can help alleviate uncertainties and provide a more accurate understanding of the situation.

Official statements can confirm or deny rumors, shed light on the reasons behind certain decisions, and provide insight into Masvidal’s plans moving forward.

They hold the power to either confirm the speculations or refute them, ultimately influencing the perception of fans, media, and the MMA community.


When did Jorge Masvidal announce his retirement from the UFC?

Jorge Masvidal announced his retirement from the UFC last month (the specific month should be mentioned based on the current date provided in the previous question). This decision came after a unanimous decision loss to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287.

How many fights did Jorge Masvidal have in the UFC before retiring?

As of his retirement announcement, Jorge Masvidal had a notable career in the UFC with multiple fights under his belt. The exact number of fights he had may vary based on his retirement date, but he had built a substantial fighting legacy during his time in the promotion.

What were some of Jorge Masvidal’s most significant achievements in the UFC?

Throughout his UFC career, Jorge Masvidal achieved several notable accomplishments. Some of his most significant achievements include thrilling knockout victories, earning a shot at the UFC welterweight title against Kamaru Usman, and becoming the inaugural BMF champion after defeating Nate Diaz.

Will Jorge Masvidal continue to be involved in the MMA community despite his retirement?

Although Jorge Masvidal has retired as an active competitor, it’s not uncommon for retired fighters to stay involved in the MMA community. Many fighters transition to roles such as coaching, broadcasting, or running their gyms, so there is a possibility that Masvidal may continue to contribute to the sport in other capacities.


The future of Jorge Masvidal in the UFC remains shrouded in uncertainty. While speculations and rumors continue to circulate, there have been no specific official statements or updates from Masvidal, his team, or the UFC regarding his departure.

Masvidal’s four consecutive losses against top fighters, coupled with his retirement announcement and subsequent removal from the UFC rankings, have fueled discussions about his potential departure.

However, without concrete clarification, it is challenging to ascertain his exact plans. Fans, experts, and the MMA community eagerly await official statements or developments that will shed light on Masvidal’s future.

Until then, the speculation surrounding his departure from the UFC remains speculative, leaving fans and followers with lingering questions about the next chapter in Masvidal’s illustrious career.

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