Can A Bowler Bowl With Both Hands In An Over

Can A Bowler Bowl With Both Hands In An Over?

Shashank Banakar

In baseball, a change in delivery mode can mean the difference between an out and a hit. Umpires must notify ...

How To Calculate Bowling Strike Rate In Cricket

How To Calculate Bowling Strike Rate In Cricket?

Shashank Banakar

Learning how to improve your bowling strike rate can make a big difference in your game. The number that shows ...

What Color Is A Cricket Ball

What Color Is A Cricket Ball?

Shashank Banakar

Cricket balls are traditionally red, but there is no consensus on which color should be used. Some people prefer other ...

Whats Power Play In Cricket

Whats Power Play In Cricket?

Shashank Banakar

It is always important to have a 1st powerplay in order to start the game off on the right foot. ...

When Did Cricket Go To 6 Ball Overs?

Shashank Banakar

Cricket became a full-fledged sport in the late 18th century. At that time, it was played as an outdoor game ...

How To Measure Speed Of Cricket Ball?

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When you are trying to measure the speed of a cricket ball, it is important to have an accurate tool. ...

How To Stop Chucking While Bowling?

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It can be difficult to stop chucking while bowling, but there are a few techniques you can use to minimize ...

How To Fix A Broken Bat?

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If you have a bat that is not working properly, there are a few things that you can do to ...

How To Fix Cricket Bat Grip?

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Cricket bats are one of the most popular sports equipment in the world. However, like any other sport equipment, cricket ...

How Long Should A Batting Cage Be

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A batting cage should be long enough so that the player has plenty of room to swing the bat, but ...